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  1. V

    Is my SSD dead ?

    Hi, From past 10-12 days I was experiencing weird small freezes in my system. Like If I click on a folder it would take 5 to 10 seconds to open and display all of its content at that time I could move mouse, can enable Capslock ON/OFF. Also it was random, it may happen once may not happen...
  2. d6bmg

    This is what you call multimonitor setup

    ^^ :shock:
  3. Blue Ripazah

    what is the problem???

    hi i inserted a DVD in the drive and then suddenly the computer freeze and it showed this message ...i don't why is this saying as hardware failure moreover after the restart it didn't showed DVD drive ...i opened the case and inserted the power cable again...please help me i am having a Sony...
  4. bubusam13

    Pen drive read speed !!

    :shock: Check this. Is it normal ? I checked it once, twice, thrice. I copied "The Dirty Picture" and several other movies from my Transcend pen drive to my Hard Disk. Look the read speed. It is about 130 MB/s before. :shock: :shock:
  5. R

    Correcting a bad i7-960 implementation

    Hi, I'm onto fixing a PC my cousin bought for video editing. Last night I was at his place for a time pass I ran NFS:Shift, And seeing the PC getting hot. Started inspecting.. Current config is as follows Component | Make Processor | Core i7 960 Stock Cooler Motheboard| Intel DX58OG Graphics...
  6. Cool Comps

    Slight shock from computer USB port

    Guys!!!!!!! Suddenly I realised yesterday my USB ports are giving me a slight shock if i touch them. Now today i am getting the shock anywhere i touch the metal portions of the case!! What should i do?
  7. I

    D-Link ADSL Router Purchase Query

    I intend on purchasing an ADSL router. With the Router Test in the July 2011 issue as my reference, i have decided on the D-Link DSL2750U. The price indicated in the Router Test is Rs 1699. I inquired with a few local dealers but i have been quoted between Rs 2500 to Rs 2850 :shock: Where...
  8. ritvij

    speakers for ps3

    Guys my brother has a ps3 and tata sky hd hooked up to a samsung 40" led TV.:grin: Now we want to buy a 5.1 surround setup that will basically be used for both the tata sky and gaming... I thought of the logetic z5550 and checked them out in croma. MIND BLOWING sound..:shock: but the problem...
  9. TSPatange_1309

    Awesome giveaway for Mac users

    Hello Guys, I just got one awesome giveaway on one website. :-o its very good for mac users. Giveaway is for 4 Licenses of Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 worth $1120 :shock: awesome :shock: :-o check this guys
  10. Nipun

    laptop giving electric shocks!!!!

    In past 10 minutes, I have been shocked(electric shock) by my laptop thrice! The charger I use doesn't connect directly to my laptop, I use a cable that makes the cable accessible in my laptop's port(I will post its image). This connecting cable is hot(although after I removed it it began to...
  11. Vyom

    LulzSec hackers sets up hotline for attacks

    LulzSec hackers sets up hotline for attacks :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: Is this the Real Democracy?
  12. T

    Shocking Report Card

    Shocking :shock: Report Card A Girl in kerala has scored 100% marks in all the SIX subject !!:shock: Can't belive it!!! :smile: here
  13. Arnab boss

    handycam buying advice...

    hi guys, i am going to purchase a handycam for home purpose and my budget is btween 20k -22k.... which one is better and long lasting....hard disk or the memory stick...??? guys wanna buy it today so quick suggestions required....!!!!!:shock: :shock:
  14. ashis_lakra

    Howz possible ?

    I was curious about these high resolution gigapan panaroma. Does anyone knows, how are they shot and how much cost is involved ? :shock:
  15. papa

    MSI HD 6990 4gb

    Hi everybody out there.. Was about to take a plunge for HD6990 graphic card.But going through various forums it is apparent that the heat and noise :shock: that it generates is too much. Anybody using the card? Would like to hear from them before making a final decision.:smile:
  16. furious_gamer

    GTA : Liberty City Stories for PC?

    Hi guys, I know that GTA LCS is exclusive for PSP and PS2 (thats what i read when i googled it. :D). But in some sites, it's showing me that PC version :shock: Because i never heard about that and if there is one, i should've played it already. So just want to confirm is there PC version...
  17. rohanz

    anyone wants this..????

    hey anyone who wants a facebook account with more than 100 friends :shock: contact me......
  18. ::cyborg::

    :::::earthing problems::::::

    hi guys, iam just plagued by earthing (ground problems) when ever i touch my cabinet i feel a little shock on my hand i know this is not good for my system too :D can any one plz help our house is not earthed properly is there a way to eliminate this Iam also using two extensions...
  19. D

    Cleaning your PC

    hello guys ! once again i need your help to clear my doubt ........ my PC is getting very grimy and the innards of the case are full of dust. I would like to know how to clean it WITHOUT FRYING MY components as I have already lost a RAM module once .:cry: I also saw that PC Maintenance...
  20. surinder

    Things to come soon.........

    Point out the things to come soon......... Hi all, lets discuss and point out jaw dropping specs coming up near future so one can take them in consideration in his or her new PC or upgrade. Just look at there :shock: I think I'm on track with my upcoming socket 1366 rig in six months time...
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