1. U

    Buying a PC

    i want to buy a computer for Rs38000 with AMD64X2 4200 and XFX 7600GS( If the budget is enough otherwise 7300GT) and 1GB ram with Samsung 120GB SATA HDD. u guys decide the rest. So, get ur suggestions flowing!!!!!!! __________ I can also go for intel allendale
  2. gauravakaasid

    Low Budget PC

    hi ppl, me got a budget of 16k, can ya suggest me config consistin of processor,mobo,ram,dvd-writer,smps,cabinet? rest hav got wit me gv me da best config widin dis budget!!!!!!
  3. D

    Opera Queries

    Hey there all, I'm back with a problem for u to solve. This it is :---------- I run Opera 7 and while installing it (long time back) I clearly remember it to boast about being "java supported". But tis not so now. Whenever there is a javascript to be opened I have to use IE. That is reopen...
  4. ravi_9793

    drive E:/ is lost...plz help

    hello frnds.. One of my frnd reinstalled window xp..but after installation the drive E:/ is not present in my computer. The PC is brand compaq PC..with hard disk capacity 32 GB..Earlier he was having all the 32 GB in c:/ drive.Than he reinstalled the window xp and made 3 partion as follow...
  5. I

    Wallpaper Blues 6600

    In my 6600 even with images resized to 176*208 I am unable to se the wallpaers ot full screen.Everytime I set the wallpaer, they occupy only the centre of the screen and the rest of the background is the previous wallie.How do I set the wallp[ers to strech to the full screen?
  6. S

    cd drive refuses to open

    hi, i have a cd writer which about 2 years old it has been working fine but now it refuses to open. it does open but after trying a hundred times. rest it is working fine.
  7. gauravakaasid

    help me out !!!

    i had posted : hv partitiond 100gig of the is unpartitiond.wil dat cause probs. is there ne util which wil recognize rest of d space n help me partion n use it. To this i got the reply as follows :Try to make the rest of 132 GB as extended partition space. Now my question is :How...
  8. N

    Some Help with Buying a new Comp.

    My Budget is abt 12k. I already have a PC that I need to upgrade. I plan to use the same Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse & Speakers and Upgrade the rest. I use the PC mainly for Surfing, Playing AOC over the internet on & Office + AutoCAD. Whats the best option in your opinion?
  9. M

    Video iPod in the offing?

    I recently read rumours of Apple teaming up with Disney to license content for their supposed video iPod. What do you think? Obviously they can't be at rest after the Portable Media Center and the PSP. I'm sure they'll come out with something explosive.
  10. S

    HELP - PC not booting up!

    I have a Celeron 1.1 machine with MSI motherboard ,128MB SDRAM with nVIDIA video card with 40 GB HDD partitioned into Win98 and XP.However recently the computer on being switched on doesn't boot ie even the BIOS is not getting loaded.The HDD led just glows for some time and the computer just...
  11. fnatic@play

    OH YEAH.. MY UT2k4 demo is up on an Intl gaming site.. :D

    Hey ppl, heard o sure u should have... esp the really hardcore gamers... * check it out.. all who play UT... do comment... please. i use patch 3270 o req patches.. u can see on the page that opens up. please...
  12. G

    Advise need on Configuration

    The objective is to assemble a PC that i would need purely for Multimedia applications i.e watching movies (DVD), and listening to music. This also means i should be able to rip Divx and create mp3s. The only thing i am sure about is a 160 GB hard disk. The rest is really confusing. AMD or...
  13. Tom Thomas

    Installing Linux

    How to install fedora core 3 given in the jan dvd. after installing i thought of having only the windows then how do i delete. win98 in C: plus 3 drives, all of 10 gb. Also tell me how to create a bootable CD for Win 98 and what about the rest of the space.
  14. B

    which one is the best tv capture card???

    pinaccle,dazzle or pixel view??.......................or anything else? i heard that pinaccle dominates the that true?? which one gives the best picture ,and which one gets the best capture??
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