1. M

    SSD 180/200 GB - Suggest

    SSD 180/240/256 GB - Suggest I want to buy a SSD for my home setup.... It will be really helpful if someone suggest 1... Price should be moderate....
  2. T

    SSD & Motherboard Required.

    My Rig details are in my Signature. It pretty much fulfills all my needs. I want to buy a large capacity SSD (200GB+) & a motherboard suitable for my Current Processor. Existing Motherboards ports are getting blocked due to my Dual Slot GTX 560Ti. I tried to put in 90 Deg Rotation Sata...
  3. bssunilreddy

    Where to buy Intel 335 240GB SSD from?

    Hi, I wanted to buy Intel 335 240GB SSD.Please provide me links or any specific pointers, so that I may approach them but it should certainly be under 11.5k Budget:11.5k. Capacity:240GB. Product name:Intel 335 240GB SSD. Purpose:Gaming. Buying location:Hyderabad (or) online. Here Intel...
  4. J

    ssd or mouse?

    Hello I decided to purchase a new thing big confused between mouse and ssd. I want to buy razer naga epic as mouse and Samsung 840 pro 120gb as ssd. I have budget to only buy one. Although my cheap Microsoft mouse works perfectly fine but i hate its looks. Also, i want to have a wireless...
  5. V

    ₹60k gaming rig!!! :-D

    So finally time has come to ask your suggestions for my own gaming rig. I am gonna buy it next month after my board exams ;-). I will take 50k from my father and by selling my xbox for 9k my budget come to 60-62k max. I am gonna play pretty much everything like fc3, bf3, crysis3, nfs mw2 etc...
  6. A

    Best 128gb SSD?

    Was going to buy a 2TB, but decided to get an SSD first. Looking for the absolute best in terms of reliability, performance and value for money. Budget is 8-9k, 9.5 max SO far, I have narrowed down to: Samsung 840 (NON pro) Plextor M5P OCZ Vertex 4 Which one to buy, will be...
  7. L

    Doubt Regarding SSD Lifetime writes on a new SSD

    2 weeks back i purchased OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD after. After 4 to 5 days i installed HD Sentinel, Lifetime writes were about 2.1 TB and there is noway i would have written that much data in 5 days. From past 10 days my average daily writes as reported by HD Sentinel are 10-11 GB. Even if i...
  8. sumonpathak

    GSkill Phoenix III SSD review

    Among all PC components none gives more sense of performance than the SSD.The general snappiness of the system brings a smile and satisfaction to anyone. Today we have such a component on the test bench.presenting the Phoenix III SSD from the stable of Gskill. The SSD was on my radar for a...
  9. madzeus

    ssd update:wise or not?

    hello tdf guys, new here,pardon any mistakes sys config: CPU:intel quad core q6600 mobo: asus -5k premium spec sheet :Product-Sheet for Asus P5K Premium/WiFi-AP gfx card: geforce 9800 RAM:3GB HDD1: hitatchi 320GB HDD2: seagate 1TB my problem is hdd wont boot,looking for a new...
  10. J

    A good ssd for my os and high end games?

    Hello. My specs- Core i7 3770k processor Asrock z77 extreme 4 motherboard Nvidia gtx 690 zotac graphics card Corsair vengeance 2x4gb ram Corsair h100i cooler 3x cooler master 90 cfm fans Corsair tx850m power supply Seagate barracuda 1tb internal hdd Cooler master 690 2 Plus cabinet I...
  11. Ironman

    SSD ........ Which Brand is Best in INDIA ?

    SSD ........ Which Brand is Best in INDIA ? Which of these have service centres in india ? OCZ , Crucial , Kingston , Corsair , Samsung , Intel , Sandisk , Plextor 128 GB(For Me) or 256 GB(For my friend)
  12. A

    Dilemma between two lappies... HELP !

    Well I will be buying a lappy from US with help of a relative I have shortlisted Lenovo Y500 with sli and another a MSI GT60 from xoticpc. The basic differences are: MSI:- ///// Lenovo Y500 sli:- 1. Full HD matte screen...
  13. ghantaukay

    Reduce the size of Primary C: Drive

    I want to instal an ssd into my pc and want to reduce the size of my c: drive before I do that.I have allotted 120 GB for C Drive on my hard disk but that keeps filling up. Right now its a little over 100 GB and I want to downsize that to about half so that I will have sufficient space in my ssd...
  14. G

    Good SSD - 160 GB

    HI, I wanted to buy a 120 or 160 GB SSD for my desktop, where I can install Windows 7 for faster performance. My Mother board is GABYTE GA-880GM-USB3. Plz suggest me dest SSD with value. Thanks Sandipan
  15. ghantaukay

    How to decrease the size of C: Drive

    Guys. I have just bought an ssd drive 120 GB. Now i have to transfer my c drive (hard disk) to my ssd but the size of my c drive presently is a little over 100 GB...this keeps on bloating and I have to manually delete files from this drive to free space. Can you tell me how I can shrink the size...
  16. R

    Will i be able to use OCZ agility 3 60GB SSD on my Gigabyte MOBO

    Hello, My motherboard is Gigabyte ga-g41mt-s2p It has 3Gbits SATA ports, will i be able to use OCZ agility 3 or any other 6GBits SSD Hard disk on my mobo? Kind Regards, Rahul Meena
  17. K

    Laptop buying query

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) : Rs 70000 +- 5000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? None. Everything will work. 4) What are...
  18. dan4u

    Suggestions to buy a SSD for 8-9k

    I want to buy a 120/128GB SSD to upgrade my laptop, my budget is around 8-9k. I'm new to SSD's, so I'm not sure which one to get. also could anyone point out a reliable online retailer, I found out Onlyssd, which has the most number of choices and reasonable pricing. has anyone used this site...
  19. Shibaprasad

    SSD Installation Help

    hello friends, I just bought Kingston v+200 SSD drive. 1st I disconnected my old seagate 500GB 3GB/s SATA2 HDD from my Mboard's SATA2 port(power also) 2nd I connected my SATA3 6GB/s SSD to Mboard's SATA3 port and also connect power cable 3rd I installed a fresh copy of Win7 64 on SSD 4th I...
  20. d6bmg

    Foremay releases world's first 2.5" SATA 2TB SSD

    Foremay, an OEM SSD manufacturer, has released the world's first 2TB SSD drives with a standard 2.5" SATA interface. Both new models seem to only be available for OEM and industrial applications though at this stage. Sounds too good to be true? Read the full news here: Foremay releases...
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