1. iinfi


    i use microsoft outlook 2002 (10.2627.3501) SP1 is it possible to minimise it in the sys tray ??
  2. P

    start up

    :?: How do I make a win xp bootable disk without floppy drive in sp1.
  3. gauravsuneja

    how to make windows xp safest without sp1 or sp2

    how to make windows xp safest without sp1 or sp2 i'm using sify narrowband and having problem with viruses sp1 nad sp2 make my pc slow norton doesn't dettect worms and zone alarm sucks
  4. I

    How to build Win XP SP2 Bootable CD?

    Dear All, I've a Win XP SP1 Bootable CD( mb) and Win XP Prof. Ed. CD( mb) and also has the Win XP SP1( mb) & Win XP SP2( mb) distribution files. Now, I want to build a Win XP SP2 Bootable CD. Is it possible at all? If yes, plz help. ...friends_for_all
  5. A

    lite-on combo sohc-5232k not working

    my newly purchased combo started not working as it it now not able to write on CDRs. ( its driver is nero express 6 and my OS is WinXP proofessional SP1.) all other functions are still working ok. is there a solution?
  6. D

    help me making complete win-xp with sp1???

    dear friends, i have a bootable disk of windows-xp and also i have a setup of service-pack1 how can i combine both of them to make one bootable cd which have windows-xp eith sp1. can you help me....
  7. mohit

    Should i apply XP SP1 before APPLYING SP2 ?

    Should Windows XP SP1 be applied prior to applying SP2 ?? Is it necessary ?
  8. N

    WinXP SP1 - "NTOSKML.EXE" changed

    Am using WinXP SP1 with AVG Free Edition. Yesterday while running AVG I got message "NTOSKML.EXE CHANGED." What does it mean. Is ntoskml.exe a WinXP file ? I could not find "ntoskml.exe" in i386 directory however it listed "NTOSKRNL.EX_" Are both these files same ? Can some one of you...
  9. P

    HEEELLLLPPPPP with Blue Screen of Death

    Help Me!.....it appears that whenever i start Half Life 2 a blue screen apprears sometime after 5 minutes of starting.........it says PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA which points towards nv4_disp.dll.........i have windows XP SP1......and i have 256 mb ram and a P 4 1.5 Ghz processor..........ARGH i...
  10. D

    WinXP SP2 Installation Advisable OR NOT

    Hi there hello everybody i am using winxp prf. with sp1 . it works smoothly and once time i tried installation of SP2 and then some pb. started so i restore my computer to prev. SP1. but can any body tel me is it really good and safe to upgrade SP1 to SP2 or not . plz help and advise...
  11. I

    odd folders........!

    I’m using Win XP Pro with SP2. I have a 40 GB hard disk split in three partitions namely C (system), D and E. Since a few days I’m noticing three folders in my D drive by the name 1eaec33d759, 5266d644c14fa3548b706e and a469cc426d55e67413d851cf20d. All the three folders have a sub...
  12. J

    How to use BartPE Builder?

    I've downloaded the BartPE builder and the plugins to create the live-on-CD for Windows-XP. Initially it did not work with my WinXP installation CD and asked for SP1 as minimum requirement, so I copied all the files on the CD to HDD and applied SP1 to it on HDD itself. Then the builder...
  13. A

    problem in loading winxp sp1

    i have pirated winxp on my computer.i cannot load sp1 due to error message abt. pirated of win xp.how can i load sp1?help me out
  14. ShekharPalash

    Virtual PC 2004 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

    With XP SP2 systems VPC 2004 runs slow than it used to run with SP1 systems.... so MS patched it with VPC 2004 SP1... Few friends tested it in college lab... and VPC is fine now with Sp2 systems... Download ...
  15. V

    driver_irql_not_less_or_equal in WINXP Sp1

    please help me.i have an unique and irritating problem.the other day i was just browsing some site and suddenly the xp blue screen sprang up it said driver_irql_not_less_or_equal starting memory dump ndis.sys the same problem has occurred nearly 10 times since yesterday.i am...
  16. M

    win xp update service packs

    dear friends, i am using win xp pro and installed sp1 using automatic update.now i want to format.how can i save this update,i.e sp1 before format so that i neednot update again. further what is the difference between bootable win xp cd and the installation cd.if it is different how to...
  17. P

    Which install 1st SP1 Or SP2 IN winxp Pro. or only SP2 ?

    My Dear All Friends I have WinXP pro with out any SP...!! so is it necessery to isstall SP1 Before Install SP2..?? or i install only SP2 and no need to install SP2...!! Thanks Prakash Patel
  18. A

    Windows XP SP1, NOt able to make my day!!!

    Can any one help me to install WinXP SP1 It gives me an error. My WinXP is on drive E: I am having 98,2000, XP and finally RH Linux 8.
  19. N


    :arrow: like sp1 is sp2 available for all suers or its only for techies and developers? :arrow: like sp1 and sp1a are there different versions in sp2 too :arrow: can i install sp2 without installing sp1? will sp2 does sp2 eliminate the need for downloading sp1? :idea: thanks in advance!
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