1. omega44-xt

    Virus attack? Files not showing in pen drive

    I noticed a strange problem in my laptop today. When I inserted a pen drive, it shows that 50MB is used but no file is shown, no hidden files too(hidden files are shown in other drives though). I then just formatted it & ignored the issue. Then I inserted my friend's pen drive which had photos...
  2. Cool Buddy

    PC Not booting from HDD during windows 7 installation

    I was installing windows 7 from my Pen drive (since my DVD drive isn't working). I created the bootable USB drive using a software named WinTbootic. The installation process starts and continues till it needs the first restart. After the restart if I leave the pen drive plugged in, the...
  3. sanny16

    mouse cursor flickering

    Whenever i plug in a pen drive into my pc, the cursor(arrow-icon) starts flickering as if something is going on even though the pen drive is not in use. Is this a problem or a caused by virus? And my explorer keeps restarting like 3 times a day. why is it happening? Sometimes pen drive would not...
  4. N

    Urgent Help needed: USB Extension cable

    Bought a USB extension cable today. Its just 150-200 cms long. I bought it for my tv which has a USB port on the back and its difficult to connect pen drive there Today I tried connecting pen drives and my external hard disk using this cable, but they were not recognisedat all I used the...
  5. R

    Everything you need to know about the 'Galaxy Note III'

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To have 4K Video Recording, Samsung Launched the Much awaited Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Mobile has officially announced the much awaited Galaxy Note 3, the successor to the hugely successful Galaxy Note 2. Not only has Samsung improved the hardware in the new note. They...
  6. B

    USB Pen Drive has bad sector

    My friend has a 16 GB Transcend pen drive. He bought it less than a year ago from Flipkart. Now when he attaches it to the computer, it gives a message that the device is not formatted, and when we try to format it, the format fails (quick format). I tried formatting it in command prompt, and...
  7. randomuser111

    Sony launches Z Ultra - World's 1st Snapdragon 800 phone

    Xperia Z Ultra launched - World's first Snapdragon 800 smartphone. *6.4” Full HD TRILUMINOS™ Display for mobile powered by X-Reality™ for mobile engine for the ultimate big screen entertainment experience *Ultra slim, waterproof** and dust-resistant (IP55/IP58) durable design *Qualcomm®...
  8. Nithu

    Please suggest me a good Graphics tablet.

    I’m an amateur artist, I just want to start my Digital art using Photoshop. So, I want a good Graphics tablet with low cost. I found out these two tablets in 1) Wacom Bamboo One Small Pen Tablet-CTE-460 for Rs.2,669/- 2) Wacom Bamboo Pen Small Pen Tablet-CTL-470 for Rs. 5,862/-...
  9. Chetan1991

    Digitizer pen vs Graphic tablet

    Hi all. I need a device to easily create vector graphics in flash. There is no need of superfine accuracy as I don't do complex imagery. Digitizer pen has an advantage that it can be taken anywhere and used to record notes and drawings digitally whereas a tablet works only in front of a...
  10. A

    Pen drive showing shortcut to itself: Virus??

    when i click on my pen drive, only a shortcut to itself appears inside. wen i click on it, a new window opens nd all my files are inside. tried formatting but each time i add a file to drive, the shortcut appears & the file is stored inside the shortcut foldr. now i think my pc and all pen...
  11. ayush_chh

    How to Copy the actual target file through Shortcut?

    Hi Guys, I have a folder on my Desktop with shortcuts to Songs all over my HDD. what i require now is to copy those songs (in diff locations) to my Pen Drive using these shortcuts that i have created. Any Idea on this? Thanks Ayush
  12. RiGOD

    8GB USB 2.0 pen drive, which one to go for?

    I'm planning to buy a 8GB USB 2.0 pen drive. The requirements are : -Good writing speed (~10mbps) -Good build quality. -Price should be ~ Rs.350 Kindly suggest a model (not based on Flipkart reviews please, they're complete ****) BUMP!!!
  13. Desmond

    3D pen that writes in 3D

    Source How cool is this!?
  14. S

    Pen Drive Partitioning

    Hello, I am actually interested in Partitioning my 16 GB Pen drive and the reason for it is that my car media does not recognise a Pen drive which is more than 4 GB. Now can I make 4 Primary Partition of 4 GB each and then fool the car media system to see it as 4GB Pen drive instead of...
  15. curioustechy

    16gb sony pendrive not detected in win7

    Of late i bought a 16gb sony pen drive (model: USM16GM/GC2 IN 31300356). It worked fine with my office computer running win7 and ubuntu 11.10 (runs fine in both os). My home pc is loaded with win7, winxp & ubuntu 11.10 - here the pen drive is detected in xp and ubuntu; but when i plug the pen...
  16. K

    Unable deleting

    Hi Guys, *It relates Windows XP Professional. I copied video files from a copy-righted DVD into my pen drive. When I delete the folder on my pen drive or copy any files on the pen drive, and i cannot do anything but it says " it is copy-righted" always. Is there any free software to remove...
  17. A

    16 GB Pen drive showing just 1.91 GB

    my 16 gb transcend pen drive is only showing 1.91 gb after formatting.please help me
  18. T

    usb problem with chrome OS

    I have a problem. When I used the Chrome OS from the EXTRAA DVD which came with the December issue, on my Windows 7 PC, I used the Windows disk image writer (from the same DVD) on my 4GB USB drive. I did not partition it or anything before doing it. I just deleted all my data from the pen drive...
  19. sahil1033

    Pen drive underperforming !!

    Actually my 8 GB Kingston pen drive is giving really bad read / write speed, does a pen drive have fixed life ??
  20. z3rO

    Data Recovery From Pen Dirve

    I backed up some data on my pen drive and now I need that but whenever I connect that pen drive to my laptop, it says that I need to format that drive before using it. I don't want to lose the data on my pendrive so help guys.. My laptop runs Windows 7 (64-bit).
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