1. himtuna

    partition table accidently lost

    hi guys, experimenting with things pays a lot windows XP on drive c:\ drive d:\ and e:\ NTFS partitions and rest 20 GB for flavouring linux. had installed PCBSD on it then booted the ubuntu ultimate... after successful live boot i thought of...
  2. dashang

    Buying a new CPU [Please Help]

    Guys i want to assemble a cpu using latest hardware. I want intel core2 quad processor. I need Ge-force graphics card, more than 3 GB ram, 160 GB hardisk and motherboard and rest other thing that i need to assemble CPU. Can anyone tell the products of which brands are best And please...
  3. Ihatemyself

    Book recommendations for DCE

    Hey guys..After advice abt org. chem notes..I want to know something more.. I want recommendations 4 all subjects (maths,chem,phy) 4 dce..I want very less material with maximum knowledge possible (so that i can make it thru dce)..I Know many IITians and dce students and othr engnr. students...r...
  4. V

    Suggestion for system configuration

    i have decided to go for following configuration..prices at which i m getting i've written: processor intel x6750 rs.8000 mobo xfx 650i ultra rs.4900 ram 2*1gb 667mhz transcend rs.950*2...
  5. linardni

    PC shutting down, hlp plz.

    My PC (Cel. 2.1 Processor, Mercury Motherboard, LG Monitor) running Win-XP SP2 is shutting down by itself often. It can't be restarted or rebooted instantly without offering some rest. Plz help.
  6. vish786

    grub error 18

    i'm getting this error in grub, so cannot boot into winxp. when i boot into winxp prob is only with winxp, i can boot into rest of my other OS. winxp is in (hd0,0)[sata drive] i did no changes to system. :(
  7. M

    multiboot cd\dvd

    hi i want to know how i can multiboot XP and acronis true image and acronis disc director suite from 1 cd or dvd plz help i want to make it with easy boot i have created the menus etc. plz let me know the rest of the things :confused: :confused: :confused:
  8. ramprasad

    Windows dislikes HDD > 132GB

    hi, I have 2 Seagate HDD (Baraccuda). Primary one is 80GB and has OS installed onto it. Second one is 300GB. It is the 2nd drive that Windows XP SP2, recognises as 132GB and rest has vanished. Can anyone help me to recover and use the remaining space also.?
  9. RCuber

    450 GB .. What to do ?

    Hey Guys , Got myself a Seagate 250GB SATA HDD today , now I have a total of 3 HDD's , The other two are 80GB and 120 GB , both SATA. so a total of 450GB on paper ( actual space will obviously be less ) Now my primary HDD is the 80GB one. I have XP installed here taking 12 GB . 4 more...
  10. gary4gar

    My system has recovered from a serious Error

    booted my windows after a long time, and just after running it the system restarted without any BSOD juts a blank screen for 2 sec then restart. after booting up i got the following msg -------------------------------- ------------------------------- REST INFO COMMING IN SHORT WHILE
  11. caje143

    Requirements for Setting Up A Home Network

    Hi All, I Will be subscribing for a DSL connection for my flat at a speed of 256Kbps... i want to connect my Laptop, my Brother's PC, My Sister's PC and also i want to leave an option if at all i want to join another PC to this network... So can you'll please suggest and help me in knowing...
  12. vinit suri

    Browser Screen Dancing?????

    guys pls help me with this one......sum how my firefox screen is continuosly moving up and down on its can i stop of the applications......r working fine:-|:-|:-|:-|....but comp has become slow helppppppppppppp:confused::confused::confused:
  13. tanush_89

    best from the rest

    hi can anyone tell me which is the best site for games review???
  14. V

    partition difficulty

    i bought a new 160 gb sata harddisk, installed windows on 10 gb fat 32 partition. rest 150 gb is unallocated. how to deal wid tht?
  15. iMav

    a torrent question

    i am using azureus as my torrent client .... it shows 400 seeds in a bracket but only 2 outside the bracket .... 1. what does this mean 2. if this means that out of 400 seeds its only connected to 2 why so?? why is not connected to rest of the 398 seeds ... 398 nahi sahi unmein se 98 ko...
  16. Ashis

    Where are my RAMs?

    One of my Friend uses a Pentium IV machine. He has 128 MB of RAM installed but it only shows 96 MB. Where did rest of it go? Can any one help him! :rolleyes:
  17. S

    got fifa 2007

    i have just got fifa 2007 gameplay is much better than last time although player face are not accurate rest is as before full review is comming up later
  18. T

    HDD Problem

    I have a Samsung HDD (SP0822N). Its capacity is 80GB but the computer is showing its capacity as 31.2GB. What happened to the rest of the space? Please help.
  19. A

    BEST PROC+MOTherboard+GFX card combination around 12K-15K

    hi guys.. can u please suggest a cbest proc+MB+GFx card combination for around 12-15k...preferably on the lower side...i don't want a very high end gfx card...gfx card prices shld not be more than on proc+MB.... Please also tell if i can get some AM2 config in this budget Thanks
  20. Sykora

    A question about ls.

    Is there any way to make the ls command display directories first, then the files? I tried the ls -X switch, and while this puts the directories first, it groups the rest of the fiels by extension, something I don't really want. I want the firectories to be in alphabetical order, followed by the...
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