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Computer Dictionary

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In the zone
I would like to buy a Comprehensive and Illustrated Computer Dictionary on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Its language should be simple.

Can you recommend a title and its publisher’s address?


Ambassador of Buzz
encarta's got a dictionary . if u buy the Cambridge Learners Dictionary , it comes with a CD too . Advanced version could also be available . checkout rediff , if they have the listing


Cyborg Agent
I've got Encarta Reference Library 2002 and its dictionary is nowhere near "comprehensive" but its more than what an average (heck, even a pro) user needs, plus, everything is cross-indexed to articles and the entire thing is just 999 bucks. At least it was when I bought it. 5 CDs chock-full of information and a great atlas and dictionary. I give Encarta 2002 Reference Library two thumbs all the way up!
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