1. S

    Multiple PC configurations and connectivity options

    I'm setting up a design center and cafe in my city and I require multiple pc configs and connectivity options for that. Details are: 1) 5 low end PCs capable of net browsing, counter-strike, etc. 2) 1 PC for the reception for billing, printing, scanning, etc. 3) 2 PCs capable of photo...
  2. Shah

    Query regarding Raspberry Pi

    Hi, I creating this thread in this section as Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer. If this is not the right section, I request the mods to move it to the appropriate section. I am intending to buy a Raspberry Pi and use as a MySQL Database Server for the purpose of Software...
  3. D

    Configuration for a server

    I would like to configure a server and need guidance in assembling a server,i do not wish to spend much but at the same time i do not wish to compromise on performance. The purpose for my server would be 1) To run a small network of hardly 5 computers( 3 is a what i have right now) 2) Would...
  4. RON28

    HUAWEI E3131B data card review

    Key Features - HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS - EDGE/GPRS/GSM 1900/1800/900/850 Mhz - HSPA+ data service up to 21.6 Mbps - HSUPA data service up to 5.76 Mbps - Equalizer and receive diversity - microSD card slot (up to 32G ) - Data and SMS service Dashboard is quite cool and user friendly, we can...
  5. R

    Creating a CS 1.6 LAN Server with restrictions

    Hi can someone tell me how to create a LAN server in counter strike 1.6 with restrictions such as players are only allowed to buy pistols (ofcourse with sec ammo) inorder to practice with pistols alone. I also want to know how can i restrict my friends from using wall hacks or auto aim hacks...
  6. CommanderShawnzer

    No MTNL Internet connection?

    well i got the TP-Link W8951ND ADSL 2+ router a few days back,the MTNL guy came and configured it(Browser based config,not the mini-CD one) two days back and even then there was no internet connection,he said it was a server problem at thier end and they would fix it soon,he told to switch off...
  7. Nerevarine

    League of Legends on European server

    So, anyone else been playing on EU East server ? If so please add me xXNerevarineXx Im quite new to the game - playing as Master Yi and Gangplank mostly.. Any tips/advices are welcome ;)
  8. sam9s

    Part II of sam9s NAS Project! powered by Unraid!!

    Friends as you must have seen the Sam's NAS project powerd by Unraid was been initiated by me a year ago (24 Aug 2012) * and guess I got a lukewarm response to it as well. Nonetheless I thank you all for...
  9. Y

    Proxy and SSH encryption

    Hi, I want to download a file its around 12GB. The problem is that my college server doesnt allow me to use torrents, websites like 4shared, rapidshare etc are blocked. with the help of TOR browser (proxy) i anyhow got access to rapidshare, i started downloading that file (there are 26 parts...
  10. Charley

    Is Twitter Working For You

    I tried since yesterday, but Twitter doesn't load here. Is it the same for you guys ?
  11. S

    Spilt static ip

    i seriously need help I have a dlink router D600 which is connected to 2 desktop systems 2 laptops and a tablet. I have a static ip which is configured into the router. I understand the dhcp server concept that it assigns ip addresses to the systems within the network. Now my issue is i dont...
  12. ithehappy

    No one can join my host server for gaming, why?

    Hi, I'm having a problem. The thing is sometimes we play games online (very few however). Now we used to play CS, FIFA etc. I can join my friend's created server easy but whenever I create a server from my end my friend says he is unable to connect. It has happened with any game. We both use...
  13. D

    502 proxy error

    cant open the normal sites.. like fb error"Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. The request was rejected by the HTTP filter. Contact your ISA Server administrator. (12217)" how to get rid of it....
  14. M

    Need to buy a new laptop in which i can install Windows Server 2008/2012 & RHEL 6 (Dual Boot)

    Dear All, I need to buy a new laptop in which I can install Windows Server 2008/2012 & RedHat Linux RHEL v6 (Dual Boot Environment) & my budget is 35,000 INR. So, please suggest me which model will be better for this operation. Prefer Brands: Dell/Vaio/HP/Lenovo. Thanking you. :-)
  15. bhutanesedude

    Remote SQL Server to be used in Stand Alone Application

    Geeks! I am trying to develop a Stand Alone Employee System. It works perfectly when the SQL DB is in same system with the Front End, but what I am looking forward is to keep my SQL DB is Local Network Server and Front End to be on terminal PC. I used this code to access the DB when SQL and...
  16. D

    New Counterstrike 1.6 Server - Fragshack!

    Hi, Guys my steam name is Mus1x. Since all of us know that V-Street is down, we have bought a machine and hosted Counterstrike 1.6 Pub Server. IP - Name - Fragshack-Pro Gaming Server! Server is based on old CS days of Fragshack and hence the name. We hope to be much...
  17. The Sorcerer

    Synology DiskStation DS112J Single Bay NAS Storage Review

    Network Storage is picking up the pace not just for SOHO, but also for personal storage as well. Digit India sent a DS112J for evaluation and the first NAS storage review in Hardware BBQ. * Synology DS112J is a single bay NAS Storage device and just like how NAS...
  18. P

    Assembled server for small home office

    Dear All I need one assembled server for small home office: * Purpose: Home office server machine, having mailing server, MS office, some J2EE app server, antivirus, few daily required s/w tools..., teamviewer, remotely...
  19. S

    Need a server laptop (Budget: <20K)

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) I would prefer a laptop for <15k, but I can extend up to 20k. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? I would prefer >14", but smaller are fine if there are no alternatives. 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing...
  20. M

    India IP/ VPS in India

    Since my IP at home is used by many people I wanted an additional dedicated IP for my use. Anyone know how I can get India IP or even a VPS with server in India? Anyone has any idea
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