1. P

    Redhat 8 do not show total 4 GB ram? show 3GB only..Why?

    My Dear friends I have AMD server in that I Installed 4 Gb ram at boot time (POST) it show full 4 GB ram but when Linux Redhat 8 but in that it show only 3 GB only ..!! :shock: so why this happend if any buddy know plese help me..!! Thanks in Adv..!!
  2. Choto Cheeta

    ZAP 6 not allowing phpBB forum post's image display

    I am unable to view any image (like uploaded sreccshots or any image posted with {img} code..).. while ZAP 6 is turned on... I am using winXP SP2 up2date... FF 1.0.7 IE 7.... i have set the FF & IE programs in ZAP to highest trusted lavel... but still no efect... any way by whiche i can make...
  3. S

    HandyCam file size !!!

    Today is my birthday :D and i got a sony handycam DCR TRV 285E. Now i recorded two clips one is of 4 minutes(file size:1.25 GB :shock: ) and other one is of 47 secs (261 MB :shock: ). How to decrease its file size??? How to join them using VCD cutter?? I m no able to find the option for saving...
  4. yrana2002

    smtp telnet problem

    i just learned how to log into the smtp server using telnet. I telnet to 25, after typing helo & entering mail from command, i type rcpt to: and get this error always, Relaying not allowed. :shock: Can anyone tell me what this is? Please don't...
  5. P

    increase your net speed by 600%

  6. C

    dataone on sundays

    hi friends! is the dataone usage free on sundays? thanx :shock:
  7. T

    Encrypt Your Email ID

    If you post your email ID on a web site, you could be targeted for spam :shock: Its wise to Encrypt Your Email ID Therefore chk out this link:
  8. Choto Cheeta

    Adblock Refuses to get install over FF 1.0.6

    well i had a reinstall of my OS... so i downloaded the FF updated version... well 2 my utter surprise i saw that the extension AdBlock wasnt getting install over this version... well 2 my confermation i saw their web site which is saing u need FF 1.0.4... :shock: :shock: :shock: yes... so...
  9. bukaida

    Nokia6680 and 6681, does they worth their price?

    Nokia is highly touting for these two models, But when I went to enquire about the price, It was a shock. It was about 23000. Does they really worth this price?
  10. K

    Customize Desktop missing from right click on desktop

    I am facing this peculiar problem Was installing Sonic Sounde Forge 6.0 and after that I saw that my "My Computer" icon from the desktop went missing. No biggie, just right click on the desktop and select properties, but when I did that I found this Can't get the My Computer Icon...
  11. I


    In July's month Digit u discribed that there is MIDTOWN MADNESS 2 on the cover of the Digit. But I got MIDTOWN MADNESS 1. So please help me that it is MIDTOWN MADNESS 1 OR MIDTOWN MADNESS 2... :D :) :( :o 8) :? :shock: :P :oops: :cry: :wink: :roll: :twisted: :evil: :!: ...
  12. I

    Virtual Drive

    Hi Guys I am in a great problem. After installing Win.XP. SP2 I have a problem with my vitual drive. Whenever I install Virtual drive 7.0 I got an error saying that (unable to initialize,plese restart ur computer. When I restart my computer nothing happens. :roll: :) :D :shock...
  13. R

    activate windows xp

    last week i brought the windows xp home cd from my uncle but when i install it send an message of activision of xp i dont have internet what will i do it also says it will expire after 30 days what will i do? :shock:
  14. P

    Create another primary domain control for backup How????

    My dear friends in my office 150 computers are there and one server with win2000 server os with active directory. it's a primary domain control it also file server also. all important data in this server. This server is Intel Xeon processor. if this server is down for one day i will...
  15. kunwar

    DOOM 3 Cheats!

    see, i dun know which level it is. ]but, i am sent 2find a doctor. i think it is 2nd level. i EVEN encounter demons throwing FIREBALLS. my health was EXCELLENT, BUT when i encountred them, my health became :shock: :idea: :?: :!: :x :shock: ZEROOOOO. SO, i want 2 use cheats 2...
  16. P

    Want to copy a song

    i want to copy a song which is on the please help me when i click the song it starts playing i want to save it on my disk plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me!!!!!!111 i know it is piracy but i do not get that song anywhere :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil...
  17. P

    in win2k server i can't login in ADS restroe mode??

    My dear friends i have a win2000 Adv server with configered ADS and DNS now i have to restore my another ADS backup in that server but when i boot my server in ADS restore mode it can't login in even administrator user also it gives errer can't find domain in safe mode of...
  18. Satissh S

    Gaming Wheel

    Hi Guys ! I intend to buy a gaming wheel to play NFS ug , Hot pursuit 2 etc., Plz help me out! :shock:
  19. R

    Where can i get dual layer blan dvds?

    Guys, know any place where i can get dual layer blank dvds in mumbai? i just got a new dual layer dvd but no dual layer bland dvds to test it :shock:
  20. D


    Please someone help me in linux... Which is the most user friendly OS and which is cheaper :shock:
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