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Hey people please rate my new HP PAVILLION t630i .........

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Broken In
i bought a HP PAVILLION t630i (didn't like the t730i ...... lotta features are absent ..... mainly the motherboard doesnt have an agp or a pci express slot) :shock: :shock: :shock:

P4 - 2.8 Ghz with HT (800 Mhz FSB)
256 MB DDR Ram at 400 MHZ
Intel 865G chipset
Onboard 64MB dynamic Intel Extreme Graphix
Int Fax Modem
80 GB SATA HDD 7200 Rpm
9 in 1 MMC card reader
17" Flat monitor
USB wireless Keyboard and Mouse
1 8x Agp slot Unoccupied
for Rs.44,000 ........................ hows the deal???


Broken In
Man u could have gone in for the t760i. It is very good. I have posted its config and asked to vote. Please have a look at it.


At 44k, U can get much more.
U have simply wasted your money dude.
U could have got the same config for less than 35k :lol:


oh man that is indeed a money not utilised properly.
You should have gone for a assembeled pc from reputed assembler or build 1 yourself.
if you go out to buy the stuff and put it together you could have saved 10K and could have got nice AGP graphic card like 9600XT.


its sad u went after a branded PC wen u wouldve got a better performing PC assembled.
1 8x Agp slot Unoccupied
u could hav avoided this too if the saved sum was spent on a good AGP card.Barring that,yours is a good config...so cheer up.Dont hesitate 2 invest on a good AGP though...it wont b a waste of money...

quad master

In the zone
As all said you really have wasted money on your PC.

I too made this mistake 5Years ago and got a HP Pavilion

but later i thought that a Assembeld wud have been a affordable and
gr8 choice.

ne ways you have already brought it atleats you wud have consulted
someone on this site.

Well you could have got a Gr8 Assembled pc for 40k


My oh my............
This guy must already be depressed reading all your messages condoning him.
Well let me just say this to you pal. If this is your first PC then it is good you bought a branded PC, vendors can give you HELL believe me. My first PC some odd 12 years ago was an Acer 100mhz for around Rs.85,000/- :p
Now i spend less than 1/2 of that and am still crying :cry: that i spent too much.
Yes, branded pc's are only good for the free original software they give you and some intial glitches which assembled ones tend to have (not always though but i seem to have)

If this is your second and third pc then all i can say is agggggggggghh :x
Please give me that money i will assemble you and myself one in the same money.... :wink:


i wont say it is a total waste of money.
just that if u wud have assembled a pc using 44K u wud have amuch better rig.u could have gone for a9800pro,a better MOBO,an amd64 solution.
but u have a LISENCED os and lots of free,full version and LEGAL software unlike most of us(barring the LEGAL part)

<<<peace>>> :)
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