1. Y

    NAS Media server

    Hi folks, Looking to setup a NAS server with Media streaming and file sharing capabilities. Shortlisted Synology ds213j and WD RED 2TB. Pls provide your opinions. Thanks. Sudhix
  2. S

    After CCNA: CCNP or Server 2012?

    Hi All, I work as a technician @ a local computer store & i have studied Networking, MSCA on Server 2003, and just finished CCNA certification, and i do not have a engineering or a IT degree. I'm looking for a job in Mumbai, so i have some doubts & questions regarding further education and...
  3. D

    Development PC configuration

    Hi, I am a software engineer working on .Net technologies. I am looking for a Desktop. I require a configuration with Core i5/i7 with 8GB/16GB of Memory and 1TB HDD. Please help me in configuring the same. I am also open with Bundled PCs from DELL if same is available at competitive...
  4. rakesh_sharma23

    Home Media Server (SMALL SQUARE)

    A New Case build. Naming it SMALL SQUARE. Small media and file server for home. Thanks for viewing. Rakesh Sharma
  5. P

    Network adapter showing incorrect red cross Win 2008 Server SP2

    Dear All, We have observed some cosmetic differences regarding network adapter on a server machine with Win 2008 SP2 installed. 1) Check the First Image , even though the cable is connected it shows the Network adapter Icon with Red cross. 2) Second image shows detailed view. Thanks for...
  6. S

    Need An Antivirus for my server which can also update my 70 client PC through network

    I have 1 server and 70 client machines in my office ... Is there any antivirus which i can install on my server and also keep my client PC protected from virus ...??? ( 1 friend suggested me to buy Quick Heal Antivirus and also purchase 70 licenses for my client ...n i could update the virus...
  7. Amithansda

    [HELP NEEDED]Starting My New Website

    I have a prior experience on ASP.Net aspx page coding, SQL server, MVC 3. I have created a site on my Local machine and tested on LAN. Now, my concern is how can I put my website online? I know I have to buy a domain, may be a shared server space. But I don't have a clear idea. And...
  8. harshilsharma63

    Post the Fastest DNS in Your Network

    Hi. Recently I changed my default DNS and experienced faster Internet. Web pages load faster and everything seems good. I realized that most perple use the default DNS which is most of the time not the fastest one. I have created this thread to post the fastest DNS available in your network...
  9. Cyberghost

    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Guide

    What is FTP ? FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol used to transfer files between two servers on a tcp based network. When talking about torrents FTP is mainly used in combination with seedboxes. You download the files via torrents on the server and connect with a FTP client to...
  10. r4gs

    Any World of Tankers out here?

    Just getting some feelers out. We're planning to run a World of Tanks contest this weekend and some time next week and will be giving away a whole bunch of prizes. Subject to the response we get of course. So... How many of you guys actually play and would be interested in participating in...
  11. Desmond

    IBM says goodbye to x86 forever, sells server lines to Lenovo

    Source : IBM says goodbye to x86 forever, sells server lines to Lenovo | Ars Technica
  12. bubusam13

    Enabling Wake on LAN

    Guys, I searched the internet but not fount any good guide. I have few UATs IBM x3650 m4 servers. I have enabled wake on LAN on BIOS and Windows Server 2008. Now how to send the magic packets ? How I wake them up ? Is anything else need to be done ?
  13. D

    Best server for video hosting???

    Hello Guys, I am here to know that which server would be best for video hosting site like Bharatiya Dance | Indian Traditional Dances. Actually, I am having videos mostly from youtube but i may upload directly to this site. So guys please suggest me to choose best server for it. Thank You!
  14. hansraj

    How to set up networking with server machine for 20 pcs

    Networking gurus need your help!!! I have a 2 years old server machine. My PCs at workplace have increased upto 20. Its almost backbreaking for me to manage them for the operators using them. First I will share my requirements so as to come up with the best solution My Requirement and usage...
  15. Cool Buddy

    Transfer over LAN is very slow

    I have a BSNL ITI router+Modem. I have connected my PC and Laptop to this router. Since I was unable to simply share folders over the Network using Windows 7 (I wasted 3-4 hours trying to do this), I had to resort to different methods to share files. Though I was able to share files using...
  16. anvesh

    Is embedding someone shoutcast server legal?

    If I embedd music player in my website and set the source as someone else's shout cast or any other radio server address, is it legal ?
  17. D

    Continuous disconnection in steam while downloading

    The pic below depicts: happens every time irrespective of the game i am downloading or anything Download settings: Server :India Game server browser(max ping/minute) : 1000 Limit: No limit Would changing the server or server browser help?
  18. krishnandu.sarkar

    Ideas And Suggestions Needed For Progressing In Career (Linux Vs .NET)

    Hello, It's been 3 Years I'm working as a .NET Developer. Now it looks like I'm stuck here and can't find the path beyond. Yes I know about WPF, WCF, WWF, MVC etc. But unluckily none of these technologies is used at my present firm and I don't think they will be using it in near future. And...
  19. anirbandd

    SQL Server 2008 Installation Issue

    Hi all, Recently I had the need to install the above s/w. Its NOT the R2 version, just 2008. ANyway, before installing, it gave an warning saying Win 8 had compatibility issues, but i continued. now, during server instance creation, it should show a window like this: however in my...
  20. S

    ssh free server for ssh tunnel on android

    hello everyone, I want to use ssh tunneling for secure transaction at internet through my android phone. I installed "ssh tunnel" on my phone. I don't have any ssh server at home so now I m unable to configure this. kindly help me in this regard and provide me few details: any good...
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