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  1. sanoob.tv

    Swapping DVD drive for an SSD on my lenovo

    hey all I'm going to upgrade my laptop a bit. I was planning to change my DVD drive(Which i never use) and add an extra SSD. My laptop config Lenovo E540.-15 inch-Win 8.1 Processor - i5 4rth gen 4200m Ram -2*4gb GPU - nvidia 745 m. Full hd Display. 500 gb HDD. so the plan is...
  2. C

    Cheap ssd- Transcend or ADATA??

    Ok, so my old 160gb HDD is on it's way out, and I'm thinking of buying an SSD to use it as my boot drive. Budget-4800, not a penny more. So far I've found these two to be within my budget... ADATA Premier Pro SP600 128 GB Internal Hard Drive - ADATA: Flipkart.com and Transcend 128 GB...
  3. N

    Top End Laptop

    I am looking at buying a top end Laptop with budget range of 80K INR. My preference would be to have 15.6" FHD i7 quad core 1TB HDD and with reasonable SSD, good looking one. Not sure how much SSD for quick boot and regular day-to-day work would be ok -- 16 GB? Please suggest best options...
  4. cute.bandar

    SSD cache drive ?

    I am sure most of you must have heard of hybrid drives. Mechanical hdd with an ssd cache. I like the concept , but they are not exactly cheap and the cache on those appears kind of small. But this post is not about hybrid drives, its about using any ssd as a cache drive . It turns out my...
  5. A

    2 TB very fast Portable/External SSD/SSHD and very fast HDD

    I want to buy 2 TB very fast Portable/External SSD/SSHD and very fast HDD. Price is no concern for both of these SSD and HDD, but speed should very fast write and read speed. 2TB SSD/SSHD suggest fastest ssd 2TB HDD - USB 3.0 will be fast or something else? suggest fastest hdd. PS. - Price is...
  6. L

    SSD for macbook pro 13 inch mid 2009 model

    Hi, I am having a MacBook pro 13 inch mid 2009 model with 4gb ram and 160gb 5400 rpm hard disk running mavericks os. I am in idea to replace my hard disk with a ssd drive around 120 gb for better performance. I think my laptop supports SATA 2 interface upto 3gb transfer speed. Can any one...
  7. SaiyanGoku

    SanDisk unveils world's first 4TB SSD

  8. G


    Hey guys. Planning to buy an SSD. Have thought of Kingston SSDNow KC380 60GB. I hope I have made a good choice. Please help!
  9. G

    Difference between SSD Card and SD Card??

    Can anybody tell me what is the difference between SSD Card and SD Card?? Actually, I am confused about this.
  10. R

    Budget 70K. Need to Finalize below specs.

    Shortlisted the below config. Need to make it fit in the budget now with help from you guys. Intel core i5 4440 -12k / i5 4570 -13k Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H -7.5k Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600Mhz (4GBx2) -5.8K/ kingston hyperx blue (4GBX2) -5.4k Antec VP650P -4.5K/ Corsair GS600 4.6K...
  11. K

    Suggestion for a SSD

    I want a 120 GB SSD just for the system drive to improve speed. Problem is my budget. Can you suggest a good SSD around Rs.5.5k ? Or should i wait for the prices to go down to get a good SSD? And is it true that lifetime of SSDs is very short? I've heard that they die out quickly.
  12. P

    9 years old Dell laptop - how to improve with SSD?

    I have Dell Inspiron E1505 which is about 9 years old.. Its such a good laptop, it is still running today flawlessly without any major issues, except very short battery life.. It is Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD now running Win 7 But I have to admit, with modern bloated softwares and...
  13. swiftshashi

    A weird situation involving SSD and a HDD

    Case History:- I own a DV6 6121 tx-HP Pavilion dv6-6121tx Entertainment Notebook PC | HP® Support It has two connectors on its mobo where cable coming from Optical disk and HDD are connected. I have shown a pic of the same,if u have any confusion. My setup- I installed a SSD in its...
  14. P

    URGENT!!!!! need new laptop with ssd within 90k

    hello. i need to buy a good performing laptop. im not looking for a gaming laptop but rather one which is extremely fast at day to day operations..therefore a laptop with an ssd or a ssd+HDD hybrid should best suit my needs. please recommend one within 90k . i dont want to buy anything from...
  15. Harshverma

    Best 64GB SSD available

    Hey all , Please tell me the best 64Gb and next to it available in Market max budget 5k Please tell me is it okay to have 2x64GB SD rather than 1x128 GB SSD I want to have 2x64Gb SSD one for Games and other for Windows but GTX and hyperX are not available in lower storage models...
  16. kasshav

    Need a lightweight but powerful laptop with great battery backup and SSD required - Budget 40k-60k

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 40k-60k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Netbook; 11" - 10” screen or less Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen Desktop Replacement; 17"+ screen Thin and Light : Something between 1.5kg - 2kg Preferably...
  17. C

    Suggest a new Cabinet

    Hi guyz looking to buy a cabinet for my new system proc Intel 4440 mbd GIGABYTE B85M-D3H ssd evo 120 GB 160GB SATA HDD ( from old system) Samsung monitor s2240l RAM 2GB * 2 1600 Mhz CL11 SMPS Antec VP450p can spend around Rs 3000 + max Rs 500 if its worth Heard of NZXT's...
  18. ravi_9793

    [For Sale] YagHost - 50% Lifetime Off - Pure SSD - Daily Backups - cPanel - Free Migration

    YagHost - Only Pure web hosting, No false promises, No false marketing. We are a fast growing web hosting provider with first class support and uptime. Our web hosting plans are designed for personal and small business clients who require performance, affordability and reliability. We've been...
  19. S

    Check if you have a SSD drive

    Guys, I just bought Lenovo Ideapad Z510. Lenovo IdeaPad Z510 (59-398016) Laptop (4th Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 1TB 8GB SSD/ Win8.1/ 2GB Graph) Rs.59850 Price in India - Buy Lenovo IdeaPad Z510 (59-398016) Laptop (4th Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 1TB 8GB SSD/ Win8.1/ 2GB Graph) Dark Chocolate Online - Lenovo: Flipkart...
  20. kARTechnology

    ssd needed within 4.5k

    thinking of getting one of these from here INTEL SSD 160GB HARD DRIVES 320 SERIESS | eBay or TOSHIBA THNSNC128GCSJ 128GB SSD hard disk| LOWEST PRICE CHALLENGE | eBay or a new one? then model no. need life 5+ years and no issues. for laptop. space not an issue.
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