1. S

    Which Antivirus do u use ?

    simple , Which antivirus d'you use ? :D You may also mention the version or year
  2. __Virus__

    Firefox and Slimbowser

    two of very good browers...i got one problem..i want to use slimbrowser but since i, in my office will b on limited account hence cant make it default browse (or can i?)..i need to know how to open all those 18 links (i have to keep those 18pages open at a time) at one that too in slimbrowser...
  3. nitish_mythology

    Simple programming Error in Java

    I copied a simple program from a book. Author is E.Balaguruswami It was just to show basic input using package io and Datainputstream. After compilation an error was shown-- Note: uses or overrides a depricated API Note:Recompile with-Xlint:deprication for detail Full code...
  4. S

    8086 programming

    i want to make simple program for 8086 using masm can anyone help me how to use masm and make a simple program like adding two number from memory i know only hll like java,c/c++
  5. A

    How to make a simple chat room?

    i wana make a chat room for my site which should be very simple to code and mange. can i make chat room using cookies to exchange informATION BETWEEN USERS . help me out. please tell what softwares i need to build that.
  6. S

    vb registry help

    hi how to write s/w to interact with registry through VB & network programms. like network monitor. i want some simple example programs. pls suggests me. bye., saravana.
  7. gsmsikar

    how to design and print a CD Label

    hi please tell me how to design and print a CD Label ( only the Round Label sticker to be pasted on the CD) ? which is the best and easy software ? and will a simple inkjet printer will do the work ? i have canon S200spx... please reply.. thanks
  8. plsoft

    Good C book !!!

    can any1 suggest me a good C program book for a novice. I have never had a brush with C programming so pls suggest me a very simple book with simple english. i would be really grateful.
  9. nagarjun_424

    How to create my own operating system?

    Hi! Can someone please tell me how to create my own simple operating system? Thanks!
  10. U

    Simple iptables tutorial

    If you are looking for a simple guide on manually setting up a firewall using the powerful netfilter/iptables tool, this guide is a pretty good one - There are many others out there on the internet, but this one is just right for...
  11. zegulas

    Why cant linux be as simple as windows?

    Hey i ahv a ncie q here, why cant linux be as simple as windows, i mean any layman can operate windows! But linux is so confusing taht even well educated persons cant understand it? :?: :!:
  12. goobimama

    Reflective Text (Photoshop Tutorial for Absolute Newbies)

    Here’s a very simple tutorial to add a reflection to text. Its very simple but very important. Step 1: Create/Open your document and type in something. White background and Ethnocentric Font, Black. Once you have gotten the basic concept, you can do this with other types of backgrounds...
  13. M

    Make .WAL skins even faster!

    .WAL the fast in' easy way! Hi this is my tutorial to fast and easy Winamp modern skinning:) Lesson 1 Ok First things First you need to download the (simple skin.wal) you can get it at click on "download file" then when you download it extract it all and...
  14. K

    Computer Dictionary

    I would like to buy a Comprehensive and Illustrated Computer Dictionary on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Its language should be simple. Can you recommend a title and its publisher’s address?
  15. S

    How do I take a photo of my desktop?

    Hey, I have seen many people taking snapsnots of their desktop.. When, I had GREENSTREET PUBLISHER, I was able to take pics of desktop, But after my system crashed, I reinstalled all programs, except Publisher since the CD had broken.. Now, can you suggest some software or a simple way with...
  16. Manojap

    c/c++ in linux

    How can i use c/c++ in linux ,show me a simple xample.
  17. S

    a c progam source code needed

    hi i am working on a simple home based c project. I am a beginner in this and need a c program which when invoked will give me the names of the files in the directory. This should be accomplished by giving me the single name of the file as a variable, so i can manupulate or sort...
  18. P

    create front end gui in linux.

    Hi Guys which is better (and simple) qt, gtk or something else to make a gui for some program witten in C. The idea is to create a user interface containg buttons etc on a form. Are there objects like activex controls in windows that can be dropped on to the form for some functionality? I have...
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