[Praise] Videocon D2H Service


I am using Videocon D2h since 2010 (the DVD one), and is really satisfied with their service, had their been any complaint and the service man used to come in 24hrs. at your doorstep, so i was satisfied..
But last week, just the day before holi (26th march), some problem arose in the card, due to which there's were just some horizontal lines visible on the TV, so i registered the complaint, as usual the lady on the other side said that he'll visit you in next 24-48hrs, so i asked her that "tomorrow is holi, don't you have holiday", she said "no"..
Now guess what, i called them @10:30 in the morning, and the service guy was at my doorstep @11:30, just one hour later after i registered the complaint :shock:, he said the problem was with the card and either you pay rs.500 to replace it, or you can get the HD set-top box for free, i opted for HD one, and he went to get that, half an hour later @12:00pm, he came with HD set-top box, installed it, and i subscribed for a 6-month package @Rs.2200 with it... Now i am really happy and satisfied with the service they provide, never in my life i have seen such a quick response against a complaint by any vendor, you truly rock Videocon service department.. :doublethumb:


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^^a very assuring and good news for all of us,@ratul.
If videocon is providing such best a.s.s, then I better go for it instead of my local cable(digital) ,albeit after buying a LED TV only.
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