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  1. Pravas

    8600GTS Overclocking????

    Hi guys, i am not posting this thread cuz i found a website http://vr-zone.com/?i=4875 for Overclocking 8600GTS but i want to know if there's any other simple procedure for overclocking this Grafix card with ease for a newbie like me:) THank You all:D
  2. L

    simple but effective animation

    Hi, I have got a project presentation to make, where i have to explain the dynamics of calcium signaling. I am planning to make a simple but effective animation of the model (made using matlab). Now, i wanted to know if Flash would be better or is there anything easier than that. I know there...
  3. Anup Nair

    Google SketchUp 6.0.313

    Developed for theconceptual stages of design, Google SketchUp is a powerful yeteasy-to-learn 3D modeling software tool that combines a simple, yetrobust tool-set with an intelligent drawing system that streamlines andsimplifies 3D design. From simple to complex, conceptual to realistic,Google...
  4. jatt

    learn tally

    can u please suggest any site for learn tally in simple mode i mean in simple language please suggest thanks in advance
  5. pritish_kul2

    Simple Machines Forum

    I have installed Simple Machines Forum but how to set up a forum. i extracted the files. how to open a PHP file?
  6. satyamy

    Good PC needed..........?

    I want to buy a New Intel PC My Budget is around 25K I need 3.2HT Processor + Intel Motherboard 512MB RAM, 160GB HDD, DVD-RW, Floppy Disk, 17" Flat Monitor (If possible Samsung), Very Good Looking Silver Colour Cabinet, Optical Mouse, Very Very Smooth Multimedia Keyboard & a Small, Simple &...
  7. champ_rock

    simple popup

    hi i want to create a basic and simple popup which will open a website say www.google.com on my website page as soon as that html code is executed can that be created in html only?? if yes then please tell me the complete code.. thanks
  8. skippednote

    Ps2 problem

    I have a ps2 which plays black dvd's only .i can't find games on black dvd so please tell of a software which can convert simple one's into black and black to simple . If there is on such software than can you tell of where can i get such dvd's
  9. skippednote

    Ps2 software

    Is there any software which can help me play ps2 games on pc and is there any software which can covert the black based ps2 dvd to simple ones since i have a ps2 which plays black dvd's only
  10. T

    Doble list in html form

    Hi guys!! I have made a simple registration form in html. In the form i have a double list just like simple country - city funda that most of you are aware of. Those double list are used for event category & event name What i want to know is it possible that i can made a link or something...
  11. soham

    Partition Manager

    Guys, please suggest a good partition manager which is simple to use and supports all major types of partitiop as has a simple interface as well.
  12. Ganeshkumar

    Connecting 2PCs using Modem?

    Hi.. Is it possible to connect my WinXP & Win98 PC using their Modem for file sharing ?? Without connecting it to internet? Is there anyother simple way ? I dont have lan port in my win98. Waiting for re guysss
  13. C

    photoshop help needed

    I need to resize around 30 images all stored in a single folder. Can some bedy tell me a simple and fast way of resizing all the pictures to the same size in one go.
  14. R

    Zoom IE 6

    is there any way to zoom pages in IE 6.0.2900 although it's a simple query pls help me
  15. O

    A Simple Firefox 2 XML Hack for faster Googling

    When Googling from Firefox from India, search queries are sent to google.com but are redirected to google.co.in causing an irritating lag. This can be fixed by editing the google.xml file (for Firefox 2) in the installation folder. Now I get much faster results ! I guess this could be of...
  16. R

    Disable firefox images in a simple way

    how can I disable images in a simple way? I'd like to switch between the options "load images automatically" to "don't load images automatically" very easily coz some sites contains nude images that I dont like but the same time I hav to download from rapidshare or megaupload. So I uncheck...
  17. satyamy

    Wanna Buy a Simple Camera......Pls help..........

    Pls reply fast Im going outof town tommorrow so wanna buy a good & simple camera which can take photo in any way (by Kodak Roll, memory card, paper printout or any ways) my budget is just 1-2k Pls suggest wht do u go for Should i go for a Simple Kodak camera or do i got for a low budget Digi...
  18. D

    Simple procedure to do transfer...

    I got new desktop computer at office. I need to transfer the data from old CPU to new one. I have only one monitor. Both computers are configured for Office LAN and working well. If you have any simple procedure for data transfer from old computer to new, let me know. Data size may be...
  19. R

    Simple image editor for amateur web designing

    what would be a recommended simple image editor for amateur web designing? more specifically for creating images for buttons, etc. and ofcourse something free too :)
  20. P

    Simple question about OS removal

    This is a very simple query. Suppose I have 2 partitions on my HDD - C & D and i have installed win 98 in c. If I remove win 98 will the contents of drive D also be removed? Thanks in advance for answering the question
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