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  1. N

    Help Upgrading HP Pavilion 15-n013TX..

    Hello Everyone, I just got my New HP Pavilion 15-n013TX on 2nd Jan 2014.. I purchased this laptop by following the advice and reviews posted on this site. So thank you everyone for your support. The Base Config: CPU: Core i5 4200U (1.6 Ghz turbo to 2.6Ghz) GPU: 2GB Nvidia Geforce 740M...
  2. P

    Laptop upgrade.

    I have a 4 year old laptop which needs some kind of a refresh. I can't upgrade the GPU as it is soldered onto the motherboard nor do I want to change the CPU, as the fastest compatible quad-core on Socket S1 for this board runs at 2.2 GHz (my Phenom II N930 runs at 2 GHz). I currently have 3...
  3. swiftshashi

    My Samsung 840 EVO 250GB is behaving exceptionally fast...SOmething's wrong??

    Guys,my 250GB SSD has become exceptionally quick after a firmware upgrade....I mean the guys at this siteSamsung 840 Pro SSD review - SSD Performance AS SSD Benchmark have tested a 840PRO and my 840 EVO is posting DOUBLE SCORES How is this possible?? SO now my SSD becomes the fastest on this...
  4. bssunilreddy

    My kingston SSD Benchmark. Is it good, bad or worse!

    Hai, I have bought a Kingston SSDNow V+200 (SVP200S3) 240GB SSD from flipkart.com for Rs.11,500 in May,2013. I dont have any problems with it as of now but it is slower than most of the other SSD's in the market. So I am uploading a Screenshot of my SSD's Benchmark. Please tell me whether it...
  5. 2kool2btrue

    Suggestions needed for a 120/128GB SSD (OptiBay Jugaad)

    Hello everyone! I'm looking forward to buying a 120/128GB SSD to add to my notebook via a caddy bay. My budget is around 7.5k (lesser the better). Please suggest what I should buy? From the prices I see at primeabgb, I have the following options - 1. Corsair Force GS 128GB 2. Samsung 840 120...
  6. S

    DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION bsod error on windows 8

    Guys, i am facing critical issue on my pc due to several days, Every time i formatted my pc,then after sometime it gives a bsod error & restart then pc cant start then windows start screen loading & loading...... I updated all driver & ssd firmware but no result. I collect dmp files & collect...
  7. Nerevarine

    Installing Hackintosh on Acer Aspire V7 SSD

    Ive had my ultrabook for a while and since the default install directory for windows is on the HDD, the SSD was getting wasted.. I wanted to try something new and install hackintosh on it.. Does anyone have any experience regarding this ? I understand hackintosh requires a buttload of open...
  8. 1

    SSD for operating system use

    Can you please suggest a good SSD within a budget of 7-7.5K? I prefer Samsung, Intel but any other good brand will do fine as well. I would only like to install/transfer my Win 8 OS on it and few apps which I need for my work. All other data and games can be installed on regular HDD which I...
  9. S

    [50k] Hardcore programming laptop - SSD, high-res-screen, no gaming, linux usage

    I'm planning to recommend some laptops for purchase at the office so I need quick expert advice. Don't let me down, guys! 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Let's try and keep it under 50k. But if you feel there it's worth it, you may suggest a pricier laptop. 2) What size &...
  10. V

    Clone OS from HDD to SSD

    I got a SSD last month. Installed win7 and left 48GB space to clone my existing Win XP SP3 onto second partition on SSD so that i can have win7 and xp on SSD. Today when i used Macrium Reflect to do that, I get a warning (see attachment) about disk geometry with 2 options. Which one to select...
  11. S

    want to buy a new laptop!!

    Hey Guys, i want to buy a new laptop, All thing mentioned below: 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) => 45k can extend 1-2k. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? => Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with...
  12. nishant1512

    mSata SSD compatibility query.

    I own a SONY VAIO SVS15125cn Laptop with following config Intel Core i5-3210 Processor / 2.50Ghz Intel HD Graphics 4000 / NVIDIA GeForce GT-640M LE GPU 2GB 4 GB DDR3 Memory 750GB Hard Disk Windows 8 Pro with Media Center I want to improve boot times and the best way I found was using a mSATA...
  13. Jags

    Recommend a good 60GB SSD for laptop

    I believe all SSDs are 2.5" so that means they will fit well into the laptop's SATA port. I bought a SSD caddy so I will be replacing my optical drive with SSD. I dont have a specific budget in mind but I prefer a good value to price option. I can opt for a newer model even if it offers more...
  14. D

    Want to buy SSD for PC

    I am looking forward to buy a Solid State Drive - SSD from my pc which has configuration as Intel i5-2400 | Intel H67BL | MSI R6670 | Cooler master 500w | Sony DVD R/W | Corsair 4G.B. DDR3 1333Mhz | WD Cavair Green 1T.B. | Windows 8 x64 pro | Logitech Wireless K260 | HP W1907 | I am...
  15. R

    Can I Buy SSD for this config ? Which SSD ?

    After a long time, Hello to everybody here. Since i was out of this Tech World for last 4 years, i need help in choosing SSD for my system ! My questions can be very basic (yes you can laugh) :razz: Here is my config, Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 (2.7Ghz) XFX 650i Ultra Mobo 4 GB DDR2 RAM 1 TB Seagate...
  16. I

    Samsung 840 evo 250 GB Availability

    Does anybody know where I can find this SSD in Chennai/Bangalore region. I cant seem to be able to trackdown the 250GB version anywhere. Also is there any better alternative in the price range.
  17. josin

    Best options for Upgrading laptop hard disk to SSD

    I have a Dell inspiron special edition ( model 7520; 3rd gen core i7 8 GB ram win7 64 bit) laptop. It has only a 1 TB hard disk and there is no mSata drive. Now I want to upgrade to a 250GB Ssd. So what are my options? Should I choose Samsung or Kingston? how Can I covert my existing 1 TB hard...
  18. G

    How to Migrate to a SSD Without Re-installing Windows??

    Hello guys I installed new Kingston SSDNow V100 128 GB SSD Internal Hard Drive to my existing PC setup, its working and really fast.. now I have a doubt, Is it possible to migrate the windows installation files without re-installing windows.??
  19. ghantaukay

    OCZ SSD Vertex 4 stopped working

    I bought an OCZ Vertex 4 ssd in Feb this year and installed my OS in it and it was real good till the other day when I got this bsod and then zappp...everything went blank and when I tried restarting i see that the ssd is not showing in my bios and so i tried it on my friend's pc and the same...
  20. gxsaurav

    Efficient long term build: RED

    I just upgraded to this new PC from my 1 year old PC with an AMD APU. Before that I had a Core 2 Duo for 5 years. It is highly likely that I won't be buying a PC now any time in the future and will move to laptops for everything. Also, marriage is near so buying stuff of my own choice after that...
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