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  1. dfcols71

    gmail not loading with browsers

    gmail not loading with browsers after installation of latest edition of firefox but gmail loading in outlook express what is the problem and solution
  2. sujoyp

    Intel DH67BL restart issue :(

    I am facing an issue with my 4 days old Intel DH67BL motherboard. whenever I shut it down form Windows 7 Ultimate it restarts again..Never saw this issue in any PC before :( My config is Intel i3-2100 Intel DH67BL gskill 4gb DDR3 RAM Corsair 430w PSU Seagate 320GB SATA HDD Sony...
  3. U

    laptop shut down problem

    I have HP pavillion dv 2910 tx model. My laptop shutdown in 5-10 min . I had tried windows 7,vista and even ubuntu ,but the problem still exists .Please tell me some permanent solution for this problem as i am not able to do any thing on my laptop.
  4. N

    processor query

    hi.. Ia m new to forum. May i know clearly that why AMD processors instead of INTEL i-series. Pls give a solution.
  5. sparx

    Back up solution

    I need a back up solution for my laptop. My laptop hard disk is 320GB so i will need a minimum 320GB capacity solution. I don't have a budget for fancy external drives, is there any solution by which i can use cheap external hard disk and connect it with e-sata port of my laptop. All this at...
  6. S

    FIFA12 gamepad issue!!

    i play fifa12 with a simple generic usb gamepad so i am unable to do tricks with the second stick!!! is there any solution to fix this??
  7. billamama

    how to use ide pata 80 gb hdd as external hdd?

    I have an old SP0842N samsung 2.5" pata 80 gb hdd, I want to use it as external usb hdd, I googled but didn't get the solution, please help me if there is any possible way to do it.
  8. omega44-xt

    Win 7 hangs

    Sometimes while connecting to internet via dial up, my PC gets hanged up badly. It occurs rarely like once or twice a week. I've updated my drivers, still the problem persists. What could be its solution except for reformatting ? Also downloading of some files stops at 99%. Why is this...
  9. S

    .NET API Problem

    I need some one to point me in the direction of a high performing grid for my .Net winform application. There is a solution that I have but it is slow and the API is complex. I need a better solution.
  10. vickybat

    GeForce GTX 580M SLI Vs. Radeon HD 6990M CrossFire

    Sorry for being the bringer of controversial topics but couldn't help myself on this one. These two mobile monsters slug it out to become the extreme gaming solution in the laptop space. In the end , only one of them will triumph as the performance leader. So who is that? Read on to know...
  11. T

    WIFI ADSL modem+router or WIFI Router

    Have 3 computers at home, want to connect all of them together to the Internet. I have a DLink ADSL modem but it has only one LAN port. Also as my laptop has WIFI, want a wifi router/modem as a cheap solution !! Thanks....
  12. S

    Tracking console usage in Game Lounge

    Hi, I am running a console gaming lounge in Chennai, my issue is that I won’t be physically present in the gaming lounge all time, hence I would like to have a hardware or software solution using which I can track the number of hours for which a console was used during a day/week/month...
  13. Siddharth_1

    EA Servers Forum

    I am unable to connect to the EA servers for Medal of Honour Heroes 2 through my PSP. Are the EA servers now closed for MOHH2? If not then please tell some solution. Thank You in advance.
  14. V

    Samsung Galaxy 551 / GT i5510

    Hi guyz, I'm a developer currently in PHP AJAX. Let's leave that part now. I need a solution for my mobile. For past few months I started to use Android Phone Samsung Galaxy GTi5510. I love to use apps given by Google. But the problem is my Phone Storage is filled now. So, I couldn't update...
  15. Ricky

    LED out door display

    I have kind of need where I have to show some news updates on a large letters outside. Lately had used a matrix of two 19"Monitor placed side by side doing so but that is not a good solution, better would some LED matrix display as you may have seen at few places and in Low floor buses in Delhi...
  16. vaibhav23

    Cannot boot xp after installing Linux Mint

    Today I had installed Linux Mint on another drive and it is working quite well.But whenever I try to boot xp nothing happens and again the grube screen reopens:cry: Please someone provide a solution as though I am quite comfortable with linux but my father wants to use xp
  17. ico

    AM3+ motherboards discussion

    This thread is for discussion related AM3+ motherboards. ---- http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/cpu-motherboards/139097-msi-make-am3-processor-upgrade-painless-its-users.html ASUS First to Provide AM3+ CPU Ready Solution for Current AM3 and Future AM3+ Motherboards
  18. ITTechPerson

    Solution required for Offline transaction tracking system

    Hello guys, I am maintaining few cyber centers over Sikkim, need to track the offline activity of the Systems of the centers. Can you please advice me a solution to track all the offline activity of the computers (Printing, CD writing etc.) it is for corporate use, so it is preferably a...
  19. Kishal

    wave 533 theme problem

    Hey guys, my sis owns a sammy wave 533 (Gt-S5333). her problem is that on installing a few themes, the bottom 2 buttons are smaller than usual and have an irritating thick fluorescent pink border. Is there any solution to the problem??? If only there were some way to change the color of the...
  20. Hustlerr

    Motherboard suggestion needed...

    My friend need a new motherboard as his current motherboard gone kaput!! He's looking for hybrid(preferable) or non-hybrid onboard graphics chipset motherboard... System Spec :- Intel Pentium D 935 3.2 Ghz Ram 2 Gb ddr2 Hdd 1 Tb Graphic card POV 8600 gts (i think) Basically he wants a good...
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