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How to make a simple chat room?

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Atul Shukla

Right off the assembly line
i wana make a chat room for my site which should be very simple to code and mange.

can i make chat room using cookies to exchange informATION BETWEEN USERS .
help me out.

please tell what softwares i need to build that.


You mean, you wanna code a web chat application? Doesn't your webhost provide you with some free one-click-install chat applications?

Anyway, check out http://www.sourceforge.net for all your coding needs. AFAIK, it has the largest collection of open source web/PC applications.

I personally prefer shoutboxes on personal websites, look at this one http://shoutbox.sourceforge.net.

Hope that helps.



In the zone
why to waste money .... just register for free in www.bravenet.com and use the services like chat etc... just copy paste the code given by them in your website... its really simple and easy to use.... u will need to have the java plugin installed though ..... 8)
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