1. M

    problem in playing games - cannot locate cd rom

    hai guys, when i try to play games that requires a play cd(eg maxpayne,jamesbond), i get an error "invalid disc inserted" and asks me to retry or cancel even though the disc is correct one. i was able to install the games (via CD ) without any pbms but when i try to play the game the...
  2. E

    Changing removable drvie icons,for each drives ..please help

    Please help me customise the drive icons seperately for my remvable DVD rom , CD-RW , and floppy drive .... not using an inf file on the cds but to be permenant by editing reg , or some other software . . . . . or can some one help me get the xml code used by style xp to point ou the...
  3. S

    Cd Rom not reading disk ...need real help please

    i have sony cd writer which was working fine up to before some hours i was burning 3 video disc and all of sudden after burning 1 cd suddenly the buring 2nd disc falied .... then the cd writer is not reading any cd... There is cd rom icon but when i open it there is no files though...
  4. bukaida

    Cannot load cd driver, Pl help

    I am using win2k with sp4 and 865GBF board with p4 2.4 and 512MB Ram. Everything was working fine till yesterday.From today morning my DVD rom and the CD-Writer disappeared from MY Computer and when I opened the device manager it was showing yellow exclamanation (!) mark on both the drive...
  5. yogi7272

    which dvd rom

    HI , pls suggest me a dvd rom drive?
  6. Maverick340

    Bios Trouble

    I have a Intel 845GVSR motherboard.Recently i downloaded the BIOS update s/w from Intel's Site * I went for Exress BIOS update... After that my PC has been hanging a LOTand the blue scrren come up on startup often I moslty think its is b'cuz...
  7. F

    Difference between DVD - ROM & DVD - RAM ?

    What's the difference between DVD - ROM & DVD - RAM drives ?
  8. S

    No cdrom and no HDD

    I searched but it seems none of you have had this problem! I got a new system(amd 64 & asus k8smx) and now I am not able to install Mandrake 10.1. It boots through the 1st CD and then it starts searching for usb device(which I don't have) after that, it shows "no cd rom found" and then it shows...
  9. V

    DRIVES not accessable from floopy boot !!!!!

    I tried creating a bootable floppy by formatting it with the create ms-dos startup disk option , welll..... it did boot ... but the harddisk and cd rom drive were not accessable when i tried accessing them from the dos prompt so what might be the problem ? anything wrong with the...
  10. B

    cd rom problem

    well this is a strange one.... my friend has bought a new lg cd rom but the problem is that inspite of being identified in windows, the drive does not identify any cd inserted in it in fact the system hangs until the cd is ejected.the same cd rom works perfectly on my system(although windows xp...
  11. M

    SOS help infected with W32.pinfi virus & DVD Rom not detecti

    I uninstalled Nero 6.6.16 because it was not properly writing any of my DVD's. so i got message to reboot so that the uninstall of nero will be complete. so i rebooted. on restarting my computer i found that both of my DVD ROM drives had disappered. i tried System Restore (to restore) to...
  12. linardni

    Faulty CD-ROM

    My CD-ROM (LG made) can't read or write. The green LED doesn't blink when any CD is inserted. However when I click "eject" through right clicking the CD ROM icon under My Computer, the tray ejects out. Tried but failed to roll back to any previous driver. How to make the ROM functional?
  13. esumitkumar

    Can you play DVD movies by CDRom??

    Is there an app/emulator that will allow my ordinary CD Rom reader to play DVD movies? TIA Sumit
  14. R

    cd writer and dvd rom probs plz help

    hey my cdwriter and dvd reader is not incuded in the bios. the cd writer is not opening at all. the dvd rom is opening but when i open "my computer" both the roms are not to be seen . the dvd rom cannot read any thing. i checked the bios also but the floppy dirve is only mentioned there. and...
  15. A

    please help!extreme prob with dvd

    :D please help i have a pioneer dvd 115 dvd rom until recently it was working well but now the cd rom icon is not seen in the my computer,,also from the start there was a problem with it in windows xp,,i have done research work on the net but all users have the same problem but no...
  16. M

    CD-ROM Problem

    Today I have found that my CD ROM is getting in and comes out autometically. I restarted machine for several times. But this cannot solve my problem. My CD ROM worked fine yesterday. Can you tell me the problem and its solution?
  17. G

    LG 4163 DVD writer sucked me

    Hi friends This time I thought to share my experience with my first DVD writer LG 4163 (RAM Drive). Day 1: I bought a black colour DVD writer and installed on my new AThlon 64 3000+ (939)+MSI RS 480 M2, 80 GB samsung had disk. ROM drive stopped working as tray was not coming out though...
  18. E

    CDROM won't read CDs

    Hello Guys i am in a big problem. I have a samsung SC-152 CDROM which i am running with Windows XP. I have a P-III machine with 192 MB RAM. The problem is this that windows recognizes the CDROM but wen i put any CD in the ROM, i shows an error signal as the ROM is EMPTY and plz put a CD in it...
  19. reddick

    Unmatched Drives

    Hi! I got CD Writer and DVD Rom of LG on my machine running on Win98SE.The problem is that my Writer is unable 2 read 'Digit June CD' but DVD Rom works fine :evil: I'm using both drives frm 2 yrs.Anybody know why is it so...How can i fix this problem? :roll: :roll: :roll: THX 4 ur Replies...
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