1. theserpent

    [Complaint] Wacom-Pathetic service

    Company name:Wacom Product (be exact):Wacom Bambo One Name of the distributor/service provider/dealer and location:Bought it locally from Impact Location:Mangalore Date of purchase:15/5/2011 Description of problems faced and the incident:The Wacom Bamboo tablet, wasn't able to...
  2. blademast3r

    [Query] How do I go about this RMA?

    Hi all, I believe Im in a unique situation. My motherboard is currently screwed (Isolated after a lot of diagnosis). The seller purchase date on it is Dec 2009 and it has 3 yr warranty. Its a biostar mobo. But the shop I bought it from is no more and I dont think I can find the bill or box...
  3. balakrish

    Secondhand computers online shop!

    Hi friend! I want a list of secondhand computer shops other than ebay. Please give me the list. I live in Tamilnadu,India. The shop should be able to ship the stuffs to Tamilnadu. Thank you, Bala Krish
  4. V

    advice on opening a computer shop

    hello friends, I m planning to open a computer sales and services shop in Rourkela (Orissa). However I do not have any idea regarding this business - initial investment, procurement of materials (source and range), profit margin, after sales services etc. Where can I find information to answer...
  5. R

    BenQ monitors

    Any views on BenQ G2025HD (5.75k) and BenQ GL930 (5.5) ? Both are available at the local shop in Panjim.
  6. abirthedevil

    Soundmagic kolkata

    looking to buy soundmagic E10 locally in kolkata, can anyone point me to a shop that retails them bump .............
  7. S

    Seagate Accesories

    Where purchase Seagate eSATAP upgrade cable ? in Hyderabad and Delhi? Please mention the shop name also if possible.
  8. Sujeet

    A Walk (For PSU ) to remember!!

    Arguably It Might Not Hold A Deserving Place In This Section : I am simply giving brief discription of my funny(surprisng and Eye Opening) visit to Nehru Place ,New Delhi ..Known For its Gigantic Hardware market for getting A new PSU after my old intex..duh!!PSU got...
  9. R

    Good shop in Jaipur to buy and configure a Gaming RiG ??

    Suggest me a good shop in Jaipur,,,where all components of a Gaming rig are available... as i want to configure a new PC for gaming and i cant buy from outside jaipur. Thanxx and regards.
  10. T

    grey market ??

    hi guys i wanted to buy a few parts for myself but just for temporary usage(might be permanent) i wanted to shop some graphic cards and PSU can i know the names and address on any shop sell the things in grey and is there a major difference in price ?? i live in mumbai pls help guys !
  11. mailshobhon

    shop in sp road bangalore which can give the best price for the laptop

    which shop in bangalore sp road can give me the best price for hp dv6 6165tx and asus n55sf please reply
  12. N

    WP7 in India

    I am looking for Nokia 800 or Samsung Omnia W WP in Mumbai. Is there any online store or do you guys know any shop selling those phones .? HTC Radar white color sucks...and hence not buying it
  13. W

    Best place to get G2420HD LCD Monitor?

    Hi there everyone, I am planning to buy the BenQ G2420HD monitor. I have tried few shops in CTC secunderabad but none of the shops I checked have this monitor. If any one has purchased this monitor in Hyderabad/Secunderabad recently, can you give me the details of the shop and also the price...
  14. nvrmndryo

    Reliable and best iphone repair shop in pune ?

    hi , i need to repair my iphone 2g , I gave it to one mobile repair shop in Pune(J.M.ROAD) , n he screwed it up , and my 650 bucks gone to flush .. So in anyone knows the mobile repair shop which will repair my iphone 2g without cheating and who are expert on iphone's. Sad thing we don't have...
  15. ajayritik

    Need suggestions on selling of old laptop

    I have a dell laptop whose screen got damaged recently. When I checked with Dell customer care they said it will cost around 12 k to get it repaired. I'm in a dilemna whether I should invest so much money or should I try to sell of without repairing. When I checked in local laptop repair...
  16. kg11sgbg

    LENOVO Laptops

    I have some queries ,Friends,particularly Calcuttan/Kolkatan Digitians I want to purchase a laptop at the end of this year. 1). How is the LENOVO IdeaPad Y570(08622KU) laptop? How about the reliability of LENOVO at present?Are they manufacturing with good materials...
  17. J

    Gadgets from singapore

    hi, Is it (laptop, camera etc) cheap as compared to India? From where to shop there? Any warranty issues?
  18. P

    buy parrot online

    hello guys i want to buy a parrot online can u suggest me a website that sells parrot online in India Make My Hobby!, The one stop shop for all your Hobby needs. have it but they have only 2 kinds of parrot to choose thanks
  19. A

    CPU not working

    Hello guys.Two days ago I was working on my PC.It suddenly shut itself down as if power supply was cut off.After that I am unable to turn it on. The Turning on switch on my CPU doesn't respond now.I'm sure it is supplied with sufficient power and my keyboard and external hard disk light is on...
  20. sid25290

    pc config under 20k

    hay guys me and my friends are thinking of opening a lan gaming shop we are thinking of buying 6 ps3 and 6 computers for the shop so i need ur help to configure a decent pc under 20k which can play games like COD MW2 Crysis i dont need lcd monitor, dvd drive, expensive mouse and keyboards...
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