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How do I take a photo of my desktop?

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Hey, I have seen many people taking snapsnots of their desktop.. When, I had GREENSTREET PUBLISHER, I was able to take pics of desktop, But after my system crashed, I reinstalled all programs, except Publisher since the CD had broken..
Now, can you suggest some software or a simple way with which I can take photographs of my Desktop? I use Windows XP Home Edition Support Pack 2...


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The easiest way to do this is to simply press the printscreen button found on your keyboard. What this does is that it takes a snapshot of your screen & keeps it in your clipboard. So to be able to see it, open some program (such as paint or imaging, etc) & paste. Thats it.


Pressing print screen button won't give you the mouse pointer in the screen shot.

However, there are free utilities (like ScreenHunterFree, printkey510ef, etc.) available for taking screen shots alongwith mouse pointer. I have them both and both are 382kb and 558kb respectively. If you want, give me your email address in a PM and I will mail one of them to you.

If mouse pointer is not too important, print screen button is the best. Secondly, if you want only the current window, you can use Alt+Print Screen.

Under GNU/Linux, you can use kSnapShot to take a screen shot.
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