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  • Website is down since this morning. I'm a reseller and now my phone is bombed with client's phone call.
    I am really very sorry for the trouble here, I was tensed at that moment.
    I made one more mistake, I have not added bank fee in the payment. Can it be arranged in next bill?
    hey ravi I just registered a domain on your whost.in For now my TPT was disabled. How can the payments be done apart from paypal and net transfer? :p
    Hii...I saw your wordpress theme. It's really a great work.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Well I want some help from you please. I am also learning Web Designing on my own and I don't have much idea about technologies used to create web pages.
    I am currently limited to XHTML, CSS and JavaScript, and I am a beginner.
    So Can you please tell me what is essential for designing web pages that can support widgets, plugins, and some online services. I mean how can I learn it.
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