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  1. ramsingh

    audio problem in D101GCC..

    i hav downloaded the lastedt audio drivers from intel site nd installed but no sound.. what is d solution?? the audio panel is greyed out...waitng for reply..
  2. Dark Star

    Is my OS infected ?

    Hi All I am using Gutsy Gibbon.. While surfing for a while my system hangs a lot .. The cursor didn't move and then I had to restart by abnormal shutdown. Whats the problem ? Is it a virus or what .. though its pretty obvious that its not a virus but I am facing the problem from quite a few days...
  3. rajat22

    How can I swap my OS?

    I want to swap my OS XP Pro SP 2 from one drive to another. I have 2 separate HD in my system. Any solution?? Thanks.
  4. shreyadr

    AVI files to CD

    i have i movie in 2 AVI files ( size 698 mb total). how to burn those on CD ? will that work on my dvd player ? if not what is the solution ? i tried avi to vcd option but that increses the size of a file to almost double. :confused:
  5. N

    Please some one help me

    :( my pc config is 845 motherboard,2.4 ghz 256 ram, i am unable to install windows xp again, when i boot the machine from boot option after few minutes pc shuts down, even when i try to use the last known good config the pc does'nt do anything, i have even changed my optical drive and the cd...
  6. dashang

    Pc Problem

    My Pc gets restarted at anytime and i tried to stop by removing RAM chips and again plugging it, but that doesnt work. Do anyone know solution about this problem about PC getting restarted automatically
  7. H

    All your problems solved!!

    This site has solution for your every problem, pun intended :D
  8. Akshay

    Unable to use msconfig, cmd, regedit

    I have NOD32 latest ver. installed on Windows XP SP2. All of a sudden I cant access msconfig, taskmanager, regedit and other sys. options. As soon as I open them, they exit without a warning. I have scanned the sys. thoroughly but no virus is seen. So what is the solution? Is this some kind of a...
  9. coolpcguy

    Fixing No Sound Bug on Dell Inspiron 1520 in Ubuntu Gutsy

    Though it’s been a while since Gutsy was released, I couldn’t try out for various reasons. But finally I got my hands on Gutsy DVD edition, and I sat about installing it on my Dell Inspiron. I noticed first signs of trouble when Gutsy was taking unsually long to boot up. Switching to verbose...
  10. S

    usb write protected

    hello everyone ......... im using "Transcend JF v30 /2GB" flash drive.I bought it 3 months ago. when im trying to open now it tells me to format....... when i try to format it .....it says "This Disk is write protected" then i tried manually by right click the disk it showsthe same message...
  11. M

    JET FLASH Usb drive problem

    getting always a write protection error whenever i copy files to the flash drive. googled a lot but no solution. It's a transcend 2A series 512 MB pen drive.
  12. K

    downloaded email does not arrive the mailbox

    Hi friends! I have a server (Microsoft Small Business Server 2003), with Microsoft Exchange server, and my network has about 30 clients with 30 mailboxes. The problem is only to one computer, that the emails were downloaded from my ISP server, but afterward dissappear, does not arrive the...
  13. H

    Processor for Intel 915GLVG

    hi guys, m looking for a cheap solution so which processor would you suggest to go along with the motherboard... i have celeron d 365 (3.6Ghz) in mind... or plain Pentium Processor with HT... suggest me the best solution...
  14. Josan

    Dvd Not Running

    My lappy with windows vista ,runs cds well but fails to play dvd (any type data or media ), is there is a solution for this problem , please help me out
  15. D

    generic host prblm...

    Hello; I keep finding this window on my computer whnever i m using wi-fi internet on my laptop. MICROSFT WINDOWS Host process for windows services stopped working and was closed a problem caused the application to stop working correctly Windows will notify you if a solution is availible...
  16. S

    CD-RW not erasing

    I am facing a peculiar problem. I am unable to write & read multisession cds and CD-RW is not erasing old content. Please give me some solution. I will be thankful to you. Thanks Gurpreet Singh
  17. Y

    struck with orkut opening in my pc

    when i just type word orkut page to open my account..it just flash a message with irritable laughing sound and stops..even when i typed it in google search..it does the same..tell me the solution to get rid of it..
  18. J

    DRU810-A tray coming out & going in

    My Sony DRU 810-A had worked well for almost exactly 2 years without any issues. But from yesterday the tray is coming out and going in on its own every few minutes, without any disc in it. What may be the cause and any possible solution?
  19. A

    How to turn off camera shutter sound in Nokia 5700?

    Hi, Does anyone know about any secret codes or settings, thorugh which the loud 'click' sound of camera in Nokia 5700 can be shut-off/muted. Methods I tried and didn't succeed: 1. Even in "Silent" profile also the sound comes. 2. Turning "Warning Sounds" off, has no effects. 3. Got a solution...
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