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Good C book !!!

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can any1 suggest me a good C program book for a novice. I have never had a brush with C programming so pls suggest me a very simple book with simple english.
i would be really grateful.


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the best c book is "Programming with C" by balagurusamy.
is this very simple english with easy examples.
i hope this is very helpful to u.



try 'C' Shaum series (basic and advanced Engineering level) the best textbook for C. Kanetkar is good , but mostly for small tricks, not very serious.


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Shaum series is very good to start with .. its very systematic .. and comprehensive !
i would reccomend it for starters



Buy Let us C- it is the best book to have. Even if u don understand, it will be of great use after learning the basics.


if you are really interested in learning the intricate details of the language , then you must get "the C Programming Language" by Kernighan and Ritchie, the creators of C. get the solution book too-"the C answer book" since the problems of the book are really challenging.
Let Us C is a good book to start with. But i ve seen a lot of students using it as a reference. i ve seen a lot of guys preparing for interviews with let us C. it is a very very basic book. in fact the people who take the interviews sometimes have asked - which C book did you read from. and if they hear Kanetkar they literally laugh on your face. if you are preparing for an interview or need a reference you have to get "C programming FAQs" by Steve Summit. it is nothing but a collection of questions raised on the usenet when C was in glory.
i ve heard that kanetkars other books like pointers and data structures are good. i have the data structures book of kanetkars . i frankly hate his style. only the cd with a few flash animations of building , editing data structures helped me. the text book is horrible. if you want to prepare for a class test or exam with all possible programs then rush and get the kanetkars series. if you want to understand concepts with algorithms(and then code stuff yourself) rather than raw code (without comments), like kanetkars then you need something better like tenenbaum or the others i mentioned above.


Start with Let Us C and then move over to Pointers with C. Both are by Yashwant Kanitkar. Let us C is a really good book to begin with.


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"the C Programming Language" by Kernighan and Ritchie equips you with
all the concepts of C. The problems are really Intriguing and challenging.

Let Us C by Yashwant Kanetkar has a lot of solved examples and is presented in a very simple manner.

Use Let Us C and then move to Kernighan and Ritchie


i dont know guys. its making me confused as to which book i should buy. nways thanx a lot to all of u. if i can, ill check all the books you guys have suggested.
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