1. mediator

    Microsoft apologises for serving malware

    :shock: source Mods, please delete it if its a repeat!
  2. s18000rpm

    Teen Exposes Google Security Flaw, Partially Fixed Overnight

    16 year old Teen :shock: doin all this double shock :shock: :shock: Source: NEWS


    Can i use Windows+Linux from VMWARE.Please can somebody throw light on this.Details guys Hardware & software.plzz help me guys.i'm waiting 4 ur reply...........:shock:
  4. eddie

    IE team sends Mozilla a cake for the upcoming release of Firefox 2?

    I simply couldn't believe it when I read this. It looked like an April fool's joke at first but then it is not April. Source: Flickr: Flickr...
  5. go_gamez

    getright can not recover need urgent help

    i was using getright 5.2d to download vista ..beta 2 from microsft servers..due to some problems ...i had to format my c drive and do clean install of i had copied the file of vista frm its original location to another drive.. ....the file had completed 60 %(something like...
  6. True Geek

    GLOBE 7 ........illegal or legal........In INDIA??

    I recently d/w GLOBE 7 and to my amusement it can make call to any fone :shock: :shock: but one of my frnd says its illigal in india is it true??? Can some1 throw a light on it!!! Sud i be using it or not??
  7. S


    I have a HP Pavilion t560i (3 GHz, 512 RAM, Intel 865g mobo). I bought a BIG Geforce 6600 GT AGP Version (128 MB DD3 video memory) today to replace my Geforce 5200 XT. When I plugged it in and it was working just fine. But suddenly my cabinet started giving a current. Yeah I got to know that...
  8. santu_29

    oem oem - whats is it?

    OEM - What exactly is it? my dvd writer is oem, hdd is oem, what does it mean and what is it exactly? :shock:
  9. V


  10. R

    watching movies on TV

    is it possible to see movies on Tv instead of monitor. I am using 845GV motherboard which has inbuild display card without TV OUt. My PC got internal TV tuner card, i wannna know, using this card, can i see movies stored in HDD on TV (big screeen :shock: )?????? If yes, please let me know...
  11. cooldip10

    Illusion OR real???

    Hey, my 32 MB Graphic CARD (on board) {when I was having 128 MB RAM} changed to 64 MB after incresing the RAM to 384.. is it real or just some error??? My Chipset is INTEL 845 GVSR.. :shock: :shock:
  12. R

    RSS Woes

    Can anybody tell me HOW DO I PUT AN RSS RSS FEED READER up & running on my website???? I'll be higly obliged :shock: :shock: :shock:
  13. ratzee199

    help system shock 2

    hi i wanna play the DAMN GOOD GAME... SYSTEM SHOCK 2 ONCE AGAIN.but the main problem is that windows xp just don't support it. so can anyone have anyidea how to run this game in win xp?? is there any patch available for this?? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help,,,,.....
  14. softhunterdevil

    ;,_.-" G=A=M=E D3V3L0PM3N+ "-._,;

    Hi Everyone, I know this section is for GamerZ...those who like to play games But my post is a little different.. I am calling for all those who have ever tried to Develop a game :shock: On their own :shock: with any software such as flash, game maker factory, game maker, 3d game maker...
  15. Maverick340

    Game in .VCD??

    I copied a game from my frnds HDD.When i opened the CD it was in the .VCD format.. :shock: How do i get the normal files back??
  16. rajesh

    HELP!! My Rediffmail Account Deleted

    A weird thing has happened. I was able to login to my Rediff account till morning, but in the Evening it was giving an invalid username/password error. Then I tried using the forgot password option and to my shock it informed my account did not exist. :shock: :shock: That is my...
  17. M


    Hi every1 i want cheat codes for above game please let me know s :D :) :( :shock: :? 8) :lol: :x :P :oops: :cry: :evil: :twisted: :roll: :wink: n Th :P nks,
  18. N

    Hard Disk problem

    For the past one day my Hard disk has been making a strang noice ie. of BUZZZZiiing it is not that loud so as to be heard in the day but it is definitely not usual to my system. i mean my hard disk never made such a noice. Its a Samsung 40 GB Hard Disk..... :shock: Will this cause...
  19. M


    HI Guys, Hey has anybody here seen the video of the game(PS3) KILLZONE man if you haven't seen the video yet get it form somewhere they have told that the video is actually a gameplay footage and the graphics are just breath taking man must see one but i am dosubting that is it a game paly...
  20. R

    Too many Norton Services in startup

    Norton consumes a lot of memory...everyone knows this...In avast ...if u goto : run>msconfig>services(hide all microsoft services) then there are just 4 services while in norton if we follow the same process there are 11 services... :shock: :shock: Are all of these important ?? Can I not...
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