cd writer and dvd rom probs plz help

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hey my cdwriter and dvd reader is not incuded in the bios.
the cd writer is not opening at all. the dvd rom is opening but when i open "my computer" both the roms are not to be seen .
the dvd rom cannot read any thing. i checked the bios also but the floppy dirve is only mentioned there. and what about the hole which is at front of the rom can u tell me more about it. i didnt got any thing with the roms not a single cd .the dvd rom is about 2.5 years old and the cd writer is about 2 months the device manager also the roms are not mentioned.plz help me . and if you help me plz explain is very serious


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if bios doesnt recognize it .. then nothing else will

# check your ide cables are not loose
# interchange drives in ide cable and check if they're working
# it could be a master/slave problem ..
can u tell us which drives are connected together using the IDE cable .. and which are master which are slave ?



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In order to make the master nd slave U will have to use the jumpers correctly. There would be instructions on the rear of the drive bout connecting the jumpers. The drive connected at the farthst end of the IDE cable is the slave nd the other is the master. Connect the jumper correctly nd the bios would auto detect it hence in windows also.
If U dont have jumpers go to any computer shops. They would probably give it fir free.


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Cd-writer problem


I have a similar problem with a dumb Mercury CD-writer. Actually, it can read game CD's and magazine CD's but when it comes to reading data on CD-R's it cannot read at first try. Moreover the CD would not eject by the drive eject button. I have to insert one pin in the small hole below the drive and press to eject the CD. After multiple tries it will read and this has become very frustrating.

I have tried cleaning the drive head and also checked the connecting cables in the motherboard but the problem is not solved.

Can anyone of you come up with any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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