1. Arun the Gr8

    Need to buy PC for 12K (Max)

    I need to buy a PC for 12K max. I can get a 2nd hand monitor. So tell me what options do I have with the rest of the components..
  2. L

    Spica Unavailable, Buy I7500 or Wait?

    Hello people, I Finally decided to buy a Spica, but unfortunately, Its unavailable in all of the market in and around Vikas Marg, East Delhi. Only one dealer is offering it a ridiculous 15.5K and the rest are saying Samsung discontinued it. :( Do you guys know anywhere I get it for less than...
  3. scavanger007

    which web language next?

    Friends, I just learnt XHTML and CSS. Since it is the most basic web programming language to be learnt, it was easy to choose it from the rest of the other languages. But now I m confused:?: that which should be the next language that I should approach. Also if you all can sequence the rest of...
  4. avtarkaint

    i cant open site

    friends i have problem i cant open site in my pc i have tried in mozilla firefox and internet explore but it didnt opens at all please solve my problem , rest site i can open with ease. with regards
  5. Arun the Gr8

    Dell Inspiron 14 New 1464

    Dell Inspiron 14 New 1464 (Review coming soon...) Guys, I am getting myself a new laptop The "New Dell Inspiron 14 1464" with the following (probable) config: Intel Core i3-350 (2.26Ghz, 4 Threads, 3MB L2 cache) 4 GB DDR3 1066 MHz RAM 320 GB 7200 RPM HDD ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 512...
  6. asingh

    Digit Forum - Rendering Weird

    Not sure..where to put this..thread..putting it here. Guess this is the most active forum. Why the heck is ONLY digit forum rendering like this. The advertisement panels, are occupying 50% of the screen. Rest all sites are running fine. It is not even loading on I.E. Our others facing similiar...
  7. thetechfreak

    Micheal Jackson RIP..

    We all hope Micheal Jacskon will rest in peace.......keep your pryers here
  8. m@sterchief

    Best mobo+processor+Mem Under 10K

    hi everone I am intending to upgrade my system and i need advice on choosing the right components as i am not familiar with the latest chipsets and models. My budget is Rs.10K. I only need a mobo,processor & Mem only as i have rest of the rig. My requirements: I will be using it for gaming...
  9. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Need help wth partly dwonloadd .AVI file

    dre ws a 4part avi file uploaded onto rapidshare which ws in a rar archieve,,, i manged 2 download d 1st part of that file bt dan i dnt hv d links nw nd d only prblem i have is dat d extrctd file dat i get is of 700 mb whereas it hs nly 15 mins of vid on it nd d rest is all blank... is dre a...
  10. chicha

    what is the ocular effect?

    i found this very interesting site * i googled it found its something to do with ocular effect, but the rest i did not understand. any one know what this is?
  11. A

    laptop suggestion

    hi frnds i am looking for a laptop my budget is around 40-45 k my requirement is core2duo(at least T5800) at least 2gb ram at least 160gb of hard disk graphics card having min. 128 or 256 mb of dedicated video memory and rest normal things.
  12. Plasma_Snake

    Java SL-275

    The Java Certification exam SL-275, what is it? I mean what is its scope,value and syllabus? Is it recognized as a "big thing" during interviews or at least does it makes one stand out from the rest of the Java programmers? What type of preparation should one follow for it? Please speak out...
  13. VarDOS

    Help!!!...Keyboard Problem

    Hi Friends, Yesterday I cleaned my keyboard by removing all its keys..I washed those keys and kept them for drying whole night..Today morning I again put it right back..but the problem is WINDOWS KEY and the EDIT key are pressed in. Rest all were fine and Key 1 on NumberPad is not working..Can...
  14. A

    Images : HTC Touch HD (Real iphone killer)

    Rest of photo
  15. Plasma_Snake

    Gaming Rig in 30K

    Need a config for SLI capable gaming rig for 30K. Need only CPU,MoBo.RAM ,GPU and PSU in 30K, rest all has been covered.
  16. B

    Fs:nokia 6681

    Nokia 6681 available for sale.Mint condition.totally scratchless.Its more than a year old so no warranty but i have the bill, box and the rest of the contents. Interested persons pm me for price.
  17. Stuge

    Britain end India's Olympic hockey hopes

    Hmm thread title says it all .We are down and out of Olympic :(.IMO quite sad day for Indian sports . rest *
  18. V

    Urgent Help Needed For Recovering Lost Data

    Hi, I mistakely formatted a hard disk which contained some important pictures. It was divided into two partitions: C => 10gb and D => 60 gb. The pictures were in D. But to install Vista i repartitioned drive C to 20gb and rest of space to D drive. NOW is there any way by which i can...
  19. T

    best intel mobo+proc under 10k - 10.5 k!!! urgent help!!!

    hey pals..... i have got the rest of the stuff with me,,, transient 1gb x 2 ddr2 sdram 800mhz 320gb x 2 sata hdd and rest of the stuff,,,now just need 2 get the proc+mobo. needed help in that... any thing good under 10-10.5 k max no OC will b done,,, (asus, intel or msi mobo...
  20. Dark Star

    Amarok Album Art problem!

    I downloaded the Album Art and saved it but it is not showing in the main big Album art .. Rest is in the SS..
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