1. tkin

    Windows 7 64bit SP1 ISO Download

    Hey guys, I have a genuine license for Windows 7, but the disc doesn't serve me very well, the problem is since SP1 has been released it takes me over 10 hours to download and install the updates after a fresh install(BSNL), if I can get atleast SP1 that would serve me very well. The problem...
  2. Soumik

    Need LAN card suggestion

    Hi All, I have a strange problem that my LAN card is not showing up. I have an Asus 760G motherboard and running Windows 7 64bit Home Premium SP1 . I have uninstalled and installed the drivers all over again but its just not showing up anywhere. It always shows as not connected and the page...
  3. A

    Windows 7 SP1 upgrade

    The Windows 7 SP1 upgrade given in the DVD1 (alpha) is only for 32 bit??? My 64bit Win 7 Home Premium is showing error!!!
  4. E

    Vista 7 - error with SP1 installation

    Hi, For my Lenovo laptop, I tried installing SP1 and am facing a serious issue. After install and in the 3rd stage of restart, I am seeing the following Black screen with writing "!!0xc010001d!! 28119/12683 (Registry\Machine\Components\DerivedData...)" Tried a few times, got stuck with...
  5. mohityadavx

    Windows 7 sp1

    I am using win7 ultimate edition and regularly updating it.. Since the day i heard about sp1 upgrade i am checking for updates daily but is shows no available update for your pc what shall i do shall i wait even more(SIGH!!!!) or manually download update and install it. Is it even worth...
  6. ritesh.techie

    Windows 7 SP1 RC Officially Available For Download

    Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Release Candidate helps keep your PCs and servers on the latest support level, provides ongoing improvements to the Windows Operating System, by including previous updates delivered over Windows Update as well as continuing incremental updates to the...
  7. topgear

    Windows 7 SP1 Beta Now Ready for Public Testing

    Feeling like testing the Service Pack? Windows 7 was the most widely beta tested operating system to date. Rather than breaking that trend, Microsoft is following the same route now with the beta versions of the first service pack. Available today for those feeling adventurous in...
  8. topgear

    Windows 7 SP1 Coming Summer or Fall 2010

    It's like a summer blockbuster. Sorta. Despite being officially on sale for less than two weeks, Windows 7's been done for months now. And those same Windows developers has been working on the next evolution of the OS. Yes, there will be a Windows 8, but before that there needs to be...
  9. topgear

    Windows Vista SP2 RTM Released

    Today we are announcing the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. SP2 represents the latest step in Microsoft’s commitment to continuous improvement. It includes all updates that have been delivered since SP1, as well as support for new...
  10. N

    Win Vista SP1 on Digit DVD

    Guys! Does anyone remember which digit dvd carried Windows Vista SP1. My friend bought a laptop which had Vista pre-installed. He wants to update it and has only a dialup connection at home. Thanks for your help in advance
  11. x3060

    Windows Media player not getting closed

    hi, the problem that am facing with the windows media player is that its not getting closed even after clicking close.."it runs in background" obviously , i cant see it ...but can hear the sound of the video or song am playing. though am not using it for anything , but if i accidentally open...
  12. manish646

    Windows Vista Sp1 Problems and solutions.

    Hello Friends I am using windows Vista Ultimate and just upgraded to SP1 that came with digit. soon i got SP1 home basic and i installaed that and I found some problems with that It is not recognising my bluetooth device which vista normally recognises and it also crashes while performing some...
  13. shivkumar

    Vista slow after installing SP1

    In our office we have recently switched to VISTA Ultimate. The Vista installed is 32 bit Ultimate Edition. Recently I upgraded my os with SP1. After installing SP1, the computer has now become slow. Any suggestion what should I do to improve the performance. Should I uninstall SP1 from the comp?
  14. jal_desai

    Tutorial: Remove junk files after installing Windows Vista SP1 (Level: Beginner)

    So you have installed Vista SP1 and having no problems with it. Coool. so why not free up some space that your older vista is occupying in case you revert SP1 back to ur original vista? If you feel you are not going to uninstall SP1 ever in your life then follow these simple steps to free up...
  15. skippednote

    Vista Integration

    Friends today i downloaded the Vista SP1 upgrade file from Microsoft. Now i want know that how do i integrate the file to my Vista RTM DVD so that whenever i download it SP1 is also installed . I know about vlite is there any other software. Thanx;);)
  16. george101

    Performance and Reliability Update for Vista SP1

    A reliability and performance update is available for download for Windows Vista Service Pack 1. This specific release targets all Windows Vista editions, provided that they have the first service pack integrated. The update comes with the promise of improving the performance and reliability of...
  17. Krazy_About_Technology

    I need sndvol32.exe for Vista SP1. Anyone please?

    Hi Guys, While installing and uninstalling some apps, my sndvol32.exe file, which shows the system tray volume icon, has been deleted. I have Windows Vista with SP1, and i dont have SP1's installation media with me at this time, so that i can extract the file from it in someway. Can anyone...
  18. Ponmayilal

    Slipstreaming Vista with SP1

    Here is a tutorial on slipstreaming Vista with SP1, which I used for making Vista Home Premium SP1 bootable DVD and reinstalled the OS for my HTPC. *www.labnol.org/software/tutorials/slipstream-vista-sp1-bootable-windows-vista-dvd-integrated/2750/
  19. bajaj151

    WindowBlinds not working with SP1

    Stardock Windowblinds is not working with Vista SP1....Installation completes successfully but theme is not changing...
  20. bukaida

    How much space req for VS2005 SP1

    I am trying to install SP1 on VS2005 professonal on my laptop.I am having 2.5GB free on drive C.But after some time it is showing low disk space.The entire VS2005(under custom install)has taken 2.3GB.How a service pack is demanding more space than it?
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