1. A

    Problem in assigning a particular value of submit using javascript

    <html> <head> <script language="javascript"> function check() { if (document.getElementById("t1")==1) { document.form.submit(); } } </script> </head> <body> Enter a no <input type="text" id="t1"></input> <input type="submit" name="sub" value="First"></input> <input...
  2. V

    Alternative app for Facebook..

    Hi guys,I am in need of a alternative app for fb as Original FB app is eating up a lot of RAM..I need the best one available.. I need all the features mainly page upload . Have tried atrium but still not satisfied..
  3. ramakanta


    I need a best blacklist software for my Nokia N73 mobile . I have try lot . but not satisfied due to caller can know !! please help me . thank you.
  4. ratul

    [Praise] Videocon D2H Service

    I am using Videocon D2h since 2010 (the DVD one), and is really satisfied with their service, had their been any complaint and the service man used to come in 24hrs. at your doorstep, so i was satisfied.. But last week, just the day before holi (26th march), some problem arose in the card, due...
  5. A

    Help needed in calibrating my new 32" LG LS4600

    Hi all.. this is my first led tv. i used the picture wizard for calibrating but i still am not satisfied with the pic quality.. can some 1 share me your settings.. Thanks!
  6. S

    [Praise] Quikr Sells Faster

    Hello, I had posted an Ad on the and wanted to sell my old desktop. I got a call within 10 mins of posting an Ad from a person who was staying near my place. I did finalize the deal the next day and was satisfied with the service provided by them. Ad ID: 88839732 Posted: 25th...
  7. G

    Nokia 800 battery feedback

    Hi everyone, thought i'd create this thead to get some feedback regarding battery backup that Lumia 800 users are getting. I personally am not facing the battery problem and easily get about 30-35 hours of battery backup with lots of emails , browsing , twitter usage and a bit of music too...
  8. S

    want a new intel pc

    I want to build a new pc strictly an intel based one. The budget is Rs 25000. I use it for watching movies, casual gaming, cad, office and internet. Please specify the price of the components. Is a graphics card reqiured for running the apps mentioned above. I don't want the highest setting for...
  9. VD17

    Seagate Freeagent or WD My Passport?

    Hey guys, I'm about to buy another external drive (already have a LaCie 160GB Rugged disk; pretty satisfied). I'm confused between Seagate and WD. Which one is more reliable?
  10. P

    Phenom 2 -Upgrade Completed

    Hi All, I am one of those greedy guys who never got satisfied with the performance that i was able to get out of my PC. I moved from a AMD 4400+ to a AMD 7750 BE and then now to a AMD Phenom 2- X4 920. I cant be more satisfied than i am now. The PC rocks in every angle looked at. So...
  11. S

    Wireless internet required.

    I’m working for an advertising company and my work constantly requires good hi-speed internet access! I’ve tried out many providers, but I’m not satisfied with the download speeds available. Could anyone suggest a suitable service provider?
  12. harryneopotter

    Yamaha FZ16 : Picotrial + Review(Not now)

    I got this bike delivered on 5th Dec, and here are some pics which i took today :p ...sorry for the delay guys (as if anyone was expecting :p) I havent much to say bout the bike yet .... but so far i can say that the riding comfort is good, so is the grip on...
  13. Krazy Bluez

    Best Download Manager ???

    I am here again with my questions (what not again !!! :x#@%#!#:x),anyways, the thing that i wanna ask is that which is the best download manager which you like, paid or free, now currently using Free Download Manager, and i am satisfied with it, but wanted to know coz my curiosity has no...
  14. RCuber

    Movie Catalog Software.

    Hey guys can you please suggest some Movie Catalog softwares. I tried Ant Movie Catalog but not satisfied with it. any recomendations?
  15. ayushman9

    Please help in PC upgradation

    Friends ,i have a celeron 600 mhz ,128 mb ram,riva tnt 2 ,a very antique configuration and it is high time i get rid of it:( .However due to uneven prices of LCD/TFT monitors i thought that it is better to assemble :confused:than buying . The purchase will be made in august/September . My needs...
  16. T

    Rate your mobile service provider

    Hey friends! Each of you must be having atleast one mobile phone.You may be satisfied with its service or not. So I request you to rate how good or bad your service provider is on a scale of 10. Give marks to your service provider keeping in mind its 1.Network 2. Call Quality 3.Customer...
  17. power_8383

    Download Manager

    Which is the fastest Download Manager for Firefox 2.0 I used IDM,DAP but they did not satisfied me.
  18. R

    how to enchance photos taken with digicams

    For this you require DCE Autoenhance. you may download either the time limited(30 day) trial version with advanced features or the free version which is more than sufficient for our purpose. link is here: after downloading and installing start the...
  19. william

    The best Antivirus sotware?

    Hi! currently i m using norton as antivirus sotware but i m satisfied with its scans. can you tell me the best antivirus software to use. or it should be better that norton.
  20. R

    Are u satisfied with the digit DVD and CD Content?

    Are u satisfied with the digit DVD and CD Content?And the demand's were not so considered i think.what do u feel?state ur commands.
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