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95% + efficiency


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I was reading about google DataCentre's power supply & cooling and i came across that there PSU efficiency is inbetween 98%~99% :shock:
Is there any PSU available in India which has about 95%+efficiency?


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Practically not possible. Those ratings are bogus .
See again. Are any of those PSUs have 80+ rating? I don't think you will find any.
A PSU can achieve max 96% efficiency, and when it can achieve that it would have been rated as 80+ Titanium.
See: 80 Plus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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BMG ftw!!
Yes. And I'm yet to come across any PSU which is being rated as 80+ titanium.
Although there are some 80+ platinum are there, from Corsair, Seasonic, but they cost a bomb, and in no way any company (even if it is google) will b able to put them in their numorous data centres. :rolleyes:
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