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  1. msn

    Remote Media Server Setup

    Hello Friends, I have setup DLNA Media Server for my TV and other PCs successfully. I am able to stream Photos, Music and Movies successfully on all PCs and my TV. On weekends I visit my sisters place which is some Kilometers away. She has Airtel as her ISP. I want to know if my Media Server...
  2. bhutanesedude

    VB.NET Online Software...HELP

    Hello Geeks, I am a newbie in this software programming as you would know already. So far, during my college days, I just developed STAND-ALONE Softwares, having the Backend Database in the same system where the Front-End is installed. Today, I would like to try something different. Is...
  3. bhutanesedude

    Windows Server 2003 Doubt

    Friends, in my office, we have Windows 2003 Server connected to around 20-30 terminals. Now I am wondering, when i checked the server, the drives present were C, D and E. E Drive was shared within network, but when accessed from terminal/user's PC, it was accessed as P Drive. I did not...
  4. bhutanesedude

    Windows Server 2003 Doubt

    Please help me with this
  5. R

    I need your help in selecting motherboard for file server

    Hello ! I need your help in selecting motherboard for file server. my situation is: i need to assemble a rack mount file server for one organization with 200-250 remote users (teleworkers) who constantly download/upload different type of traffic. This is my first experience in putting together...
  6. S

    Will Asus router act as extender

    Hi, I am having a Netgear Wireless G router for providing Wireless access to LAN and Internet at my office. I am now looking for a printer server for converting my HP Laserjet 1020 from usb printer to network printer. I saw that Asus has a Wireless N Router RT-N13U which is both router as...
  7. sumonpathak

    Non indian sites blocked??

    Atm its 12:29 AM , 29th July 2012. Internet is acting wired from Mumbai to Kolkata to Bangalore. Its seems most ppl in these cities cant open Facebook and other sites. For some time even ocfreaks/overclock.net/Erodov/TE/Twitter is not opening for us. Gtalk , steam , etc are working though...
  8. I

    PC Buying Advice needed under 50K

    Want to buy a PC within next 8-10 days. Here are the details... 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.')...
  9. aaruni

    Banned from Server

    Hi! Today was the first time I played online CS at the server: . After I disconnected I could not reconnect the next time. My console says that I have been banned from the server. Need help...
  10. S

    Remote User login

    Hi all, I have a server running win 2008 standard edition with static ip 111.134.110.*** with domain name foitech.com.I want to login from one of my branch office as a user created in the server via internet.How i could establish this? Please help me with right answer. :razz:
  11. R

    crysis multiplayer help

    i recently installed crysis for a gud multiplayer fps experience. i search for internet games in multiplayer and find many serevers. i try to connect to a server and it says " unable to connect game version differs from the server" or something like that. then i try to connect to other servers...
  12. Neo

    MySQL server troubleshooting.

    So I had installed LAMP on my Mint 13 yesterday. The MySQL server was working fine after the install. But now I am not able to start it again. To start it, i gave this command: The Output was: Any help?
  13. digit1191

    join cs1.6 non steam

    connect join . server hosted and ready. join
  14. justme101

    Help in Forwarding Ports for CS Source dedicatd server..!!!!

    Ok let me know if this is the wrong thread... I set up a CS Source using SRCDS server tutorial and put in a Mani admin plugin. Now all was fine when i had only a modem. I went and bought a Belkin F7D1401zb N150 Modem + Router because i wanted to go WiFi..suddenly no one can connect to my...
  15. prophet

    Help in Hosting COD 4

    i recently got Call of Duty 4, I have played it online on various servers but I really want to host a server where only me and a couple of my friends could play. I have searched a lot regarding how to setup a COD 4 server but couldn't find anything to my satisfaction. It would be very helpful if...
  16. RBX

    MSSQL Server Image Datatype Performance

    I need to store images using a .net application, and I'm using MS SQL Server with it. SQL server provides a datatype named 'Image', supposedly specialized for image storage. I reckon that storing images in database would severely degrade the performance, and it would be better to store just...
  17. nisargshah95

    Trouble dual booting Server 2k8 and Ubuntu

    [SOLVED] Trouble dual booting Server 2k8 and Ubuntu Hello, I have an Ubuntu Natty installation and I installed Windows Server 2008 on another partition. So it directly booted to Server when the PC was turned on. So I used Rescatux to restore the grub. Now Ubuntu boots but there's no Server...
  18. Siddharth_1

    CS 1.6: KZ hack infected

    I joined a CS 1.6 server with the map hns_floppytown. The server downloaded and installed some files on my computer. After playing for sometime i left the server and joined another server. The server kicked me out and gave a message that KZ hack was detected. I joined another server and the same...
  19. U

    Install Windows in GPT

    I don't know if this should go in hardware or software, but as it's mostly firmware/bios relates (i think), I opted to post it here. I have a server HP ProLiant DL120 Generation 7 LFF server at hand. It is configured with 4 3TB SATA HDD in RAID 10. I had it working fine with CentOS. But I...
  20. Siddharth_1

    Linux server rig...

    I have an old pc which i want to use as a server for my website. Here is the config- Proccy - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00ghz(dont remember exact model) Mobo - Some MSI mobo Ram - 2gb(800mhz) + 512mb(400mhz) GFX - Galaxy Geforce 7200GS 256mb Hdd - none* ODD - combo drive(dvd-rw) PSU - Some 200W local...
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