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  1. pirates1323

    Can anyone believe this

    In my 48 KBPS connection I get this speed nowdays daily......... Shocking naa :twisted: :D :) :shock:
  2. dOm1naTOr

    Whats all in one wonder 9800?????

    Check out this link. http://www.smarter.com/product/2245735-Crucial_Radeon_X800_Pro_Graphics_adapter/source=google_keyword_radeon_x800 Here there are two 9800 cars:aregular nd an all in one wonder :shock: Whats the difference :roll: Also all in one wonder costs much more than the regular...
  3. P

    where can i get this song

    yaron ye dosti badi haseen hoti in which film it is :evil: :twisted: :shock: :?
  4. G

    Whats the worst game you've ever played?

    Lets relive those funny moments...Games which you played through courageously (since you've spent your moolah on it) or plain install + uninstalled promptly!! 1. James Bond 007 :Nightfire - This should've been named "glitchfire". Doors that open half way. Sliding through staircases. Walking...
  5. R

    Decompiler not found !

    I searched (in google) for the much used Win32DASM but all i got was pages full of cracks for it :shock: :shock: :shock: I need to know where to get it... Any other decompilers ????? Free ones are preferred!!
  6. T

    Microsoft Spyware removal beta - Problems

    hey i installed the microsoft Spyware removal beta ... after scannin my system with it i got some 7-8 results which had critical ratings so i deleted them n now !!! my IE 6 and Yahoo Messenger 6 work no more. :shock: :shock: dont know wat to do i have already done the...
  7. U

    Free downloads of softwares,games, music !!!

    Hi Check this site http://thedownloadplace.com For a subscription they offer unlimited download of famous softwares (XP), games (Halo 2) etc,... and it can burned onto CDs as well. :!: :shock: But all these are true :?: :!: :roll: genuine and legal :?: :? Anyone know about...
  8. F

    DUMB mode ?!?!?!?

    On a couple of websites, iv noticed a status msg - Loading dumb mode . . . . . :shock: :shock: :shock: Wat kind of a mode is dis?!?!?!? :D
  9. C

    Damnest PC Search

    Hi. Lets :shock: see :shock: who got the oldest,damnest PC.I have two PCs.One is brand new,but other is a bit old whose specs are:- 64 MB Ram, OS:-Windows 98, 10 GB HDD, 48x CD Rom Drive, Intel 810 Board, Go ahead and Post your PC specs below. :arrow:
  10. J


    i bought a HP PAVILLION t630i (didn't like the t730i ...... lotta features are absent ..... mainly the motherboard doesnt have an agp or a pci express slot) :shock: :shock: :shock: P4 - 2.8 Ghz with HT (800 Mhz FSB) 256 MB DDR Ram at 400 MHZ Intel 865G chipset Onboard 64MB...
  11. P

    Is this possible????

    This is what my friend said to me :? "u know..i can send mails using ur mail id with out even knowing ur password or logging into ur account" :shock: Is this possible? :roll:
  12. sujithtom

    Mammoth Avatars???

    Now-a-days I can see LARGE avatars for some members. It makes the design ugly. Has everybody forget the 90by90 size rule??? Why isn't it is not replaced by the Censored Avatar?? Has Digit loosened the rules??? :shock:
  13. P

    Problem with dos base scandisk and get dir0000 and file0.chk

    My dear all friends My friend is facing proble in it' D: Drive ...!! when i scandisk through win98 startup disk and it give me errer it's fat table is not proper and it give errer that fit it..!! so i fix all that errer and after boot in win98 then i see in D: drive thall all...
  14. navneeth_snr

    How can the badsectors get removed from harddisk

    How can the badsectors get removed from harddisk? I have one 4.3 GB harddisk which contains some badsector. So Is there any software to remove the badsectors :shock:
  15. photon

    Removing Windows XP

    :oops: My hard disk has 4 partitions, 20 GB each. C,D,E,F. C was on 98. D was XP. Accedentally F got devided , F 7GB & H 13 GB. I want to join them back. How I can do that? During the try outs C has also upgreded to XP. How i can remove XP system files from D? :roll: :roll: :idea...
  16. sidewinder

    I need a graphics card.Helpppppppppppppppppppppp......!

    Hey guys I want a graphics card in 2000 to 2500 range.What card should I go for?.Plz help me out :shock:
  17. K

    Anybody knows about Cygwin ?????

    Hi guys, I jus wanna know if cygwin ( www.cygwin.com/ ) can be used in place of linux for a beginner, and is it worth downloading :?: (it is appoxly 550mb in size :shock: ) . I also want to know if i can compile all the applications meant for linux on it. thanx, :) Surya
  18. P

    i want software Urgent plz Help....???????

    my dear friends i want to wath and controll my network data transter rate.!! u all think y i want..?? becoz in my office 5 computers r there and except my pc my 4 remainaing pc r using my employ..!! and in my office cable through internet and rate is per MB. so i want to watch...
  19. K

    Which mobo. supports AGP8x

    I plan to buy a new system. I need to know which chipset supports AGP8x... Or is it entirely different? :roll: :shock:
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