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  1. ajayashish

    Suggestion: UPS for router

    Hi, I am looking for a UPS which can power my router atleast for 2-3 hours during power cut. I am mostly working from home and need a emergency power supply so that I can work uninterrupted from home when needed. I have seen some UPS but then one of my friend said that router only takes...
  2. krishnandu.sarkar

    Ways To Increase C Drive

    I have allocated 100GB For C Drive and after upgrading to Win 8 a huge amount of free space has been taken up by Win 8. Now I'm left with 0 bytes on C. I have to clear history, uninstall some (less important) programs for everyday use. But I want some permanent solution. NOTE : I know...
  3. Revolution

    Unable To Save SMSs to SIM Memory

    Hi, I have Nokia 2700C. I can't save SMSs to SIM. Could not found any setting. Use more than one SIMs so there is no way to know which SMS from which SIM. Any solution ?
  4. G

    Bsod windows 7 laptop - urgently needs help.

    Hello to all of you. I am using a HP Laptop with Core i5 first gen processor, 8 gb ram and 500 gb hdd, actually, from last some days, I have got two times BSOD's I dont know why it is happening, so please help me to figure out the problem, I am giving here the message that I got after restrating...
  5. V


    hi, MOH WARFIGHTER game is getting a black scrren after the hot pursuit mission(after the chase the video ends then black scrren comes) can anyone tell me what's the solution is ??? :(
  6. N

    Open Source email solution ?

    Hello , I want to know what are the open source options for email solution. I know typical cpanel webmail option. and one new option like Zimbra. May I know is there any other good option for my email need? I have near about 50 to 60 email IDs and I wish to start my email server on...
  7. bajaj151

    How to convert Internal Sata DVD Drive to External

    Will this work ? I found this : USB TO IDE SATA ADAPTOR CABLE FOR 2.5" / 3.5 " HDD - CD / DVD | eBay Suggest possible and cheapest solution available.
  8. @

    Suggest me a cheap printing solution

    I don't like reading from ebooks at all and usually get hard copies. But there are few books which are not available for Indians (only sold in US market) so I have decided to take print out of these. Total I have around 2000 pages need to be printed. All are black & white pages. I asked a...
  9. D

    Problem with Counter strike GO

    Hi i have installed Counter Strike GO few weeks back..But for the past few days i am unable to play..when i launch the game directly or through steam but it says "this game requires steam...i have searched online for a solution but nothing seems to work.. Any help is appreciated..
  10. G

    90 degree sata cable!!

    hi everyone.... is it possible to get the 90 degree(right angled) sata cables in chennai.. coz my gpu covers 2 sata ports and i cant use them.... or is there any other solution
  11. A

    UPS Help

    Hi guys , currently I'm having a V-Guard 600VA UPS for my config which is given in my sig. However , when there is even slight fluctuation , the PC restarts( this only happens when I'm gaming ).. Is there any solution for this problem or do I have to buy a new UPS ? Please suggest a good one at...
  12. kartikoli

    SMPS to power GTS 250 1GB

    recently purchased XFX GTS 250 1GB and the device need some good power supply so please advice a cheap and reliable solution Is Gigabyte 550W enough to power this card or is there a cheap solution Gigabyte PoweRock Power Supply, 80Plus Certified, True 550W 550 Watt SMPS i5 i7 | eBay
  13. abhinav_bipnesh

    Suggestion for NAS

    Hi Guys, I was looking for NAS or similar storage device which can be accessed over cloud in secure way. The prime requirement for such a solution is to host a set of sites like redmine, review board i.e. a collaborative environment for a group which is distributed. The reason for looking NAS...
  14. J

    GALAXY S2 Wifi not at all supporting AD-HOC network

    hi, I wanted to use my wired internet on laptop inside galaxy s2.SO i started looking out for options dig deep into many forums.One solution was to use connectify-me and make laptop as wifi hotspot but problem after so much trial and error is android itself does not support AD-HOC wifi mode...
  15. J

    Windows xp security update KB2686509

    It is not possible to install Security Update for Windows XP (KB2686509). Anybody please suggest a solution?
  16. S

    Need a power-cut solution

    This is insane,totally insane! I mean this is 21st century and still so long unpredictable power-cuts that too on a regular basis!What the hell!! Indian Government sucks totally!! I have been quite for a very long!But now no more.In my area,the power cuts are not predicted and neither...
  17. tech_boy

    Nokia 2730c problem

    My Nokia 2730c runs very slow. It often hangs and restarts automatically. It is out of warranty. Please suggest a solution
  18. M

    Need Help in Ubuntu 12.04

    Hello Everyone.. I installed ubuntu 12.04 few days back.. I am facing lot of problem in it.. 1. am not able to play any sound track in it. :cry: 2. am not able to install tata photon + in it.. :shock: i have being searching all over the internet to find the solution. But never got a...
  19. N

    Ga 78 lmt Board Issue

    I have an Gigaabyte GA 78 LMT SP2 3.1 Motherboard. I tried installing AMD 4400+ on it , but the computer wont boot up. Does anyone have any trick or solution for this. Thanks.
  20. R

    Need practical solution for Win 7 password

    Try this and that...i dont want these type of replies... I have forgotten my win 7 password. If possible tell me exact prractical solution to this problem. I dont have any knowledge about all this. thnxx
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