1. krishnandu.sarkar

    [Upgrade] Proccy, Mobo & RAM

    Currently my PC have slowed down like hell and I feel it can't keep it up anymore with the newer version of Visual Studio and SQL Server. So I'd like to upgrade my Processor, Motherboard & RAM. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid...
  2. kg11sgbg

    Want to get rid of Proxy Server by disabling it within Internet Explorer 11

    The IE11 on my Windows 10 is always reset and activated to whenever I open the IE11. I had to manually deactivate by unchecking the Proxy Server statements checkbox every time. Otherwise websites/webpages tends to unopen by showing error message of proxy server. How do I get rid of...
  3. Desmond

    TDF Unofficial Teamspeak server

    I have created a Teamspeak server for TDF members to communicate. This server is located in Bangalore, therefore would offer lesser latency in communication over using voice chat than game servers that might be in other remote locations. This thread is dedicated to enhancing the server...
  4. Nerevarine

    Need to convert Microsoft SQL Server Database to MySQL database

    Is there any way I can convert a MS SQL Database running on SQL Server 2008 to a MySQL Database directly. I have the mdf and ldf snaps of the MS SQL database but it is not importable in the MySQL PhpMyAdmin Panel.. Is there anyway to convert this into MySQL Scripts in .sql format
  5. jatt

    How to Unlock Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Administration Password

    Hi, I unfortunately forget Admin password for Windows Server 2012,is there any easy way to reset the password so that i can login and save my data without reset OS. Is there any good tool to reset password specially for server, I tried so for is Hiren Boot cd,but its unsuccessful in this case.
  6. kasshav

    Need a high performance server with capability of handling upto 50 Thin Clients

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Need a server to support 50 Thin Clients. Each thin client is...
  7. A website not opening on lumia 535 and laptop

    Website mentioned in subject is not opening in my lumia 535 as well as my laptop.its giving error as 500 internal server error sap netweaver application server 7.00/java as 7.00. Pleasee help how to open this site on both mobile and laptop. it opens for login page ,i enter my credentials then...
  8. sam9s

    sam9s VMWare project! powered by ESXi Hypervisor

    welcome to sam9s ESXi VMWare Project! to run all your servers/workstation from one machine sam9s is back with another weekend project, which basically involves creating an ESXi server and running all your servers or workstations from it. What is ESXi … ESXi is an enterprise-class...
  9. ajayritik

    Need help on SQL Server

    Hi Guys for long time I intend to improve my SQL Skills, in particular SQL Server. Can anyone guide me here as to what is the best way to improve our skills.
  10. ratul

    Need help with Weird frequent Disconnections

    I have a PPPoE connection from a local ISP (MAC binded from the ISP) over TP-Link W8968 which was working fine till now, but from a past few days there have been constant disruptions in the internet connectivity. PPPoE connection status shows Link Up, but internet becomes unreachable, shows...
  11. Ricky

    Server level internet connection choices ?

    Hi, I am wondering what options do we have if we need to host server in-house or our own premises. I know we can do with just any ISP with public static IP but I am looking for something reliable and business grade. I am looking to most cost-effective 10mbps to 100mbps connection. Do...
  12. amjath

    Need very urgent help on network activity

    Guys, What is my pc is downloading from BSNL server need help - - - Updated - - - Faun, sam, krishnandu.sarkar, @whitestar777, Anorion - - - Updated - - - ariftwister, ASHISH65 very strange activity so thats y hurry - - - Updated - - - SaiyanGoku hope you could...
  13. sam9s

    sam9s 2nd Rasp Pi Project! Personal Cloud powered by Tonido

    Hi Friends, Sharing with you another Project that I did on Raspberry Pi this weekend. Tonido is a server application that you can install on a Windows, Linux or OSX machine and can have your own personal cloud running in minutes. Tonido Server allows you to access all your files on your...
  14. ShankJ

    Mafia City/ Vice City Windows Server Discussion Thread!! B-)

    Please post any queries regarding the RPG Mafia City/Vice City or any thing you would want to share about the game if you play on the Windows server!!
  15. G

    single URL for multiple sites

    Hello, we are going to create unique web server across 3 sites which has to be release as single URL to end user. e.g. we have 3 web server deployed as, and We need to release one portal to end user we use the link as,, which has to...
  16. V

    Server/PC Configuration for running 25 Clients

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: I have an online examination software that will run on a main...
  17. S

    Workstation+Server ?

    I am planning to buy a workstationish server under 1 lakh, but I am sorta confused. Below are my requirements : Processor : Xeon E3 or E5 series processor. RAM : 4GB or 8 GB Chipset : Intel C series, single socket is fine, if Dual socket is available, better. GPU : None as of now. Power...
  18. dashing.sujay

    Need help in getting a VPS

    Looking to switch to a VPS for one of my website. (Welcome - Prepvelvet) Was on a shared hosting @ outpowerhosting, but those ahole guys keep on repeating that we use resources more than our limit and that our site is getting more than 3L hits which is not at all possible. Looking out for a...
  19. A

    Office Networking

    Hi, I have a family business in which we have a present setup with a server and individual computers for each user. Reading the article in this month issue, and in general was pondering over a few questions: A. thin client/ zero client based setup. B. Cloud computing. we have a...
  20. Y

    NAS Media server

    Hi folks, Looking to setup a NAS server with Media streaming and file sharing capabilities. Shortlisted Synology ds213j and WD RED 2TB. Pls provide your opinions. Thanks. Sudhix
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