1. ankush28

    query about hp pavilion g6-2202ax at reliance digital store :)

    I am planning to buy a normal low budget laptop hp pavilion g6-2202 Shop for HP Pavilion G6 2202AX Notebook at Reliance Digital it is available at reliance digi shop at 26k which is much less then lamington road price too... should i go for it or not also i have doubt about RAM on HP site it...
  2. S

    From where can I purchase Razer Sabertooth controller ?

    The only website which is selling it in India seems to be Amazon. There were one or two more websites but it is Out of Stock currently. Is there any Indian website from where I can purchase it ? Or any shop in Bangalore or Chennai ? Thanks for you help!
  3. I

    Need a laptop around 26k

    I am a B-Tech student CSE ! i need a light laptop near 2 kg with good battery backup around 5 hrs ... and i want to use it for more than 4 years so it should have a battery that whose backup doesn't falls very fast ! Pref: it should have a good wifi and at least 256 dedicated graphics...
  4. B

    where did i get soungMagi E10 Earphone in chennai or banglaore?

    i can search whole chennai.unable 2 find it.anybody knows where did i get it?price ,shop deatails plz
  5. A

    HD7750 in Kolkata???

    I wish to know some shop names which sell HD7750 @ 6.2K - 6.5K . I considered buying from flipkart but they seem to be overpriced. I found few threads at Digit regarding the topic but I am not a resident of Kolkata so I couldn't understand a thing. What I need is some specific shop names and...
  6. anon232

    dust filters

    where can i but dust filters for my nzxt phantom 410? i mean an online shop
  7. sayan8

    Where is the Sapphire Service center in Kolkata????

    Can any one tell which shop handles Sapphire warranty???
  8. Revolution

    Good Eyeglasses Spectacle Shop Between Tollygunge And Garia

    Hi, Guys please please suggest me a good shop for spectacle. Suggest me a shop which not gonna over charge. Budget low as 1K. There are many shop like GKB Optical,Himalaya,Optical Place,Titane Eye+ etc. Are they really good for low budget glasses ? I'm LF a shop near N S C Bose Road. Please...
  9. cute.bandar

    Anywhere in delhi where I can get a chinese media player fixed

    So I made the mistake of buying this media player. It ran a few times , then went kaput. Is there any shop in delhi that can fix this ? OR atleast have a look at it ? Would laptop repair guys be of any help ? I tried a local tv repair shop, but they said they wouldn't be able to fix this ...
  10. V

    Good Shop in Nehru Place,Delhi or Disctrict Center,Janak Palace??

    Hi , can anyone recommend a shop in nehru place or anywhere near paschim Vihar/Punjabi Bagh/West Delhi with comparable prices to nehru place for - 1. buying and assemble a new pc ?? 2. sell my old laptop ? also can anyone suggest much i can get for it, Here are the spec , except screen is 17...
  11. sayan8

    For Kolkata guys..whre i can get 7750 at cheapest rate????

    Please tell me where i can get 7750 for my freind at cheapest rate in chandni chowk...... please tell the shop address...........
  12. maverick786us

    Damm what should I do now? I am doomed

    Its my dream to buy a Lumia 920. I can even spend 40K if its that worth. But it will come in india around jan. My existing Nokia N900 has gone for a toss it is that most of teh time it does'nt recognize the network loose sim connection. So what should do? Get a Lumia 900 for now? I asked the...
  13. bkpeerless

    good computer shop in kolkata

    I want to replace my sesktop and want to know good computer shop in kolkata. i have been in chandni chawk and different shop are showing diffent price of same item. can anyone tell me adhop where i will get good pricing od mob, processor,ram psu. also i want to sell my old desktop also. so thew...
  14. sam9953

    About to buy something for the first time from Nehru Place, need suggestions.

    Hi guys, I am going to a new laptop probably from Nehru Place, this friday. I have always done all my computer hardware related shopping from usually Wazirpur computer market or somewhere else but this time I am going to Nehru Place. I want to know which are the best shops in Nehru Place for...
  15. T

    Help me buy Laptop Battery

    I want to buy a battery for my Laptop HP G60-442OM.My laptop is 3yrs old and don't wanna buy original HP Battery.I just need to change the battery because i am moving away to pune because of my studies and want 1-2hr(Max) backup for 6-8 months after that i can buy a new laptop. So please suggest...
  16. R

    Looking 4 Online shops :Micro-B USB OTG Cable

    Sir , I am looking for Online shop which sells Micro-B USB OTG Cable with Cash on Delivery option I tried following website, flipkart ,smc ,itwares , kindly help finding shop with offers COD THank you
  17. anikahead2010

    Which to pick?

    Which among these will do: 1>NZXT BETA EVO 2>NZXT GAMMA 3>NZXT Source 210 Elite The price difference is not so much.Please help. Also need a psu up to 4k? Where can i find GS600 for 4k? Every shop quotes it at 4.5k or more? Ty for all help. :razz:
  18. A

    Graphics card+Motherboard Issue

    Hi friends,I have the motherboard P4M800PRO,processor:Pentium 4 DDR2 and it has only a AGP 8pin slot.But without seeing that I ordered the ATI Radeon HD 6670 DDR3 from Flipkart which required PCI express 16 pin slot which I don't have.So I decided that I should change the motherboard and when...
  19. koolent

    Earphones for Music and Gaming.

    Hi, bothering you again. ;) Well, I want to purchase a new pair of earphones. Tomorrow I will be there at Gadget Point Purchasing them or from Sony shop or from Phillips shop. So, let it be from any brand. Suggest me a good pair with nice bass for Music and Gaming under 2.5k. I doubt the...
  20. stellar

    Photo joiner

    Are there any software which join photos.We can do it on Photo Shop too but is there any we can find in net.
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