1. warfreak

    Unreal Tournament (2015)

    Game:Unreal Tournament Developer: Crowdsouced Publisher: Epic Games Platform: PC Some of you might already be aware, the new Unreal Tournament is here!!! This deserves a thread of its own! The new thing they are trying this time is that the development is croudsourced will be driven by a...
  2. rohitshakti2

    Pen drive showing less space

    I am using 2 GB pen drive and now when I connected it to my pc it is showing only 49 mb and rest of the space as unallocated when I saw it in managing the hdd as below. Pls tell how to get the rest of space back.
  3. Tenida

    Pramudit is no more with us

    TDF friends do you remember Pramudit He is no more with us. Know this news after checking his facebook profile. Rest in peace buddy. We miss you :(
  4. anon232

    Web Hosting Solutions

    I'm creating an android app which will feed the users data from a MYSQL database via a REST service. Can you guys provide a economical web hosting solutions for my needs?
  5. anon232

    REST + Oracle

    I'm developing a project to allow various android devices to share data via a database. So I'm making the server side component with REST by following this tutorial Now i want to know how do i integrate a oracle database...
  6. NoasArcAngel

    Funniest Skateboard moments. (low bandwitdh warning)

    The Most Hilarious Skateboarding Glitches, Now In Motion see it to believe it :D for the rest visit the website.
  7. N

    suggest me a Good Keboard(wired) with wrist rest support??

    Hi Guys, i am in need of a good keyboard with wrist rest support.I need the keyboard very urgently.So please suggest me as soon as possible.It is also okk if it is not a gaming keyboard. My budget is within 3k.I am waiting for replies. Regards,
  8. velociraptor

    blank screen

    hey fend I have encountered s problem when I boot my desktop only cursor is seen rest screen is blank its in safe mode too so what should I do ?
  9. NoasArcAngel

    The return of the birthday thread.

    DAFAQ . chalo line main lago and wish me happy birthday warna no cake for anyone. you might also want to wish arc84 , fun2sh , aaronbako. happy birthday guys. PARTY ! ico and asingh are invited. rest anyone who lives within 100km of delhi can come . ( provided you come before 4:00 pm )...
  10. powerstarprince

    My laptop keyboard partially works

    I have an asus n55sf n' my keyboard seems to be half broken . Usually i use it on my desk with an external usb keyboard but recently i had to use the laptop keyboard . But half of the keys work and rest of them don't . Is this a hardware problem?? Apparently the laptop didn't fall down or hit...
  11. Y

    Suggest me a Graphics card ,PSU and Cabinet

    THe config is 1.Procesor- AMD FX- 6 COre 6100 2. MOtherboard - Gigabyte 880G 3. 1TB Seagate 7200 HDD 4. 4GB Corsiar RAM 1333 MHz i have already bought these. the rest money remainig is only Rs 7600 for the Graphics card, PSU and the Cabinet. I need a Ati Radeon of 2GB
  12. dashing.sujay

    Please fill this survey.

    Guys, I need to get this form filled up by at least 100 people in order to complete the project. > Some one fill as a female also :D For rest, TDF people are smart enough ;) And those who fill just drop a post here. :) TIY
  13. R

    Anyone Using Speedfan for their Cabinets? I need Help

    Hello all, I need Suggestion and Help from those who use Speedfan to control their Case Fans. I use it but as i see i can Control only the CPU Fan ( Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo) , and cannot find any setting to use the rest of the Case Fans. Can anybody Help me? Speedfan version is 4.45...
  14. Piyush

    15 B'days today :D

    Happy B'day to all you guys Tkin Icebags and rest of all :)
  15. S

    Which is better deal...E173 !!

    which deal is better guys? Huawei-E173-3G-Data-Card-7-2Mbps-3G-USB-Modem-Auto-APN-Megaphone-Logo Huawei-E173-3G-usb-modem-Data-Card-7-2Mbps-HSUPA-Model Huawei-E173-3G-Data-Card-7-2Mbps-3G-USB-Modem-Strap-Cable-Auto-APN-Reliance-Logo first one comes with 1 year dealer warranty and...
  16. A

    TX850V2 Voltages

    I have got a new PSU and at idle the readings of the voltages through Bios and PC probe shows up like 3.3 @ 3.31 5.0@4.95/4.92 12.0@12.03 Is that alright or should i be concerned about the 5V and the rest. My config right now is a P5NE-SLi,e6750,8600gt sli,1 x 500 gb hdd and 3...
  17. A

    need logic in vba

    i need the logic in vba(using any loops) for this > if col A has repeted vales then col B should have the first instance value for such repetations as x and rest as y. basically i need to populate col B in this way, col A is only present. eg, A B 2 x 2 y 1 y 3...
  18. A

    Extreme Overheating - Dell XPS 1530 - Need advice

    Hello friends, I have a Dell XPS M1530 laptop purchased two and a half years back. The laptop had a heating issue since the beginning, the palm rest area burns even during normal load like surfing the web (using firefox) or MS office usage. While playing games, it goes over the roof and...
  19. ghantaukay

    Help BSOD

    I am assembling a pc.I have win7 in one of my hdd.when i try to boot the system crashes.BSOD strikes.When I checked the BIOS I see the CPU temperature at a high level.When I installed the processor I saw a thin smear of thermal paste on it so I didnt think it necessary to add any more.I checked...
  20. S

    Durable keyboard with Wrist Pad (Palm Rest), Volume & Sleep Control

    Hi Please tell me a durable keyboard with Wrist Pad (Palm Rest), Volume & Sleep Control at least possible budget thanks
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