1. Zangetsu

    A Rs 251 smart phone!!!

    Can you believe this : A Rs251 smartphone :shock: Source : Freedom 251: Smartphone running Android 5.1, priced at Rs 251; does that ring a bell? – Tech Specs : Form factor Touchscreen Battery capacity (mAh) 1450 Removable battery Yes Screen size (inches) 4.00 Touchscreen Yes...
  2. Desmond

    System Shock

    The predecessor to Bioshock, System Shock has been in the news for a while now. For those of you who do not know, System Shock was the game that pioneered the mechanics (albeit a lot more complicated) that we see the the Bioshock games plus one of the early true survival horror games. System...
  3. doomgiver

    Electric shock from cabinet?

    I'm getting mild electric shock while touching a rough/pointed surface on the body/chasis of my cabinet (eg, the corners/edges). What could be wrong? Is this dangerous?
  4. lywyre

    Sharp announces 5.5" 4K display at over 800dpi

    How cool is this? A 4k 5.5" display. A stunning 806dpi :shock: Source: Sharp not even joking, announces 5.5-inch 4K IGZO display with mind-blowing 806ppi pixel density
  5. ramakanta

    $300,000 for Cracking Telegram Encryption !!!

    Cracking Telegram Encryption :shock: :shock: :shock:
  6. snap

    The Offtopic thread locked for a day!

    The Offtopic thread locked for a day! :shock:
  7. R

    MediaTek announces MT6732 64-bit chipset with A MASSSSIVE GPU

    MediaTek announces MT6732 64-bit chipset with AN INSANE GPU MALI T760 - 326 GFLOPs At MWC 2014, Taiwanese silicone slinger MediaTek announced one of expected two 64-bit LTE chipsets for mobile devices. It's the quad-core MT6732, a competitor to Qualcomm's 64-bit Snapdragon 410 in the "super-mid...
  8. N

    what model is this headphone??

    I'm looking for a good gaming headphones for 3-3.5k and these ones are looking pretty good: Tt eSPORTS HT-SHK002ECRE Headset - Tt eSPORTS: my question is that, are these headphones the Shock series or the Shock One series I've read online that the shock one headphones are much...
  9. Subhankar Mondal


    Attention Plz. Recently I have noticed and heard that MANY ACCOUNTS HAVE BEEN BLOCKED IN FACEBOOK. What is the REASON and REMEDY to keep your fb account safe? If I use my FB in many devices what problem? :shock:
  10. G

    Java script for rain

    i need javascript for rain working condition,i ve searched several site but not found any working. :shock:
  11. Harshverma

    Gaming Headset under 5k

    Plzz recommend a Gaming Headset under 4.5k (5k max) asus Vulcan , CM sirus S , Razer Electra , Tt espotrs shock , Tt esports Shock spin , Razer Orca or any other plzz help
  12. NHS2008

    GT 650m FOR THIS CHEAP???

    EDIT: IT WAS A SHAM!! THANK GOD I ASKED SOME QUESTIONS AND THEY SPILLED THE BEANS!! Hi, I have got a quote of 30,500-31k from Lappie World and 99 DEALS.IN From Lamington Rd Mumbai for Dell Inspiron 5520 Core i7 3rd Gen 3610QM 8-) 8 gb DDR3 RAM :-o 1 TB HDD :)...
  13. avinandan012

    95% + efficiency

    I was reading about google DataCentre's power supply & cooling and i came across that there PSU efficiency is inbetween 98%~99% :shock: Is there any PSU available in India which has about 95%+efficiency?
  14. J

    Electric shock thru USB ports in desktop cabinet ?!?

    I just bought a new computer....i get electrocuted a bit when I touch or connect a steel pendrive...i thought it might be hardware issues....but When I turned on the computer thru the UPS ..there was no shock or leAkage of electricity..okay now the question is is this due to improper...
  15. icebags

    What is happening to my graphics ?

    I was playing a game, and suddenly compu started freezing, then the graphics became like this: :shock: Then I did reset it, and the windows logo came up like this: :shock: Then found the desktop resolution went to a lower one and the adapter details is showing like this : :confused: And...
  16. s1renlord

    Halo 4 - InGame Footage

    * Graphics :shock: . The 360 is the king !
  17. vickybat

    E3 2012: Sony next big surprise?

    Sony has claimed that it has a big surprise this E3 and its not playstation 4. :shock: Source
  18. M

    need a shock proof phone up to 15000 rs..

    Hi frnds i need a phone which is shock proof ,scratch resistant,dust proof up to price range 15000..........i m new on this forumso plz just tell me available option .......thanx in advance
  19. samudragupta

    no Full HD screen anymore from dell!!!

    i just spoke to a dell sales rep since i was looking to get a new machine, and he told me that it has been stopped by dell since its not in demand :shock: very strange. Is the xps any worth now without the FHD???
  20. Ayuclack

    Tt eSport Shock Gaming Headset Review

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