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Why cant linux be as simple as windows?

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Hey i ahv a ncie q here, why cant linux be as simple as windows, i mean any layman can operate windows! But linux is so confusing taht even well educated persons cant understand it? :?: :!:


Zegulas (Ashish) Linux is as simple as windows for the Linux users and plz don't always start ur sentence with "Hey", it sucks.


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zegulas said:
Hey i ahv a ncie q here, why cant linux be as simple as windows, i mean any layman can operate windows! But linux is so confusing taht even well educated persons cant understand it? :?: :!:

Hey, I have a nice question/query here. Why can't Linux be as simple as Windows? I mean, any layman can operate Windows. But Linux is so confusing that even well educated persons can't understand it.

Minimum cranial requirement to use Linux: IQ >= 76
People with with IQ lower than 70 are very bad at spelling and grammar.



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wow evilGenius. Then perhaps you can explain the reason behind me using Linux for the past 5 years or so. As you can see my english is nowehere near as perfect as yours. Just answer his question mate. No need to get cute about it. You can state the above facts if there is a grammar and spelling competition somwhere. sheesh.


Linux has come a long way. It is so much simpler to install a linux distro than what it was earlier. It still has a long way to go but it will get there one day ;)


Ok I like Linux too, but dont know how to use it, can anyone tell me from where should i learn it, any links? :?:


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I like Windows for so -n-so reasons .. Plus i know the Linux equally well ... & i feel like Windows is always better .. & i dunt praise Linux :x

Linux has got enough of the hype its not as gud as XP ... I like it more than ne other OS .. & believe me I've tried a lot! of different Oses

Ofcourse its an unending discussions .. we too had it on our forums ... but its all just like a pain in A** .. so rather i did suggest Use watever U feel comfortable ..

If U r a gamer .. go for XP .. in case .. sth else U wanna try for a change go for LINUX .. its fine! just fine!

They have done enough for their cost after all U need to get for wat U pay > Isn't it ??

& plzz U LINUX community fellows STOP! shouting abt LINUX is this tht .. i would say just stay quiet & let others decide on their! own ..

I tried a HELL long list & finally i came back to XP .. I paid & i'm very very satisfied! :x got tht!

SO dunt praise sth enough so tht it reaches to the height of HYPE's .. let others decide on their own ..

& yeah! LINUX isn't tht simple as windows .. but surely U can like it for so many reasons! .. like to me its a part-time OS .. whenever i feel like doing things a little bit the other way . .i boot my "dabba" in SUSE 9.1 & enjoy my time ..

SO the only tht i wanna conduct here is dunt PRAISE! :x


i dont think theres no easiness with it

suppose there is a person who knows nothing about computers. allow him to use a system loaded with windows and linux. which os will he find easier ???


Here's the problem for people who switch over from Windows to Linux.

They not only have learn Linux, but they also have to unlearn Windows. Every user that tries Linux will try to do a thing in the say way as he does it in Windows. That is where problem starts.

Think about the days when you had just started with Windows. Were you as good as you are now? Of course you weren't. But you slowly and steadily understood how things work in Windows and now know quite a bit.

This is a perennial problem. If Linux is made same as Windows, people will say Linux is copied from Windows, there is no originality. If it is not made same, people will say why is it not as easy as Windows.

Mind you, Windows is not easy. But now you find it easy because you are used to it. If you start using Linux you will feel same about it after some time. Give it a shot. Don't run away from challenges of learning something new as long as it is fantastic. It is far more stable and secure, at least as of now!!


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Why can't Linux be as simple as Windows!

Hmm... Interesting question. Unfortunately, I don't think dear friend has time to have a look at the latest distributions offered on Digit DVD like Linspire or Mempis.

One more thing! Since windows is managed by a single corporation, they have their set of rules and procedures they follow. So you get a standardised operating system bundled in a nice package. But you haven't taken enough trouble to look inside carefully. (Look how Windows XP becomes excruciatingly slow as time passes)

Okay I wish Linux had been a bit more simpler than what it is now! But the fact remains that whenever you switch an operating system, you are bound to find it difficult initially. But give it a little more time.


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Very well said tuxfan. It's all about getting used to using a particular OS. I've been a Windows user all along so now I know where to find what and how to use it. I have tried Linux and it's pretty clear that you can get used to it if you put in the same kind of effort you put in to learn Windows.

@evilGenius: Don't insult someone if their English is not as good as yours. Help them if you can-they asked a question and stick with that rather than discussing grammar and spelling.


need more eaxplaination

HEY HEY HEY(did that purposely as some one deosn't like that :twisted: )....... does anone need more explainations read my signature. (any spelling mistakes r made delibtrately :lol: :twisted: )


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the only reason for me not using linux is that i can't get on the net.(R-Connect) :( , i tried red hat...but...


zegulas said:
Hey i ahv a ncie q here, why cant linux be as simple as windows, i mean any layman can operate windows! But linux is so confusing taht even well educated persons cant understand it? :?: :!:

That's the million dollar question.....
Hey hey hey and hey i like linux b'cause it FREEEEE and like windows for it's simplicity.

Linux has everything man and it is the best in networking and u have got all u wanted on it. Even attacks r not that powerfull on that. B'cause attackers don't learn they use softwares. That is were they get p****! :lol:

Totally linux is the king for next genext.


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Linux is not more difficult but it is different. As sum1 stated, you have to unlearn windows b4 learning linux. If sum1 started his computing career with linux, he would probably face the same problem with windows that many windows users face with linux today.



U stole my words Tuxfan, fully agreed...even that was my problem 3 years ago when i started using linux but now as the time passed iam am a step ahead of novice.
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