1. K

    Need TV for SHOP, 32 inch under 30K.

    1. Budget: Max 30k 2. Display type and size: Under 32 inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor: To run a photo slideshow off a USB for 6-8 hours daily. TV should have inbuilt slideshow options/features. 4. Ports Required: 1 HDMI, 1 USB (2 USB preferred) 5. Preferred choice of brand: Sony, Samsung...
  2. Samarth 619

    Legal to let people play PS4/ Xbox games in your shop?

    Hey guys, I am going to get possession of a shop in apartments soon. I plan on opening a combined store with few services like:- Photography (Event and studio both), Printing, Computer related work, Notes for students, Job/ typing work, some eatables, and the last very important part:- Video...
  3. B

    Print sizes

    Hi Guys, My friend is publishing a magazine in his village. He used to type the magazine at his home in Pagemaker 7 or Quark Express 4.0 on a pc with win XP, then convert the pages to Jpeg and then get the print outs in tracing/butter paper before it is published on magazine paper. Now the...
  4. RageshAntony

    Please suggest a shop in bangalore to buy and assemble a new pc....

    Please suggest a shop in Bangalore , Karnataka to buy and assemble a new PC .... The shop must have : 1) 100 % genuine and newly packed parts 2) Price must be low as possible 3) Must have stock for all models of computer components as possible (atleast for largely used models of...
  5. T

    Best Shop at Lamington Road

    Hey guys, I am going to assemble a new pc first time. And i decided to buy all parts from lamington road,mumbai. So please tell me the best shop in that area which i can trust and buy all parts. Please help me.....i am totally new for assembling pc.
  6. S

    Mobile repair in Noida

    Hi Guys It will help me a ton if you can recommend good mobile repair shop in Noida. Dont want to pay big money to company service centers.
  7. I

    Please suggest Thermal Paste for about Rs 500

    Hi all, I have an old gaming oriented machine that has a core2duo E4500. I often overclock it from 2.2 to 2.6 GHz but it seems that recently it has been heating up till till 70degrees C. I cleaned up the cooler(stock Intel) and found that my last application of thermal paste has dried out...
  8. d6bmg

    Good reliable and cheap shops in bangalore

    Please guide me about good reliable and cheap laptop stores in Bangalore. Shop name would be helpful....
  9. A

    Which is the best shop to buy PC Components in Delhi?

    Hi. I'm looking for the best shop to buy PC components in Delhi, India. I am going to buy gaming rig of $2,300+ So I am looking for the shop which can be best companion for me to have the PC Components. Shop with: 1. Good After Sales Services. 2. Good Pricing and Discount. 3...
  10. A

    [Query] Warranty on Lenovo Laptop purchased from Local *NON EXCLUSIVE* Shop

    Does Lenovo provide Warranty on Lenovo Laptop purchased from Local *NON EXCLUSIVE* Shop Especially shop who show business partner certificate?
  11. Gollum

    PS4 selling for 34k on Shop Clues.

    Online Sony Playstation 4: Play The Future First Prices - Shopclues India
  12. E

    [Shinesung] Galaxy phone blocks bullet after man brings knife to gun fight

    His phone must have had some Kung-Fu app installed or else that man couldn't have become Max Payne all of a sudden Random but relevant comments(Slashgear), Elsewhere,
  13. J

    MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II fan not working

    Hello Friends, One of the fans is not working fine. It would start-stop in between. Would anyone know a shop in Pune were I could get it replaced? Thanks for the help in advance.
  14. Nanducob

    Adding Z to make things cool

    Hi I thought putting Z was only a part of internet behaviour.For example dumb girls appear in my fb newsfeed saying "alwayzzzzzzzz b happy" "letzzzz rock"etc But now in real world i am seeing too many Z. I see bikes named FZ I went near temple,saw a board saying compliments from...
  15. Revolution

    Help Me To Buy ISOGRAPH Technical Set

    H, I need ISOGRAPH Pen for technical drawing(architecture student). I don't know exactly .1 + .3 will do the job done or not. If any technical student(architecture/civil) using these things please help me. And what gms is good for A2 gateway tracing paper ? I tried few shops(not each and every...
  16. E

    Any Free Medical Retail shop software

    Any suggestions for free software for Medical Retail shop for billing and inventory ? Thanks in advance!
  17. R

    Help needed in starting a shop

    Hi guys!! I am a great fan of your magazine. Thank you for all the time and effort you give to make your magazine, no.1 in India. I am in a little confusion, so I thought I would consult the tech gurus themselves. Here are my questions, 1. What are the requirements to start a retail...
  18. GhorMaanas

    [Praise] Hi-tech City - worth a visit for your laptop/iWare woes!

    Hello everyone! this happened a month or two back, and am writing about it now. while cleaning and replacing my laptop's keyboard one day, i pulled out the power-cable of it in a rough manner, and it got damaged. i had to now get it replaced. visited a shop at Thane as well as at Lamington...
  19. T

    Best laptop shop at nehru place,delhi?

    I want to buy laptop from nehru place,but from which shop?There are number of shop of computer.Please suggest me shop name and shop number where i can get laptop at best price.
  20. C

    Online Stores to buy PC components from

    Sometimes online shopping can be really cheaper than local buying. So what online sites do you know/have bought from. A good collection of links together will help me not to dig too deep in FF's history as well. Here are the regular ones. Please add any other trustworthy ones Online Shopping...
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