1. E|e<tr0|!0n

    Android custom firmware clashes

    So I've got a Samsung SM-J701F (Galaxy J7 Nxt), on which I flashed a TWRP recovery made for the 2016 Exynos edition of the Galaxy J7- Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016 Exynos). The phone went into boot loops after that, until I installed a custom ROM, Nemesis Nougat- [ROM][7.0][AQH3][10/09]NEMESIS NOUGAT...
  2. kartikoli

    Redmi Note 4 64gb installing apps in external storage

    I bought Redmi note 4 64GB yesterday and started installing apps but when I install whatsapp I couldn't find installation folder in internal storage so there is no way to use my old backup unless I use google drive (which I did eventually). But I can't use my old videos also I don't like to use...
  3. kool

    Lost IMEI of yuphoria, how to write back original IMEI ? :(

    Hi guys, I was trying to change IMEI of YU YUPHORIA "YU5010A" (Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410) for using JIO sim, :( and unfortunately I lost my original IMEI. :( Later I tried adding original IMEI by IMEI changer from xposed module. But able to add only one IMEI , and that too vanished...
  4. D

    ROM for galaxy s4

    Even after a fresh format and few months later i don't know where the geebees of space start shrinking without installation of any heavy apps or any files. Though the mobile is working normal as usual but don't know where this space goes i cant even install a 20 mb app. I had installed some...
  5. ravi847

    Suggest a good ROM for Redmi note 3g

    Hello guys I am a user of redmi note 3g and am currently using the Jotiki rom based AOSP. Its stable but battery drain is somewhat high and also I am bored with this ROM. So please suggest some good stable roms that you have used. Also provide links.
  6. B

    Resuming downloads in firefox

    Hi Guys, I want to download a rom file from some site. It's size is in gb's. Due to the slow bandwidth of my internet connection I will be able to do that in a couple of days since the rom is not available on torrents. I tried few download managers and they do not resume the download from...
  7. Skyh3ck

    Android General Question - ROM, CWM, TWRP, Boot Loader and more ?????

    Hello Guys I am new to android rooting and custom rom, i have many question, hope you guys will be able to help me here. 1) What is BootLoader ? 2) Does all phone have bootloader ? 3) What is CWM and TWRP are they both same ? 4) what is the use ? 5) Can we install it permanently on phone...
  8. setanjan123

    Redmi 1S TWRP Bootloop

    Guys in big trouble . To start off let me explain the whole . Yesterday i flashed my Redmi 1S to the latest beta global ROM ie the one based on MIUI 7 and Kitkat . It went all fine . Now the trouble started when i went to root . I had forgotten that flashing new ROM wipes out any custom recovery...
  9. C

    Yureka Plus: Removing Custom ROM

    Dear Friends, I have bought Yureka Plus for my wife and it arrived yesterday. Although everything is fine till now but i found this custom ROM is bit heavy for this phone. I have bought yureka in March for myself and till date it is very perfectly fine. It is having CM 11 and yureka Plus is...
  10. izzikio_rage

    Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 - best ROM

    Hi everyone have an old galaxy S3 that I still love despite all the new stuff that's come out (cough... expandable memory... cough zero lemon battery.. ). Was trying to figure out the best ROM for this to get the best and most fluid experience. Am currently on Cyanogenmod 11 M12 (the last...
  11. ShankJ

    L520 restarting on its own after manual boot!

    My Lumia 520 keeps restarting every 20-30 seconds after booting up.. The loop continues till the time the cell doesnt get discharged.. I have tried flashing the ROM with the Lumia Software Recovery Toolkit but it isnt working.. Any bright ideas??
  12. M

    Help! Guys help me unbrick my moto E.

    I am a moto E user I tried to flash Resurrection Remix from here [ROM][5.1][LOLLIPOP]RESURRECTION REMIX 5.4.1… | Motorola Moto E | XDA Forums but stuck in bootloop. I went to TWRP and Wiped data,system,dalvik,cache.Then selected ROM from SDcard and after flashing ROM i flashed Gapps...
  13. ajayritik

    Need to fix the Back Port of SATA DVD ROM Drive

    I have a SATA DVD ROM Drive. Due to frequent removing of the Data cable which is connected to the back end of the DVD Rom drive some of the pins from the back of the DVD ROM drive have come off. Is there anyway to fix the back port of the DVD ROM drive?
  14. ajayritik

    Should I buy External DVD Optical drive/Writer or Internal DVD Optical Drive/Writer?

    My existing Asus DVD ROM Back pin has broken and hence I need to get a new DVD ROM. Since I have multiple HDD's I thought it's better to get an external DVD ROM so that I can get rid of the hassle of disconnecting the HDD's everytime. Can someone suggest a good brand. If there are issues...
  15. blackpearl

    Suggest me ROM for Micromax Funbook P300

    I'm trying to breath life into my old Micromax Funbook P300. Please suggest me a stable ROM with the least number of bugs. Should be at least Jellybean. Kitkat preferred. Thanks.
  16. IronCruz

    Sony Xperia Tipo recovery problem

    Hello guys. My tipo is currently running CM10 final version. It was almost stable until last couple of days. It started lagging and app like instagram started freezing & crashing. So i want to flash stock rom. I have ftf file as well as zip file. But when i try to flash ftf via flashtool, i get...
  17. sling-shot

    Android - How to install a new ROM without losing progress achieved in Candy Crush Saga?

    As there has not been any solution to root a Sony Xperia ZR on Android 4.3 yet I am looking to replace the Sony ROM with a pre-rooted stock ROM provided by Ralf_Waldo@XDA Also my wife's Sony Ericsson LWW on ICS is laggy a lot and there is a KitKat based ROM available that I am...
  18. R

    whatsapp not registering

    I live in UAE. I just insatlled 4.4 Custom rom on galaxy s2 gti9100 and reset everything. My Airtel sim is still workking here. I can recieve calls and messages but I cant register my whatsapp. I was able register once after flashing rom then i tried flashing another rom and reset again. Now i'm...
  19. Jay1234

    Android quiries

    1 lets say if I m on kitkat kernal and kitkat rom! Then I wanna revert back to jellybean do I need to flash jb kernal first from recovery then rom ? 2 if I flash Custom kernal and rom some hardware issue arrise obviously I need to be on stock rom and stock kernal and locked bootloader! So...
  20. ashs1

    Need Help In rooting.

    NOTE : The following Thread could be extremely n00bistic for many. Please Don't poke fun. Thank you. :P :wink: Hi everyone. I am planning to root my Xperia Miro. I am thinking of Installing of CM10. I have sent endless PM to various Members at XDA asking for a step-by-step help but most of...
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