1. R

    cannot open with double click

    hello im writing this for my friend.. sm day b4 he had a virus attack n his norton av 2005 was currupted .when he tries to reinstall it ,it fails saying that some dll files he cant open any thing ,double clicking on it..(not the prob of mouse ) pls help me
  2. Curious Guest

    Cannot reinstall Norton Anti Virus 2005

    My NAV 2005 GOT CORRUPT wile updating (Part of NSW 2005), so I had to unistall it. But While reinstalling, installation stalls at any point usually at mvcrt followed by information about installation failure. I uninstalled NSW and tried to reinstall again. NSW got installed but not NAV. CAN...
  3. P


    I have an P4,2.4GHz with HT,512 RAM,XP-Pro OS. I have installed quick heal from the cd I got from digit.After installing I found that my system has gone slow.I the inserted a bootable disk and deleted all the Quick Heal files.Now I can't uninstall it as it says that uninstall.EXEfile is not...
  4. bharathbala2003

    AVG error!

    i have been facing this prob lately.. a few days back when i started my comp durin win start up it said your AVG is corrupted plz reinstall. so i uninstalled and reinstalled.. then worked fine.. i had to get the latest updates and i got i.. but tday morn again i got the same error.. y is this...
  5. V

    Screwed up

    I got my system into a lot of problems yesterday.First i installed xp in e: formatting the partition in ntfs,after that i installed win 98.since win98 doesnt recognise ntfs Now i am unable to boot into xp.Is there a way around this or do i have to reinstall xp.pls suggest a way around this guys...
  6. L

    XP acted strange!!!!

    one fine i woke up and on waking up my pc i found that it got to the xp boot screen without any problems until it started to restart on its own. i tried safe mode, last good config even cmd prmpt but nothing worked and i couldn't get inside xp, so i had to format the whole partition and...
  7. C


    I am using fedora core 3... I have forgotten my root password how do i retrieve it...... any chances or do i have to reinstall it please help me
  8. A

    how I format and reinstall my Win XP

    I have Win XP Prof. Its not working correctly. Some programs are not working, so I want to format and reinstall my system. But Idont know how to do this. Anybody help me Please :(
  9. Z

    reinstalling windows on a dual boot system without removing

    i run fedora core 3 and win xp and want to reinstall xp without nuking my boot loader any way out??
  10. K

    forgot administrator password

    what does i do if i forgot "Administrator password" in Windows XP operating system? either, can i recover the password or not or i have to format the program n reinstall it?
  11. harish_21_10

    NFS UNDERGROUND2 pls help

    i have a serious problem with the NFS-U2 ,in the game i am not able to see any of the lights that i apply(EX:neon light,nitrous purge,headlights,etc.) not even will selecting them. my pc config is:p3,1Ghz,256MB SDRAM,nvidia geforce2 mx400 with latest drivers. is there my pc insufficient for...
  12. V

    Strange Problems

    I had written Multi Session Cd`s and had checked them and they were working. I had to format and reinstall Windows. Now when I try to open those CD`s it shows me only the data that was written in the first session. I know the Cd`s are working as I have checked them on my friends computer. I...
  13. T

    windows query..

    guys i installed winxp sp2 in a frnds machine but the problem is that when i try to reboot, the machine freezes at POST. ii had to reformat and reinstall. the machine config is p4 2.8 ht, asus p4p800-vm,2*256 ddr400 ram. thnx for ur helps and suggestions in advance.
  14. S

    install 98 in c,allready xp in

    hi..guys my problem is diffrent ....i hav win xp n win98 on my system 98 in c drive n xp in drive 98 hav got currupted the error messsege says to reinstall my 98 windows ...but when i tried to reinstall it ...after cheaking disk it shows newer version already on system...
  15. Skud

    What is the best way to reinstall Windows XP?

    Hi Guys!!! I have just made a bootable CD of win xp slip-streamed with SP2. All I want to know what's the best way to reinstall win xp other than a clean install. I have a 40 GB drive and the partitions are like this: C => OS and programs D & E => Games F => My Documents and downloaded...
  16. T

    Help - Reinstallin XP SP2

    hey this is a result of the fact that my problem cud not be solved at the forums !! :( one of the rarest of threads !!! :cry: now the thing is tat i need to reinstall my XP and i have Win XP cd with SP 1 only and I have SP 2 ka org MS cd (wich i got for free) so now ...
  17. club_pranay

    Need For Speed Underground Reinstall

    how can i backup(and restore later) driver records and unlocked tracks, cars etc, i am going to reinstall my windows, and i've completed 75/111
  18. S

    Installing Win98 to WinXP platform

    Hi, I was wondering how to install Windows 98 OS into Windows XP platform. I am currently using Win XP but I miss the old DOS and would like to reinstall Win98 but am unable to do so. Can anybody help...... Thanks, SL
  19. firewall

    How to restore GRUB

    It's happened to almost every GNU/Linux and Windows dual boot user at some point: You have a nice installation GNU/Linux cross-booted with Windows. So far so good. But then, at some point, you reinstall Windows, perhaps because you upgraded to a new version, or perhaps you just did it to "clean...
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