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Gaming Headset under 5k


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Plzz recommend a Gaming Headset under 4.5k (5k max)

asus Vulcan , CM sirus S , Razer Electra , Tt espotrs shock , Tt esports Shock spin , Razer Orca or any other

plzz help


Broken In
I recently bought steel series siberia V2 for rs5299. I think it is worth its price and sound good. One thing I will mention is that they are very comfortable, even after playing CS:GO for 5-6 hours, I haven't felt any pain or sweat around my ear. I haven't tried any of the headset you mentioned but siberia V2 is also good.

P.S. I think vulcan cost ~6k. Do you have a sound card, if not try getting one with your "GAMING HEADSET". Without a sound card, all gaming headset will give you lame sound,like a 1k headset.
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