1. S

    Reactivating apps after reinstall windows 10

    The link Start fresh with a clean installation of Windows 10 says 'By using the tool, you may lose your digital licences, digital content associated with applications or other digital entitlements for applications, which may affect your ability to use apps or app-related content that you paid...
  2. savithk

    why only youtube is working

    why only youtube is working properly (load full speed) other streaming video like dailymotion not loading properly . i uninstall flash player and reinstall but there is no change ...please guys help me my os windiws 7 x64
  3. abhigeek

    Reinstall Windows

    I want to reinstall my window losing installed programs on C partition. But without losing data other partitions. (D and E partitions) Options I have: Refresh my pc: Not useful Reset my pc: I'm gonna lose everything Lenovo OneKey Software : I will lose everything or it will only effect c...
  4. S

    Need help in both booting of linux and windows

    Windows 7 and ubuntu 12.4 is installed in my current system.Currently windows 7 is very much slow.So I have decided to reinstall the windows 7. But if I reinstall windows 7 then linux bootloader will be deleted.So there will be one boot option To make duel booting as now what should I do...
  5. Detailer

    Backing up an unbootable elementaryOS

    So last week i faced a problem with elementary os i can not boot in to the system it goes black after the grub boot screen i am fine with a reinstall but is there a way to backup my programs? Or any way to fix the black screen after grub?
  6. U

    weird CPU Activity

    Whenever I start any small appication even after reboot cpu activity is very active up down...i have done reinstall, no virus memory upgrade etc but no help Any ideas??
  7. C

    issue while installing windows 7

    Hi guys Just bought mah new machine and the experience is not good, I had installed windows 7 32 bit but had to reinstall it with 64 bit to get full ram support , I was succesful in that too but due i to some reason I had to reinstall windows 7 so I used hiren boot cd and I guess dat has...
  8. iittopper

    20 fps only with 560ti :(

    I am facing this issue from past 1 week . Almost in every game my fps goes down from 60-70 to 20-25 . but as soon as i reinstall my graphic driver , fps again become normal but only for short time . Then i have to reinstall my driver again and again :( . I am using nvidia beta driver 314.22...
  9. mohityadavx

    Reinstall Windows 7 have key CD missing

    Hey! This is on a friend's behalf. he is having a Dell laptop which came preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. He has the key of the windows but he has lost the installation CD and he wants to format the system due to some issues and want to reinstall Windows? Could he download...
  10. quicky008

    Can i continue to use my existing windows 7 installation after upgrading my PC?

    I'm planning to upgrade my computer's CPU,motherboard and ram pretty soon.But the problem is,i installed windows 7 on my current pc a few months earlier and I do not want to reinstall it all over again after performing the necessary upgrades.Can i continue to use my existing windows 7...
  11. A

    Resume not working

    I have a 32-bit Win 7 running in my laptop. The resume feature is not being supported by my system for almost all applications like Idm, Fdm, iTunes, Firefox download etc. I have tried reinstalling each of them, but it doesn't work. Please help. PS: I dont want to reinstall my OS.
  12. N

    Installed Windows 8 on Windows 7. Help!

    Guys, I accidentally installed Windows 8 in the same drive where I installed Windows 7. It created a "Windows.old" folder which I think is Win7. Everything is usable and no problem at all. But how do I uninstall this Windows 8? I didn't like it. No Start = fail (for me). Is there any other way...
  13. R

    Help with Chinese Android Tablet

    Hi guys, I am not familiar with Android OS, so my friend has this Chinese Tab its Android v2.2 pre-installed. He is getting some kernel error while starting it. I want to know how could I reinstall the OS (v2.2), or upgrade it. Pls give me detailed ways of doing this. Thanks
  14. Gaurav265

    Saints Row 2

    i have saints row 2, when i run the game cutscenes work in normal speed but gameplay running in fast forward.i try everything to correct the problem,also reinstall many times.i search on google but cant find any suitable solution.pls help me...
  15. gameranand

    Weird Opera Problem

    Guys I am facing a very weird problem with Opera Browser. Some of the sites are not opening as they should be See the images below to get the idea. I have already tried to reinstall Opera but no use please help. Here is how thepiratebay opens And here is how gamespot opens
  16. G

    Can I use Macbook Air software Reinstall Drive as a normal pen drive?

    Does nyone knows how to hack my MacbookAir Software Reinstall Drive and use it as a normal USB Pen Drive?
  17. D@rekills4

    RAM Problem I guess.

    Well, I am posting on behalf of my friend..... Well since recently, whenever he reinstalls his his OS, (Windows XP or 7) after a few minutes, hours or days his display turns upside down.... If he restarts his PC, then he get a message saying: "Windows has recovered from a serious...
  18. S

    SE Update Service Problem

    I have a W300i.SE has stopped support for this phone. I wanted to reinstall my firmware as I am not able to send messages which are longer than 160 characters(1 message). I had sent messages of longer length earlier(upto 10 message length). So i wanted to try this reinstallation. I dont have...
  19. M

    Reinstall Windows on changing CPU?

    My current config is mentioned in my signature. I have Windows 7 installed on my system. I want to know that if I change my current processor to another (say PhenomII 955BE or any other) then will I have to reinstall Windows 7 (and rest of the programs) or can I simply remove the current...
  20. J

    Virus problem

    I suspect my laptop is infected by virus and the anti-virus has also been made corrupt by it, my question is - now how can I clean my laptop (don't want to format and reinstall OS) and reinstall the antivirus. OS - WINDOWS HOME SP3
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