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  1. mediator

    Running Simple Apache Web Server on Linux!

    Simple Apache Web Server on Linux! HI, This is a simple tutorial to get ur http server running with installed apache! This covers 2 things 1. Problems dealt with getting apache running 2. making virtual hosts, "http://mediator" etc like the default "http://localhost"! Part A - Setting...
  2. H

    Virus code

    Is there any website wer I can download the code for virus which wen compiled would giv me a virus executable.. Some simple virus would do.. I have developed a rudimentary anti virus s/w and would like to test it..
  3. P

    simple questions but difficult answers(IST POSTING)

    what is difference between :::::::::::::::::::: PROCESS , TASK , PROGRAM.:::::::::::::::::::; i really tried my books but could not find a real concrete answer. same is case with difference between MULTITASKING AND...
  4. chesss

    Help me create a website

    I am total n00b when it comes to building/handling a website. so help me out plz. Say my website is chesss.someserver.com - I want to setup things like this: 1. chesss.someserver.com - home 2. have a blog with commenting system on chesss.someserver.com/blog 3...
  5. ravi_9793

    electronic project

    hi... I am a engineering student(electronics and comm.)....... I need to make a simple electronic project. can any one help me...in searching a simple electronic project on net.
  6. F

    Simple FPS game

    This is a simple FPS game (~2MB) I did for windows on DirectX8/Direct3D. Screen shot here: http://jennings.in/mpriest/mpriest.jpg Download here: http://jennings.in/mpriest/mpriest.zip I'm creating more levels with A* path finding capabilities.
  7. a_to_z123

    A Simple Scheduling Query

    Hullo guys... I have this simple problem. * I've this CDMA net conxn which is free from 10pm - 6am. * I regularly download files through Flashget or Azureus BitTorrent client. * So the thing is this ki though Flashget has got a scheduling option to hangup the conxn at 6am, but the same...
  8. ashfame

    chess game

    i want a simple 2d chess game (freeware). pl help me find one.
  9. M

    creating a simple network

    I have two PC's at my home one with a intel celeron processor(gigabyye motherboard) & other with pentium 4 processor(Mercury motherboard) both having a physical memory of 128MB, I want to make a simple point to point network for files & resource sharing( including devices) using these two...
  10. Rollercoaster

    Software for stiching/joining images

    guy do u know of a simple and small software using which i can join/place multiple images and get output as one simgle image.. dont say photoshop.. i want something simple.. and i want the output putting up images in my profiles n stuff at various websites so.. if that soft has some web...
  11. PCWORM

    mp3 to ac3

    I am in search of a software which will convert the simple formats such as mp3, wav,wma etc to ac3...
  12. ionicsachin

    How to uninstall this......

    I have one simple doubt How to uninstall linux(Fedora Core 4)
  13. I

    Circuit making

    Do any one knoe the best and simple to use circuit making software? its urgent thanx
  14. P

    How to edit "Quote of the day"

    Please tell me how to edit the "quotes" of quote of the day service in simple TCP services in windows XP.
  15. K

    Sharing Nokia Simple Ring tones !!

    http://rapidshare.de/files/9579547/rings.rar.html Hi ppl I am sharingyou My 20 simple ring tones in a simple ring tones . most of them are downloaded for 10 bucks each . any way i hope dat you pl toohve ring tones i welcome all to share your ring tones as i did. Donload my ring...
  16. A

    AMD Sempron 2500+ ~ Is it a 64 bit proc?

    Simple query, subject says it all! Thanks, Arindam
  17. nishant_nms

    CDs for OpenSUSE

    I wolul like to know that to install open Suse 10 do I need to download all the 5 CDs for a simple desktop install.
  18. D

    Need Simple Tally 7.2 Tutorial

    hi, can any body guide me for simple tutorial for tally7.2 step by step if any one know let me know thanks in advance
  19. R

    Linux... An inspiration to Windows

    Hi everybody, There are many instances where we have seen Windows has copied or borrowed :lol: features of Unix / Linux. If u have seen any similarities( which I bet u already did), however simple it may be, this is the place to share...
  20. P

    can any one tell me about graphic cards

    can graphic cards be attached to the simple PCI slots ,will they work there b'coz my mobo don't have AGP slot and PCI-Exp slots onit.Are there any special kind of GCards for simple PCI slots(32-bits) of which brand i should buy them kindly help me out.
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