1. sujoyp

    [Want to Buy] Simple Ebook reader

    Hi guys , I want a cheap simple ebook reader just like kindle 6" . Budget 4k. you can contact me on and please send pics too.
  2. A

    samsung mobile phone data acble

    can a data cable help me download ll my contacts which are saved ONLY on my mobile into my laptop or not. i am using a simple gsm samsung mobile
  3. pRieSt

    Bought the recommended PC

    Bought the recommended Computer on (PC Buying Guide and Suggested Configs 2014 - Q3) Budget (40k) imgur: the simple image sharer imgur: the simple image sharer Ram is Kingston HyperX Blu Thanks for all your effort guys, it doesn't go in vain. :)
  4. A

    old win xp cd games

    have some old cd games fit for win xp-these are ES games i think JANES aircraft cd-what rig shud i play with- i mean i require a simple joystick etc.will they work on win 8( compatibility issues?)
  5. A

    whatsapp for pc

    is downloading whatsapp for my pc through bluestacks safe.i have a simple mobile which doesnt support bluetooth etc
  6. kartikoli

    Simple and trustworthy motherboard for athlon 270

    I want a simple and trustworthy motherboard to power athlon 270 (gigabyte preferred) in a budget. The PC will be used as a backup and wont be upgraded in near future It will be used for web browsing , MS office , movies and occasional gaming Please suggest motherboard with IGP Looking...
  7. N

    [For Sale] Gigabyte g41m combo with intel xeon x3220/intel core 2 quad q6600

    Gigabyte g41m combo with iintel core 2 quad q6600 (lower price) Sale For Gigabyte G41m Combo can give you at 5k for both at local sale if you wanna pick it up selling as a combo only Model number and details: Gigabyte G41m Combo Date of purchase:03/09/2013 Reason for sale:upgrading...
  8. iSh0w

    Looking for desktop harddrive enclosures (mac mini 2007 size)

    Hey guys, I am looking for desktop drive enclosures like this or this one available in Pune, India. I would like it to be the same size(width and breadth) as my Mac Mini (2007 model) Just a simple casing with power and maybe USB outlet would suffice. Something like this without the...
  9. vidhubhushan

    Simple PC for a friend - Browsing, Movies

    Need suggestion for a friend 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans: Internet surfing, watching movie clips (full HD n untouched .ts too), occasionally online social games like farmville 2. What is your overall budget? If you can...
  10. Zangetsu

    You Consider Cost or Satisfaction

    Lets discuss this also added poll :wink: Discussion is simple "You consider cost or Satisfaction while spending money"
  11. Shibaprasad

    Need Laptop/netbook for 15k

    My friend need a laptop or netbook capable of playing 1080p in any format, MS office and other simple task (no gaming) from a good brand for minimum price. 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) As low as possible (+- Rs 15000) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer...
  12. H

    GTA V listings appear at webhallen and for PC

    Not an official confirmation yet. Could just be retailers speculating or a simple mistake like with DQX getting an english release. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V (5) -
  13. B

    cs 1.6 ctf

    I want to host a cs 1.6 capture the flag server .............. could tell me alink where i can download the plugins etc and how to install them???? i dont want the simple ctf i want the one with adrenaline and all addonss too :D thankyou
  14. Nanducob

    Please Solve This Maths Problem:)

    Hi, we were debating over a simple maths problem on the 'Epic Lol' thread and we were going offtopic while finding the correct answer.So thought of posting it here.The problem is simple. Some people got '6' as the answer while others got '12'.Whats your answer?(pls dont copy the answer...
  15. R

    php date functions

    simple date functions
  16. J

    Suggest a good usb mouse under Rs 250

    hi, My current Mouse is about to die.Please suggest a good simple USB mouse under 250.I was preferring logitech but they seems to be way to costly.I need a simple reliable budget mouse under 250.
  17. IronCruz

    Cloud Computing Project!

    Hello. I'm in deep trouble regarding my final year project. Recent technology in CSE is all about Cloud Computing. I Googled and read in Wikipedia. But I'm still not clear about IAAS and PAAS. I want to know what is this "CLOUD COMPUTING" in simple English. And can anybody tell me some project...

    Laptop [ 30 to 30k ]

    Hello friends i want to purchase Laptop please suggest me good 1. My budget is 30 to 35k I want it for simple use like for Tally, Small games etc.
  19. S

    Any good resources for Android development?

    I am beginner interested in Android development. Any simple and useful resources which you can suggest?
  20. velociraptor

    forum like

    hello friends i want to create a forum for all of cse/it students of our college but dont know how to create it will some one tell me ???i dont want it to b high fi like that of digit ,,but a simple one where updates by moderators and admin can be seen to every user...
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