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Information about some startup programs


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Hi, I've the following programs that startup every time I start my PC [Windows Pro SP3]

IgfxTray (igfxtray.exe)
Persistence (igfxpers.exe)
HotKeysCmds (hkcmd.exe)

After going through many forums, I came to know that igfx is a part of Intel Display drivers and is useless. So can I remove it from startup along with igfxpers.exe?
Is hkcmd there because I've enabled Hot Keys? In that case I've disabled it.

Thanks in advance!


You can remove those startups. They simply add icon to your systray. Unless you keep on changing graphic properties, they are useless.


Living to Play
You can disable all of them mentioned above they just add an icon for quickly opening that program. I don't make any of them start on my PC. I also use intel board well my video card is different but I don't allow systray of my video driver either so you can safely remove them from startup.


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