1. iBot

    Can't access my home server using external ip address

    I've set up an Apache web server on Vista. It works fine when I type localhost in the addressbar or even my LAN IP address (192.168.1.x) but when I try using the external IP, nothing loads. I've set up port forwarding on my router. I can also ping my external IP successfully. Anyways, what...
  2. AshutoshM

    Server motherboard along with RAM and processor

    Products - 1. BRAND new Intel SCB2 SCSI server motherboard 2. BRAND new 2gb(two 1gb sticks) SDRAM for above motherboard. 3. Used 1gb SDRAM (two 512mb sticks). 4. BRAND new PCI 64bit 2U riser card for above motherboard which will...
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