1. M

    New Vista Service Pack 1 build 6001.16633 leaked !

    After less than three weeks since the last leak, a new pre-alpha version of Windows Vista's Service Pack 1 has been unleashed on P2P sites. Provided by the WinBeta group, the new version is build 6001.16633 (the previous was 6001.16549) and comes under the form of an installer that weights in...
  2. Ankur Mittal

    Windows Vista SP1 Beta Available for Download in September via Technet

    The first beta build for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 will be made available for download in September via TechNet. As of yet, Microsoft has failed to reveal the actual release date of the beta build for the service pack of Windows Vista. However, the Redmond company did point to a Vista SP1...
  3. blackpearl

    DX10.1 to replace DX10 in Vista SP1 - and is not compatible with DX10 cards!!!

    http://www.neoseeker.com/news/story/6977/ http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=41577 dx10.1 is supposed to come with Vista sp1.
  4. blackpearl

    Vista SP1 might not be out until 2009!!

    http://www.windowsxlive.net/?p=1309 Bad news, eh?
  5. Choto Cheeta

    Vista Service Pack 1 Beta Comming This July...

    Well we may get Vista SP1 Beta By the end of this july !!! http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=559
  6. Choto Cheeta

    So is Vista SP1 just around the block ??

    OK. Server 2008 Beta 3 is out for download... That's not the new, but what it says is the news, The News is, Check here while downloading what would one see, Windows Automated Installation Kit Documentation (Windows Server code named "Longhorn" Beta 3 & Windows Vista SP1)...
  7. anandk

    100+ fixes xpctd in vista sp1 !

    Sources close to Microsoft confirmed Monday that it is currently testing Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1). However, the company itself officially has yet to announce a definite date for the software pack's release other than saying it will be out in the second half of 2007 The owner of a...
  8. hluachawngthu

    What shall I do with my old daddy PC?

    My system configuration is as follows : P4; 2.40 ghz; 512 DDR Ram; 40GB HDD Baracuda; fitted with LiteOn Combo Drive; XP SP1 loaded. To up-grade, what shall I do first? More Hard drive? A new Board? Plz advice.
  9. anandk

    Vista SP1 coming...

    Microsoft admits "high impact issues" in Vista : SP1 coming soon "Microsoft has admitted, in a roundabout way, that Vista has "high impact issues". The company has put out a call for "customers and partners (to) actively test and provide feedback on Windows Vista SP1 to help us prepare for...
  10. M

    windows 98 se update

    i want all the updates for windows 98se in one place since sp1 so that ican integrate it-where to get it. thanks in advance
  11. R


    When i purchased this computer i had sp1 installed in it. Thereafter i installed Longhorn transformation pach from Chip or Digit magzines Software cd. Now whenevr i uninstall Longhorn it asks for sp1 cd Which i haven't got bcoz my computer vendor had provided me sp2 cd.Whenever i try to upgrade...
  12. kl_ravi

    Problems with Animations in IE 6.0 SP1

    Hi Friends, I have a problem with animations in Internet explorer 6.0 SP1. I use Windows ME. Everytime, i visit a page with Animated gifs, I encounter one or more of the folowing problems... 1) the animations dont play smoothly 2) Animations get pixelated 3) Entire page appears to be...
  13. S

    system resources for XP SP1 and SP2

    i have a p3,700MHZ, (RAM 128) System running with XP SP1. The performance is ok not that slow.(but not so fast as well,ok) The computer keeps on being attacked by some virus every time i log in to the computer. i have AV(Macfee,AVG),firewall,spybot S&D So may be updating from SP1 TO SP2 may...
  14. S

    mmc card reader not detected in XP pro

    hi every1, i recently bought a MMC (multi media card) for reading my 6600 memory card. it says no drivers are needed for using it with XP, but my system dosen't recognize it. i tried installing the drivers from the cd provided but it gives an error that SP1 is required. i am running...
  15. abhasbajpai

    dose Win Xp SP2 contains all the updates of XP Sp1 ?

    Hi, I just wanted 2 know that if Win Xp SP2 contains all the updates which were there in XP Sp1 i hv windows XP Pro SP2 and have intel orignel M/B 865gbf i want 2 add sata drive 2 my system so for it i hv to install native storage pack from intel driver cd 2 eniable SATA. now this...
  16. M

    OFFICE 2003

    Whats new in OFFICE 2003 Sp1 Do i need to install it
  17. Official Techie

    My pc has gone mad

    i canot understand what the hell has happened to my pc I have a 40 gb hdd in two partition one of 15 and other of 25.5 recently i got a message that windows require 200mb to run and there is only 161mb but when i selected all the folders and files in c drive ad viewed their properties i...
  18. R

    Why ain't this Safe Mode Working (XP)

    Whenever i try to boot in safe mode, it boots normally upto the user selection screen(welcome screen) and reboots automatically. What the HELL is the problem??? please help! Windows XP SP1 May be this happend when I intalled Longhorn Transformation Pack 10. Please Help Thank u!
  19. S

    How to integrate sp1 with windows xp

    Some months ago in digit maganzine it was mentioned how to integrate sp2 with windows xp cd. Now when tried to integrate sp1 with windows xp in the same way as sp2, but it seems it does not work out. What is the procedure for integrating sp1 with win xp?
  20. niranjan_mcarenyold

    problem accessing localhost

    hi folks, anybody here winxp geek. i am facing a problem. I am java learner. i am now learnign jsp and servlets. to test them i use Apache Tomcat. I installed it without any problem and after starting it i had to deploy my jsps and servlets and it showed the message tha they were...
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