1. stellar

    Windows 10 Error

    I am getting this error when i try to open windows store error :The error code is 0x80072EE7, in case you need it . I am not able to open Internet explorer also. I searched on net for this error but couldn't get specific answer and solution.
  2. Mehul Chauhan

    Yu yureka Random reboot issue

    I'm on cyanogen 12.1 and replaced my battery too but still my phone gets random restarts. any solution?
  3. D

    How to remove Youtube Channel name from Live ID?

    Hello Guys, Could you please provide solution to remove youtube channel name from Live ID. Whenever I email someone it displays my channel name on other side instead of my name on email account. I tried finding it on account setting but no luck. Please give some solution to it. Regards
  4. S

    Samsung Focus Screen Flikering

    Dear Guys, I have a Samsung Focus, i am rare use it but from few days ago its screen flickering, then i try hard reset but same prob.I update windows 7.5 to 7.8 but no solution,some time stop when i move to another page or setting page , then again come back. pls help to resolve it.
  5. Genius-jatt

    AUDIO Not working on WIN-7 want help

    AUDIO Not working in WIN-7 want help One of my friend has a fault in his PC that AUDIO not work ? So I help him by un Installing the Audio Drivers & Reinstall again, But the problem remain the same, Any IDEA friends what would be the solution ? Configuration of PC: AMD Dual processor , ASUS...
  6. N

    Enter E-GPV Right Stick and Left Trigger problem.

    I was playing Alien Isolation and whenever I put my RS down the revolver comes up. I found my problem. But any solution to this? - - - Updated - - - This solution worked:-
  7. Subhankar Mondal

    My Xperia is switching on and off.Is it HACKED?

    When I switch on my xperia mobile, it's switch on and off continuously. Nothing is displayed except XPERIA and then SONY then again XPERIA and SONY. I have never faced such problem. Sony care failed to find any solution. What do you suggest now? I thought it's virus attack, removed micro SD card...
  8. D

    Unable to play youtube vids

    "there was a problem while playing touch to retry" comes when i try playing video. Could not find any solution on net. Everything else works fine.
  9. S

    Site didnt open Internet Explorer 11

    Dear guys , Some sites smoothly open on windows 7 IE8 , but not open in windows 8.1 IE11. in ie11 reset settings, update ie but no solution , help guys
  10. H

    Need a specific cooling solution for graphics card

    My friend is trying to do crossfire with 2powercolor graphics card. He need a cooling solution particularly for his graphics cards. Does somebody help with such a fan or cooler which cools the grphis card.
  11. Randy_Marsh

    GTA: EFLC Episodes from liberty city multiplayer issue

    Hi, I have recently bought GTA:EFLC to play on my new z510 laptop. and i have been facing issues to run it properly because of its incompatibilty with Windows 8.1 (x64). On start, it was not able to detect video memory properly which i had to define explicitly and now the single player is...
  12. rickenjus

    PC's date changing automatically

    My computer's date is changing automatically whenever I shut down it down. What could be the possible reason and solution??
  13. Chetan1991

    How to find current user needs / niches?

    I read somewhere key to a successful start-up is to fulfill a problem whose solution a lot of people need or some people need badly. How do you find out what people need right now, and how do you get in touch with them?
  14. stellar

    Microsoft Bootstrapper problem

    when i was installing Microsoft Office 2013 something went wrong and my pc hanged.After that the installation didn't worked well and stops, and Microsoft setup bootstrapper problem pops up. I havew tried in clean boot also to install but still same problem. Looked in net also for the solution...
  15. ITTechPerson

    Mouse pointer responce aftrer keyboard on startup

    My Laptop with Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit is facing a non responding mouse pointer at startup. After pressing any key from k/b; mouse pointer starts movement, other wise no movement but right click is responding. Any known solution ? Uninstalled all new applications, tried to system restore -...
  16. D

    hdd S.M.A.R.T failure

    After booting with avg rescue disc i found my disk having smart failure though my data is still intact. I have gone through the internet and did not find any solution to it. I think the new drive will cost around 6k and do not wish to spend if an alternate solution is available. is there any...
  17. omega44-xt

    Cannot connect to WiFi of my router

    I have a BSNL teracom modem. I have configured its wifi using I'm unable to connect to Wifi....... Any solution?
  18. omega44-xt

    HP Officejet 4355 not working in Win8

    I have a HP Officejet 4355 All In One printer which is working without any user installed drivers in my Win 7 PC & my dad's laptop(Win7), actually it was auto- detected & drivers were automatically installed. Now it is detected in my Win8 laptop, but shows its status as "Needs Troubleshooting"...
  19. A

    Strange Problem Connecting to Internet

    Hi, I have a very strange problem and which is as follows. I have a Gigabyte B75M-D3H motherboard with an on board Realtek PCIe GBE Family network adapter, which came with the motherboard. The problem I am facing is the when I try to connect to the internet after switching on the PC and...
  20. bestpain

    power to motherboard

    this is my cabinet........when i was going to plug the power cable from cabinet to motherboard then i find my cable is all in one....plz give any solution....
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