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Problem regarding restart

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Ankit Agrawal

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I have got P4 intel with 512 RAM kingston. On installation of new hardware like in USB or anyother take a new 3D game my computer get restart in between
What should I do


Your RAM memory is faulty , This causes the computer to restart , Change it and then see. Generally these assembled PC sellers sell used RAM / 2nd sale RAM which are faulty 60% of the time , Insist on a brand new packed RAM stick from kingston or transcend, and check whether it is in its original seal packing. It will cost a little more.


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Does your computer crash randomly or only when playing 3D games and Installation
If it crashes randomly its more likely to be a problem with the PSU. What brand and rating PSU do u have. You could also perform a Memtest to elimnate your RAm as the culprit
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